Top 10 sources of passive income

Each of us dreams of financial independence. However, for the most part we are forced to work actively from salary to salary, feeling the age-old fear of losing our job as the main source of income.

However, there are variants of the so-called passive income, for example PAMM-accounts, which we told in detail. Such earnings do not depend on the current activity, the funds are transferred to the account due to well thought-out investments made earlier. You can lie on the beach and receive passive income as the only source of funds, and you can work peacefully in the office, simultaneously gaining a pleasant increase in income and not worrying about a possible loss of work.

Today's collection presents the best sources of passive income. Of course, most of the ideas from the top-10 require a certain start-up capital, but there are also ways to lay the foundation for future incomes without investments.


  • 10. Credit unions and trust funds
  • 9. Securities
  • 8. Passive earnings on the Internet
  • 7. High-yield investment
  • 6. Playing on FOREX
  • 5. Handing over of real estate
  • 4. Creating your business
  • 3.
  • site creation 2.
  • mutual funds 1. Bank deposit( Deposit)

10. Credit unions and trust funds

Unlike bank deposits such investments bring a higher income. However, the risks here will be much higher. Credit unions and trust funds do redistribute capital, so that money will work and generate income, but only if the management of the fund invests them wisely.

9. Securities

Investments in securities can bring a stable return if the investment is made by a specialist. Therefore, such investments require at least minimal knowledge and the status, trends and laws of the securities market. Otherwise, it is better to entrust funds to professionals, drawing attention to mutual funds, which will be discussed below.

8. Passive earnings on the Internet

HAIP is an investment project created according to the principles of the financial pyramid, operating on the Internet. The income of depositors is formed from the funds of newly attracted investors. Investing in HYIP will not allow you to relax - so as not to lose everything, you need to regularly monitor the status of the project.

7. High-yield investment

If the investor does not involve an independent acquisition of shares or a game on the currency exchange, the funds can be invested in the most profitable PAMM-accounts or transferred to an experienced trader. Naturally, for the services the owner of the PAMM-account will keep the commission from the income, but the professionals are better oriented on the market and know the most profitable ways of investing.

6. Playing FOREX

For playing on FOREX, you need to undergo minimal training in order to master the principles of bidding. In addition, participation in trades requires constant attention, which makes income no longer completely passive. However, when combining financial literacy with a certain amount of intuition and luck, FOREX earns a fortune.

5. Renting out a property for rent

An excellent option for obtaining passive income, however, it requires impressive investments at the initial stage. After all, not everyone has a property for rent. If the object is available, it can provide a stable income from several tens to several hundred thousand rubles per month.

4. Creating your business

If, at the start-up phase, a new business requires full time and effort, then over time, a successful business can earn as a well-established mechanism that does not require the constant presence of the owner. The best ideas for business we presented earlier.

3. Site creation

Sites allow their owners to earn money by placing ads. However, for the Internet page to become a source of passive income, it must be filled with interesting and useful content, untwisted on the network, and then maintained in this state.

2. Mutual Funds

Unlike a bank deposit, Mutual Funds offer a higher income. However, the risks are higher here, however, they allow you to entrust money to professionals, and also to determine the investment strategy. As a rule, large companies offer several options for Mutual Funds - from the most reliable with lower income to high-risk, but more profitable.

1. Bank deposit( Deposit)

The list of sources of passive income is headed by the simplest and most understandable way of investing. At present, deposit insurance covers funds in the amount of up to RUB 1,400 thousand. If you plan to invest more money, it is better to distribute them among the most reliable banks.