Rating of the best remedies for colds

Everyone knows that joking with health is very dangerous. This is fraught with complications that can take a chronic form. Especially it concerns our children, whose organism is not yet able to cope with many viruses. Therefore, even the usual catarrhal disease should be treated on time and with the help of quality products.


  1. Cold remedy for which firm to buy
  2. Rating of the best cold remedies
  3. Best cold remedies in the form of tablets
  4. Best cold remedies for powder form
  5. Best cold suspensions
  6. Which cold remedy to choose

Cold remedy for which firm to buy

All people are sick, so more and more companies are engaged in the production of medicines. We have made a rating of manufacturers who have already shown themselves as responsible firms that produce quality, safe and inexpensive drugs.


OJSC MARBIOFARM OJSC is a Russian enterprise engaged in pharmaceutical activities. It is worth noting that as the goods of this manufacturer there can be no doubt, since he is the winner and prize-winner of many competitions related to medical products. Medicines of the company have repeatedly been included in the rating of the most high-quality and effective medicines in Russia.

Reckitt Benckiser

This manufacturer specializes not only in the production of medicines. The company also produces personal hygiene products, as well as everything necessary for the home. In all areas, the brand has succeeded, its products are in great demand, so there is no reason to distrust the company. All medicines are made with the help of the latest equipment and modern technologies.


This company is an international manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical products. The main office of the company is in Slovenia, but the brand is one of the leading manufacturers of medicines in Europe. The demand for the company's products is growing exponentially. They use KRKA services in more than 70 countries.

OJSC "Pharmstandard-Tomskkhimpharm"

OJSC "Pharmstandard-Tomskkhimpharm" is a manufacturer of medicines in Western Siberia, which is known throughout Europe. Some of the medications of this company are recognized as vital drugs. The company does not stand still, it constantly tests and releases new drugs that are instantly bought up from pharmacies, as they are safe for human health, and this is confirmed by multiple world inspections.

Rating of the best cold remedies

We compiled a rating of the best cold remedies, which included only quality, effective and inexpensive drugs. We were based on numerous reviews of people who already experienced drugs.

In addition, we took into account the following points:

  • Composition of the drug;
  • Presence of chemical constituents;
  • Presence of contraindications;
  • Ability to receive children;
  • No allergic reactions;
  • Cost of the medicine;
  • Taste qualities of the medicine;
  • Shelf life of the preparation;
  • Convenience of reception;
  • Rapidity of exposure to the disease;
  • No side effects;
  • Effect on the ability to drive.

Everyone knows that any medications have different forms of release. For anti-cold funds this characteristic is especially important, since any form of release acts on the body in a special way.

The best remedies for colds in the form of tablets

Tablets are a convenient form of drug release. It is worth noting that the preparations in this form dissolve very slowly in the body, so the absorption of substances necessary to eliminate the disease is also slow. In addition, the pills affect the liver and other organs. But it is worth picking the tablets correctly, and you will feel a quick result.

Universal anti-cold remedy for all occasions

Preparation Nurofen Express for capsule 20 pcs.has a lot of advantages, thanks to which is a permanent medicine, which can be found in the first-aid kit of any family. Advantages of tablets:

  • Have analgesic effect;
  • Capable of lowering body temperature;
  • Relieve inflammation;
  • Can be used by children;
  • Easy applications;
  • Have a very strong effect on the focus of the disease;
  • Do not require additional medication;
  • Act on all cold symptoms.

Disadvantages of tablets:

  • Expensive;
  • Have many contraindications;
  • Have side effects;
  • There are cases of overdose.

Buyers are confident that this drug plays the role of an ambulance if you feel very bad if the symptoms show up unexpectedly or if you urgently need to deal with cases and your health deteriorates sharply.

Best antiseptic for adults and children

Medicine Sepptole pastilles 30 pcs.very carefully affects the human body, so it is often recommended to take children. Advantages of the drug:

  • Kills virus infections;
  • Eliminates not only colds, but also from diseases of the oral cavity;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Does not contain a large number of chemical components;
  • Allowed to children;
  • Can be used concurrently with other medicines;
  • Virtually no possibility of overdose;
  • Has a pleasant taste.

Disadvantages of the drug:

  • Has contraindications;
  • Has side effects.

Buyers strongly recommend this remedy for colds of children, because the medicine is really effective, but it is not harmful to the health of children.

The best cold remedies in powder form

Powder is usually brewed as tea and taken orally. This form of release is especially important for children and for people with a sore throat, since the warming effect is beneficial for the body.

Means for fighting acute cold

Aspirin Complex powder effervescent for cooking very quickly affects the focus of the disease. Advantages of the medicine:

  • Quickly eliminates unpleasant symptoms;
  • Cheaply worth it;
  • Eliminates all cold symptoms;
  • Has a pleasant taste;
  • The preparation is fast enough.

Disadvantages of the medicine:

  • Has contraindications;
  • There are cases of overdose;
  • Has side effects;
  • Does not interact with other medicines.

The tool is very strong, but not everyone can use it. But despite this, many buyers are thrilled with the drug.

Get rid of colds delicious

Very many prefer the drug GrippoFlu for cold and flu powder for the preparation of a solution with a taste of cranberries 13 g 10 pcs.thanks to excellent taste. Advantages of the medicine:

  • Helps to eliminate all cold symptoms;
  • Suitable for children;
  • Very tasty drink;
  • If desired, you can add sugar;
  • Affordable price.

Disadvantages of the goods:

  • Has contraindications.

Children are very supportive of this tasty drink, which quickly relieves bad health.

Best cold suspensions

If you think that suspensions are a thing of the past, you are mistaken. These drugs are much more effective than other forms of output.

Tasty pleasure for children

Nurofen for children suspension for ingestion of strawberry 100 ml is a medicine that is easy to apply and the effect is obvious. Advantages of the medicine:

  • Affordable price;
  • Pleasant taste;
  • Eliminates all cold symptoms;
  • Can be used in children with diabetes mellitus;
  • For treatment short of a short course.

Disadvantages of the medicine:

  • There are contraindications.

This medicine helps to cure even many adult patients without harm to the body.

Quickly get rid of colds

Arbidol powder for suspension 25mg / 5mg 100 ml is a medicine that is suitable for both children and adults. Advantages of the medicine:

  • Can be taken for prophylaxis;
  • Eliminates all viral colds;
  • Suitable for children;
  • Can be used with other medicines;
  • Can be used during pregnancy;
  • No cases of overdose;
  • Does not affect the ability to drive;
  • No side effects.

Disadvantages of the medicine:

  • There are contraindications.

Buyers believe the drug is great for quickly getting rid of colds of any stage.

Which cold remedy to choose

1. If you are looking for a way to quickly get rid of colds to do important things, you can use such medicines: Arbidol powder for suspension 25mg / 5mg 100ml, Aspirin Complex powder for frying.

2. If you are looking for a medicine that effectively eliminates the common cold, but has a gentle effect on the body, pay attention to the medications: Septolete pastilles 30 pcs., Drug Nurofen Express for capsule 20 pcs.

3. If a child falls ill, he needs special anti-cold medications. Pay attention to the goods: Nurofen for children suspension for ingestion of strawberry 100 ml, GrippoFlu for cold and flu powder for the preparation of a solution with a taste of cranberry 13 g 10 pcs.

Do not joke with your body and your child, choose high-quality drugs that will not contribute to the development of complications.