Rating of the best models of fan heaters for home

It's no secret that sometimes the quality of central heating is far from desired, and after the winter street so it is drawn to plunge into heat. For this purpose, a household heat fan is perfect - an appliance that heats the room with the help of warm air. And not to get confused in the abundance of goods will help rating the best heat fans for the house .

The list was prepared by E-Katalog specialists on the basis of the popularity of models from its own catalog of fan heaters( http://www.e-katalog.ru/m81.htm).


  • 10. Maxwell MW-3453
  • 9. Electrolux EFH / C-2115
  • 8. Electrolux EFH / W-9020
  • 7. Ballu BFH / S-03
  • 6. Polaris PCWH 2063D
  • 5. Redmond RFH-C4513
  • 4. Ballwell BFH / S-04
  • 3. Maxwell MW-3453

    Average price: 950 rubles.

    Rating of the best models of fan heaters opens Maxwell MW-3453.A relatively small device of pleasant design will quickly heat up the room with an area of ​​up to 20 square meters.m. Can be used as a fan. The control is mechanical, there is a protection against overheating.

    9. Electrolux EFH / C-2115

    Average price: 1880 rubles.

    The model is slightly less powerful than the previous one, but makes up for the lack of heating space with a small size and elegant design. However, buyers complain about the noise and smell of plastic.

    8. Electrolux EFH / W-9020

    Average price: 4 300 rubles.

    Powerful( 2000 W) the device of stylish and laconic design will decorate itself any room. To turn on / off the device does not have to get up from the sofa - there is a remote control.

    7. Ballu BFH / S-03

    Average price: 570 rubles.

    The most inexpensive model of all, participating in the ranking of fan heaters. A small orange box with a capacity of 900 W will heat the air in the room if not quickly, then reliably. The smaller the room, the more efficient the device is - the area of ​​10 square meters. Ballu heats up in just 5 minutes. Cons - flimsy design, short cord, unstable position of the device on the surface.

    6. Polaris PCWH 2063D

    Average price: 2 900 rubles.

    In addition to heating sufficiently large( up to 24 square meters of rooms) in a short time, this wall fan heater also ionizes the air! In the kit there is a remote control.

    5. Redmond RFH-C4513

    Average price: 3 400 rubles.

    Black sheep wore black - Redmond RFH-C4513 is painted exactly in this color and reminds something of the middle between the Assyrian stela and the Egyptian obelisk. It has all the functions of fan heaters of this price group - high power, remote control and protection against overheating.

    4. Ballu BFH / S-04

    Average price: 700 rubles.

    Design BFH / S-04 painfully similar to the Soviet radio receivers of the 70s, but its power is not at all old-fashioned - 2000 watts. Heats powerfully, heats quickly, there are two levels of heating. However, one can live a short life.

    3. Timberk TFH W250.ZM

    Average price: 4 500 rubles.

    King of power rating - 2500 W and heating area up to 30 square meters.m. - Owners of large premises should take note. There is a display, remote control, ionization of air and, of course, protection from overheating. The design is laconic, stylish, with a glossy black panel, you can hang it on the wall or put it on the floor.

    2. Ballu BFH / W-102W

    Average price: 2 100 rubles.

    The second place among the best fan heaters for the house got another Ballu product - more and more expensive than places 4 and 7 of this rating. White, the classic design of the fan heater will quickly heat up to 20 square meters.m. There is a remote control.

    1. Electrolux EFH / W-1020

    Average price: 3 900 rubles.

    Stylish and elegant black and white handsome was recognized as the best fan of the rating. In addition to the stunning appearance, high power( 2200 W) played a role, and a large heating area( 27 square meters), as well as user-friendliness-remote control with the choice of different modes, display and ionization of air. And, of course, durability!