Top-10 most useless household appliances

British sociologists found that every third household appliance is used no more than 6 times a year. Each tenth device generally remains lying idle, occupying a precious place and causing irritation to the owners.

In order to save the family budget and place in home cabinets and pantries, we suggest to study the most useless household appliances .It is these "devaysy" more often than others that become a dead weight, which means that the money spent is not worth the money.


  • 10.
  • deep fryer 9.
  • lapping machine 8.
  • lapping machine 7.
  • electroplating machine 6.
  • mantle 5.
  • steam cleaner 4.
  • massage bath 3.
  • toaster 2.
  • eggplant 1.

ice cream maker 10. Fryer

Even big fans of French fries tend not to cook it regularly at home. The reasons are obvious - a high consumption of vegetable oil and electricity, the desire to switch to a healthy diet, as well as the inconvenience of care for the device. Of course, homemade noodles are very tasty. But in an effort to fully provide the family with homemade pasta, you should not buy a bulky enough and expensive device. As a rule, enthusiasm quickly passes, and a place in the kitchen for noodles is still necessary. By the way, small cheap pasta-machines of Chinese production disappoint the hostess even faster than the more expensive Italian counterparts.

8. Laminter

Perhaps this device will be in demand for a family of 10-12 people. But, as a rule, cut 3-4 pieces of bread or a slice of sausage is easier than a conventional knife, rather than an electric device that requires care and storage space.

7. Electroven

In pursuit of cleanliness, many get themselves such a miracle assistant. That's only places it takes more than a regular floor brush, plus - consumes electricity, but they provide a decent quality of cleaning only fairly expensive models.

6. Mantovarka

Perhaps this device will be in demand in Central Asia, but Russian housewives most often include their mantovarku not more than a couple of times a year. If there is a steamer in the household, the appliance becomes completely superfluous.

5. Steam cleaner

At first glance, the device can become a reliable assistant, as it allows you to cope with persistent pollution without the use of harmful chemicals. However, practice shows that cleaning furniture, plumbing and tiled floors, most housewives clean the steam cleaner "in the back."So is not it easier to call home cleaning once a year for dry furniture and cleaning for toilets.

4. Foot massage bath

Pleasant device, which, alas, can not be called useful. First, home-spa procedures require time, and secondly, after using the bath should be washed and stored somewhere, thirdly, inexpensive models, as a rule, do not have enough power for a normal massage.


Toaster One of the most popular household appliances to be purchased as a gift. And one of the most useless. No one was trying to track "the cycle of toasters in nature".But polls show that most of these devices are transmitted several times, and then ends in a dark corner of a pantry.

2. Egg of

Such an amount of boiled eggs, which justifies the purchase of the egg cook, is not used by any average family. Of course, eggs are an important part of the diet. But for the sake of a couple of eggs a week, there's no need to clutter up the kitchen space. By the way, according to the researchers, the most popular "egg" dish is an omelet. But we do not eat boiled eggs as often as one might think.

1. Ice-cream maker

According to the Times edition, it is the device for making home-made ice-cream that is considered the most useless in the household. Out of 1500 interviewed housewives, in the presence of an ice cream woman, none used this device more than twice a year. And none of the respondents indicated that they would like to receive such a device as a gift in the absence of it on the premises.