Rating of the best hypermarkets

All of us from time to time visit hypermarkets. These large stores offer a huge selection of products combined with attractive pricing.

Today we made a rating, which included the best hypermarkets of Russia. This Top-6 includes hypermarkets of Moscow and regions leading in terms of revenue from one square meter of the area. The rating included shops offering food products and popular consumer goods.


  • 6. Metro( Metro Group, Germany).
  • 5. Carousel( X5 Retail Group, Russia).
  • 4. Magnet( OJSC "Magnit", Russia).
  • 3. Tape( OOO Lenta, Russia).
  • 2. O`Key Group( O`Key Group S.A., Russia).
  • 1. Auchan( Auchan Group, France)

6. Metro( Metro Group, Germany).

The Russian network of the German brand has 79 stores throughout the country. The average area of ​​the store "Metro" is 9-14 thousand square meters. From other participants of the rating, hypermarkets "Metro" are distinguished by a format that is oriented towards buyers - legal entities and entrepreneurs.

5. Carousel( X5 Retail Group, Russia).

The youngest brand in our top six. However, there are 77 outlets about the dynamic development of the "Carousels" network. The owner of the brand is the largest retail company in Russia in terms of sales of X5 Retail Group. One square meter of the store brings in a year more than 6 thousand dollars in revenue.

4. Magnet( OJSC "Magnit", Russia).

The history of hypermarkets began with a network of budget stores in Krasnodar. The first hyper format store was opened in 2007.According to data at the end of last year in Russia today there are 93 large shopping centers under the brand name "Magnet".The number of small outlets exceeds 5 thousand.

3. Tape( OOO Lenta, Russia).

This network has 42 stores in the largest Russian cities. One square meter of "Lenta" Square brings more than 10 thousand US dollars in revenue per year. The first hypermarket of the network was opened in 1993.In the capital, there are no stores of this brand.

2. O'Key Group S.A., Russia.

The first hypermarket opened in St. Petersburg in 2002, today in Russia there are 42 stores under the brand "O`Kay".The format, range and pricing policy allow you to receive 11 thousand dollars per square meter of the hypermarket. The largest number of stores operates in St. Petersburg, where O'Kay is even recognized as the region's "strongest" brand.

1. Auchan Group( France)

- is the largest hypermarket of in our rating. The average area of ​​one store is 15-16 thousand square meters.meters. In the country at the end of last year there were 49 hypermarkets of the French network. The square meter of the "Auchan" square brings 18 thousand dollars in revenue.

It is difficult to choose among the presented brands the cheapest hypermarket - they all keep prices at about the same level. But the leader of our rating is Auchan.