Best Smart Watches, SmartWatch Review

At the beginning of last year, "smart watches" promised to become a real hit among gadgetomans around the world. Alas, the revolution in the world of mobile devices did not take place. However, smart watches or SmartWatch have found their segment of fans and are quite popular.

The gadget can be used as a communication device, it can connect to a smartphone, and it will certainly be useful to sports fans.many models are able to follow the pulse, measure the steps, speed and consumption of calories.
The best smart watches entered our review of SmartWatch .The top 5 models of the year 2014 feature rich functionality and reliability. The basis for the compilation of the compilation came from the reviews of real Internet users.

We have prepared an updated rating, which includes the best smart watches of 2016.

5. ASUS ZenWatch

  • 4. LG G Watch R
  • 3. Sony Smartwatch 3
  • 2. Explay N1
  • 1. Moto 360
  • 5. ASUS ZenWatch

    These smart watches, the review of which deserves special attention, were announced in the autumn2014 and in Russia are not yet sold. Taiwanese engineers tried to take into account the mistakes and defects of competitors, creating a stylish and really functional watch.

    Features ZenWatch: Android Wear OS, 4GB internal memory, Bluetooth, 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, docking station with microUSB, vibration, heart rate sensor, reliable protection against dust and moisture.

    4. LG G Watch R

    This model is one of the few that has a traditional round body shape.

    Features G Watch R: 1.3-inch screen, Android Wear OS, 4GB of internal memory, Bluetooth, 1.2 GHz processor, docking station with microUSB, 512 MB of RAM.

    Stainless steel case, wrist strap LG G Watch R - made of quality calf leather.

    The average price is 17 000 rubles.

    3. Sony Smartwatch 3

    The watch has a stylish stainless steel case, the strap can be steel or plastic. You can choose from light green, pink, white, black and exclusive steel colors.

    Specifications Sony Smartwatch 3: 1.6 inch screen, Android Wear OS, 4GB internal memory, Bluetooth, 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, docking station, physical activity monitor, gyro, compass, accelerometer, moisture protection.

    The average price is 11 000 rubles.

    2. Explay N1

    Represents a full-fledged communicator, encased in a plastic case.

    Features Explay N1: 1.44 inch screen, GSM 900/1800 communication, Bluetooth, OGG support, MP3, WAV, MP4, FM radio, voice recorder. The battery lasts 5.5 hours of talk time. You can not install new applications, but at a modest price, watches perform their basic tasks - provide communication and deliver media content through an audio player and radio.

    The average price is 3 000 rubles.

    1. Moto 360

    The best smart hours of 2015 , unfortunately, are not officially supplied to Russia, however, are available on order.

    Features Moto 360: screen 1.56 inches, Android Wear OS, 4GB internal memory, Bluetooth, 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, docking station. The case can be made in steel and black versions, it is also possible to order a steel strap for a surcharge.

    The average price is 19,000 rubles.