Rating of the best inexpensive vacuum cleaners with aquafilter for 2017( according to reviews)

4 place.


The average price is 9 190 rubles. Suction power 400 W.Power consumption 1800 watts. The volume of the dust bag is 3.5 liters. A five-stage filtration system and a fine filter detects the smallest dust particles and eliminates the possibility of getting it back into the air. The filter is able to hold particles of 0.3 microns in size and provides a filtration degree of 95% or higher. Additional attachments: combined floor / carpet brush, turbo brush, crevice, for furniture.


"Dust does not get back into the air, which to me, as allergic, is important. Durable plastic and hose. Power satisfied. Compact. Serving me with faith and truth is already the 5th year! "

" Perfectly copes with animal hair, worked faultlessly under repair conditions ".

"The quality of cleaning is at an altitude, considering dogs, cats in my house. The wool from the carpets clears away. Easy to operate, easy to clean filters. Water with dirt poured into the toilet and no blockages. I recommend! "

" Vacuum cleaner is super, suction power is super, I'm afraid I'm sucked like a child))).Plastic is normal, not worse than expensive vacuum cleaners. I use 4 years, I do not have any complaints. "

3 place.

Philips FC 8952

Average price - 14 460 rub. Suction power 220 W.The power consumption is 2000W.The volume of the dust container is 5.8 liters. The noise level is 87 dB.Filter Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13 with a filtration level of 99.95%.The vacuum cleaner is effective both with the use of special non-foaming detergents or perfumed products, and without them. The model has a special place for storing attachments. Additional attachments: mini turbo brush, universal, slotted.


"Very powerful sucks, do not need bags, there is no dust on the exhaust. Long wire, high-quality materials. "

"In fact, very good suction power! The aquafilter perfectly leaves dust in itself, thanks to the aquafilter, enormous savings, as there used to be bag vacuumers, and they had to be ruined with sacks! A long cord that allows you to carry a vacuum cleaner throughout the apartment. "

"The power of the vacuum cleaner is amazing, very good for both carpets and parquet. Dust from the bulb does not scatter around the apartment when trying to clean the container. "

2 place.

ARNICA Bora 4000

Average price - 12 590 rub. Suction power 350 W.Power consumption 2400 Watts. Volume of a dust collector 1,2 liter. The noise level is 79 dB.The fine filter catches the smallest dust particles( 0.3 microns in size) and microorganisms, providing a filtration degree of at least 95%.Function of air aromatization. Additional attachments: turbo brush, floor / carpet, brush for cleaning upholstery, for hard surfaces, crevice.


«Excellent vacuum cleaner. With its dust collection function, it is easy to wash. Completion, nothing superfluous. The presence of a HEPA filter. "

"Very well collects dust, easy to wash after use. Light and manoeuvrable. Aquafilter, no consumables. Wash it simply, do not wash the filters every time! "

" Every time I wonder how much garbage has accumulated and how dirty the water, despite the fact that the last time was cleaned only a couple of days ago. The vacuum cleaner has a full range of brushes for all cleaning events. "

"High-quality plastic, especially reinforced hose. Good suction power. Simplicity of disassembly / washing, comparable to Körcher! Easy".

1 place.

Thomas BRAVO 20S Aquafilter

Average price - 10 458 rub. Dry and wet cleaning. Power consumption 1600 watts. Volume of a dust collector 20 liter. Water tank 3 l. A fine filter and a 5-stage filtration system. The collection mode allows you to suck up to 13 liters of water. A two-stage turbine provides high suction power. Additional nozzles: for wet cleaning, for carpets, for upholstered furniture, for hard floors, crevice, spray for wet cleaning, plunger for cleaning of blockages in drains.


"The vacuum cleaner is very powerful and performs well its work, and besides it there are many accessories and attachments that help me in cleaning. The dust collector is quite large by 20 liters. "

"Thomas with aquafilter is very convenient to use, the carpet cleans perfectly, dust, dirt, nothing remains. For half an hour my apartment is cleaned. Very satisfied. To the quality of any claims. "

"Wash super, unlike rag, which the dirt is evenly pulled around the floor, here the waste water immediately goes into the tank. The air of the house becomes cleaner, with the aquafilter there is no smell, as from the sack. "

Today, vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter are very popular. This is due to the fact that they not only easily cleaned the floor surface, carpets and upholstered furniture, but also air.

How does a vacuum cleaner work with an aquafilter? During harvesting, the intake air passes through a special flask, where the dust mixes with water and settles in it. Passing through the system of additional fine filters, outwardly comes clean and moistened air. Such vacuum cleaners are easy to operate: after cleaning, drain contaminated water from the container and rinse it.

Another feature of vacuum cleaners with aquafilter is that their power remains stable throughout the entire cleaning, whereas in classic vacuum cleaners, dust, accumulating in dust bag bags, affects the quality of suction.

The cost of vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter is determined primarily by the quality of air and dust cleaning, as well as the functionality of the product and the brand. The category of economy class includes hookah type vacuum cleaners with a small tank volume and medium power.

In today's rating, we reviewed the best inexpensive models of vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter for 2017 and made a rating taking into account technical characteristics and feedback from Yandex-Market.

5 place.

Shivaki SVC 1748

Average price - 6 030 rub. Suction power 410 W.Power consumption 1800 watts. The power adjustment is located on the housing. The model with a 3.8 liter dust collector and filling indication has a water filtration system and provides both delicate and more thorough cleaning. Noise level 68 dB.The fine filter catches the smallest dust particles( 0.3 microns in size) and microorganisms, providing a filtration degree of at least 95%.Additional nozzles: for upholstered furniture, nozzle-brush, universal, slotted.


"Excellent suction of dust, sand and other small debris. It is convenient to adjust the suction power. A bunch of baits, on average power vacuuming a sofa, bedspreads, blankets. Does not smell. "

"Affordable price, works perfectly, good suction, thanks to the aquafilter there is no smell of dust during harvesting".

"Very convenient to use, when storing it takes not so much space. Thanks to the grid, not so much the other filters get clogged up. Suction power is decent. One small but: change the water more often and flush the screen, otherwise the suction power drops. I recommend".