Rating of the best robotic vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning for 2017( according to reviews)

9 place.

Clever &Clean 004 M-Series

Average price - 7 990 rub. Battery operating time 50 min. Very compact. Vacuums by filtering dust into the garbage can. The container is easily removed and washed with water. The supplied cleaning panel allows the cleaning of the floor. The side lobed brushes are cleaned along the plinth and in the corners of the room. Equipped with a height difference sensor, recognizes the steps and avoids falling.


"Do not move, do not beat furniture. Simple design, especially nothing to break. Garbage can be easily emptied, you can wash. The side brushes are easy to remove, if something is screwed on them. "

"A budgetary, but at the same time a fairly effective model. Removes one-room without problems. Do not zazhevyvaet wires, curtains and stuff. "

"Easy to maintain, little electricity, wireless and disassemble everything you can and wash. Dust and garbage collects and keeps perfectly, nothing wakes up. "

8 place.

Ariete 2711 Briciola

Average price - 12 500 rub. The volume of the dust container is 0.5 liter. Battery operating time 90 min. There is a possibility to schedule a scheduled cleaning program and a timer. Equipped with anti-obfuscation system. Special sensors prevent collisions and falls of the device. Electric brush included.


"Perfectly copes with dust, dog hair, fine sand from street shoes. For 2.5 hours, the vacuum cleaner removed the apartment( 110 square meters), and the battery never went down. "

"I did not even know that I was so dirty! Every day he removes and finds sand, hair and a bunch of dust. I wash the filter every day, it is good that there is a spare in the kit. "

"Cool thing! Robotage completely solves the issue of daily cleaning of the floor. With him, even dirty become purgatory. The container is plastic, cleaned in a minute. "

7 place.

Xrobot Helper

The average price is 12,200 rubles. Suction power 55W.The volume of the dust container is 0,37 l. Battery life 120 min. Has infrared sensors for orientation in the room. Equipped with a filtration system that eliminates the smallest particles of dust and contaminants. Electric brush and UV lamp for disinfection of the floor in the kit. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall.


"Cleans everything, collects both large and small garbage, moves around the apartment without problems, does not crash anywhere and does not get stuck, turned on and went to do their own thing. When cleaning is not noisy, it can not be heard. No problems with the coating, cleans equally well and carpets and laminate, and tiles. The charge of the battery is enough for a whole cleaning of the apartment, but it's a rather big trishka. "

"Compact, well vacuumed( both in the corners and under the bed), quickly charged, you can limit the space for cleaning( convenient if you need to clean, for example, a mat)."

6 place.

Tesler Trobot-650

The average price is 11,950 rubles. The volume of the dust container is 0,37 l. Battery life 120 min. Three built-in operating modes, including a quick cleanup program. A fairly powerful model with low power consumption( 31 watts).Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall.


"Pretty clever, does not miss passes( checked with rice), if something big chewed, then does not die, but stops himself and periodically calls for help. No problem chasing the carpet. The docking station finds a maximum of three minutes( throughout the apartment).On charging comes himself. "

"Cleans small debris at 5. Conveniently disassembled for cleaning. A large container for large debris that comes from brushes. There is a control panel, a very convenient thing, if you need to sweep a certain area, or put on a timer. "

5 place.

Panda X600 Pet Series

The average price is 15 990 rubles. The volume of the dust container is 0.5 liter. Battery operating time 130 min. It is possible to program the cleaning schedule by the days of the week. UV-lamp for disinfection of the floor. Optical sensors help to avoid collision with obstacles. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall.


"I bought it and put it on the program, so I do not climb to it. He's just every day while I'm at work, maintaining order. The body was touching, it was not heated. The battery is enough for my kopecks. He removes himself, goes to charge himself, starts cleaning himself again. "

"Quiet work and efficiency, clean up after it, almost nothing is needed, except that the wet cleaning hold."

"The two-room apartment( mainly carpet) keeps clean, does not get stuck, is not lost, the declared characteristics corresponds to all 100".

4 place.


Average price - 12 990 rub. Suction power 50 W.Volume of a dust collector 0,6 l. Battery operating time 90 min. There is a timer and a function for collecting liquid. Helps eliminate garbage, dust, pet hair and perfectly removes any type of surface. Optical sensors allow you to avoid collision with obstacles. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall.


"Vacuuming for a very long time, I usually send it ahead of time with a button on the base, if I see that it's already clean. Linoleum and tile sweeps flawlessly, this is a proven fact! "

" Everything is done by yourself, from the console you install the program - and everything, rest. A program of 5 pieces to choose from. You can also set up for a specific time, he will launch himself, it is very convenient when he removes an empty apartment and does not interfere. The vacuum cleaner is powerful, it removes garbage cleanly, it rides confidently though on a parquet, though on a linoleum or a carpet covering ».

"Two rotating side brushes literally sweep everything in its path, sniffing mote from the most inconvenient for manual cleaning of places."

3 place.

Neato Botvac D85

Average price - 44 350 rubles. Volume of a dust collector 0,7 liter. Removes 90 minutes on one charge. Is able to build a map of the room and navigate it. Possibility of programming on the days of the week. Optical sensors help to avoid collision with obstacles. Thanks to the combined petal-bristle brush it is ideal for owners of pets and people suffering from allergies. The corrugated filter holds particles up to 0.3 microns in size, which is three times the efficiency of a standard filter. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a magnetic tape.


"Container of good such dimensions, once again, do not even need to check, until everything accumulates wait to have. Do not get confused in the wires, do not cut into the extension cord, into the cat and into the furniture. "

"After its work the floors are almost perfectly clean. Hair and wool you will not find on carpets or on other surfaces. "

"High build quality, no thunder, no backlash, no scratching of the brush. Intelligent technology, perfectly oriented in space. "

2 place.

iRobot Roomba 616

Average price - 19 900 rub. The volume of the dust container is 0.5 liter. Independently clean up to 60 sq.m.rooms without recharging. Rotating with high speed brushes effectively collect garbage, easily removed and cleaned. The fine filter keeps small dust particles and allergens. Equipped with anti-entanglement system, height difference sensors and electric brush. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall.


"He does everything himself. He goes to clean himself, he controls all cleaning, he returns to his place. And the only thing he needs to help is to clean the dustbin and the brushes. The robot's tank is roomy. Even if there is a lot of dust in the apartment, there is still enough for 1 cleaning of the container's volume. "

"Does not lazy, removes cleanly and as the container is filled, it does not reduce its performance. Container, quite capacious, especially for such small dimensions of the vacuum cleaner. He also has a function due to which he does not twist the wires, quietly skates under the bedside table for the TV, where we have a whole power station deployed. The sensors in the body of the vacuum cleaner give him the opportunity to "see" where the furniture is and do not crash into it. And the robot is quiet, it does not stop anyone watching TV. "

1 place.

Clever &Clean Zpro-series White Moon II

Average price - 19 900 rub. Volume of a dust collector 0,4 liter. Has a touch control and the function of collecting liquid. The kit includes an electric brush and an additional cleaning panel, which allows the robot to wipe the floor in small rooms. Floating head( changing the force of brush pressure on the floor depending on the type of coating) with two brushes rotating towards each other. There is a timer and a cleaning schedule for the week. UV-lamp for disinfection of the floor. Optical sensors help to avoid collision with obstacles and determine elevation differences. Limiter of the cleaning zone is a virtual wall.


"Quickly removes, and for its cycle passes floors, corners, under tables and chairs and even along the wall, there is usually accumulated a lot of dust. Remove and shake out the container simply, replace the brushes and filters, too. "

"More than 3 months of stable stable operation 2-3 times a week, does not interfere, it does not make much noise, it is easy to clean and is released from garbage. The vacuum cleaner is really comfortable and autonomous. "

"Automatic cleaning of the floor, this is its main advantage. The floors in all rooms are clean( cat's hair lay everywhere).The entrance mat is clean: sand, dust, small crumbs, everything in a container. We cleaned every day when we are at work. Cleaning of the container and brushes goes without too much effort. "

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Robots, vacuum cleaners with dry cleaning allow you to put things in order in an apartment practically without the participation of a person. But in order for this device to really become your assistant, you need to pay special attention to the choice of a suitable model.

Depending on the needs and characteristics of the premises, you can choose for yourself the optimal robot vacuum cleaner. What to look for first?

• Dust collector capacity. For small apartments in which there are no animals, a device with a minimum volume of a dust collector - about 0.3 liters, for apartments of an average area( up to 80 sq.m.) - from 0.3 to 0.5 liters, for large ones - from 0, 5 liters.

• Battery capacity. This parameter directly affects the capabilities of the robot vacuum cleaner to clean rooms of certain areas. The more battery capacity - the more square meters will have time to process the unit. Calculate, for what area the model is suitable is not difficult - you need to subtract 10 from the time specified in the characteristics of the time( in minutes) and you will get an approximate area. Sometimes this parameter is specified separately in the characteristics.

• Sensors. Ability to overcome obstacles. If the room has rapids, carpets and other obstacles, it is better to choose devices with high traffic.

• Programming. Not a paramount parameter, but important enough for those who want to minimize their involvement in the cleaning process.

• Virtual wall. It will be necessary for those who have places at home that the robot vacuum cleaner should not be touched: bowls for animals, aquarium on the floor, etc. It is an infrared emitter or a magnetic tape that is glued to the floor.

For the convenience of your choice, we selected the most popular for customers in 2017 and practical models for the technical characteristics and rated the top 10 robotic vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning of the room.

10 place.

Genio Lite 120

Average price - 6 990 rub. Volume of a dust collector 0,2 liter. Cleaning area - up to 50 sq.m. Quiet and compact. Built-in sensors do not allow the device to fall from a height, topple over from the stairs or crash into furniture. A soft touch bumper will protect things from damage.


"The vacuum cleaner has two brushes at once, and, as written in the instructions, can clean up to fifty square meters."

"The dust is very clever, it's all the same when it changes in the reverse direction. Bystro podokodit chepe ny ny pityaniya and kovep c kistochkami, not zaptpevaya. The filter is a special design, which does not prevent the release of dust and its ejection on the door. Zapyada full of want for a full-fledged gathering of two people. "

"Compact and relatively quiet, perfectly removes in hard-to-reach places, thanks to its size it climbs wherever it is necessary."