Top-10 best works of World Press Photo 2012

The results of the largest and most prestigious contest of news photo reporters World Press Photo 2012 have been summed up. This year 5,247 reporters from 124 countries took part in the competition, who presented 101 254 photographs.

We bring to your attention the top ten of the best works of World Press Photo 2012 .Each of the photos took the prize in one of nine categories.

10. Honorary prize in the category "Hot News" took a picture of Indian photographer Salil Bera( Salil Bera).In the photo the male leopard throws himself at the forester. Man is increasingly in the territory of wild animals, so human and leopard collisions occur more often. Imprinted in the picture, the beast did not survive a shot with the dose of a tranquilizer, becoming one of 260 animals that died in 2011.

9. The first place in the category "Sport" was awarded to the photographs of American reporter Donald Mirall Jr.( Donald Miralle, Jr).The picture shows the training of swimmers in Hawaii in front of one of the most difficult triathlon world championship in the world "Ford Ironman".

8. The first place in the category of "General News" received a photo of Italian journalist Alex Majoli( Alex Majoli).In the picture of the demonstrations in Tahrir Square in response to the refusal of Hosni Mubarak to leave the post of president.

7. The first place in the category "Portraits" was taken by a photograph of the Dane Lerke Posselt( Laerke Posselt).In the photo, the 27-year-old actress Mellika Mehraban, an Iranian by birth girl, grew up in Denmark. However, Mellica's successful debut took place in 2011 in Iran.

6. The first place in the category "Everyday Life" was shot by Damir Sagolj( Damir Sagolj).The author captured a photo of Kim Il Sung on a building in North Korean Pyongyang.

5. The first place in the category "Modern Life" took a photo of Brent Stirton( Brent Stirton).On the photo, a drug addict named Maria from the Ukrainian Krivoy Rog, selling her own body, taking many men during the day. Maria thus earns a living for herself and her 9-year-old daughter, spending a fair amount of money on drugs.

4. The first place in the category "Hot news" took the work of Yuri Kozyrev. The picture shows Libyan rebels in Ras Lanuf during the period of confrontation between Muammar Gaddafi.

3. The first place in the category "Nature" was awarded to photographs of Jenny Ross( Jenny E. Ross).The author photographed a polar bear trying to reach the bird nests on the rocks. The traditional bear food is seals, which because of melting ice now inhabit the north, depriving the predator of the habitual forage.

2. The first place in the category "Arts and Entertainment" won the work of David Goldman( David Goldman).In the photo, a soldier from Canada, Ben Vandandig, at the operative base of Ghar in the Afghan province of Kandahar, plays the drums.

1. The first place in the category "People in the News", as well as the victory in the nomination " Best Photo of the Year " went to a picture of Samuel Aranda( Samuel Aranda).In the photo, a woman hugs a wounded son injured during demonstrations in Yemen, directed against the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The action takes place in a mosque, which for a time became a field hospital.

All winners of the World Press Photo are gathered for an exhibition that attracts millions of visitors annually in different countries, including ours in Russia.