The 10 most powerful supercomputers in the world

To measure the performance of a computer, use flopp, a value indicating the number of floating point operations that this computer can perform per second. The name itself flops from English Floating point Operations Per Second - a floating point operation in seconds. Now the performance of the most powerfulcomputers is measured in petaflops, that is, 10 to 15 degrees of flops.


1. Roadrunner, IBM

  • 2. Jaguar, Cray
  • 3. JUGENE, IBM
  • 4. Pleiades, SGI
  • 5. Blue Gene / L, IBM
  • 6. Kraken, Cray
  • 7. Blue Gene / P,IBM
  • 8. Ranger, Sun
  • 9. Dawn, IBM
  • 10. JUROPA, Bull
  • 1. Roadrunner, IBM

    This most powerful supercomputer in the world was developed by IBM for the Los Alamos National Laboratory for the US Department of Energy. Roadrunner came into operation in June 2008. The performance of any of its processors is 12.8 gigaflops, and the peak performance of the computer itself exceeds 1.45 petaflops. Roadrunner occupies more than 1000 square meters.m, and weighs more than 220 tons.


    2. Jaguar, Cray

    In 2008, the Oak Ridge State Laboratory in the United States commissioned a new computer, Jaguar, manufactured by Cray. Its peak performance reached 1.38 petaflops, which provided Jaguar II place in the ranking of supercomputers of the site The power of any of the tens of thousands of its processors is 9.2 gigaflops.

    3. JUGENE, IBM

    This German supercomputer is considered the fastest in Europe. It was officially launched at the J├╝lich Research Center in 2009. JUGENE consists of hundreds of thousands of processors, the performance of any of which is 3.4 gigaflops. The peak performance of the computer itself exceeds 1 petaflops.

    4. Pleiades, SGI

    The fourth place in terms of capacity among the supercomputers is occupied by Pleiades, launched in 2008 at the American Ames Research Center, part of NASA.Its peak performance is 0.6 petaflops, and the performance of any of its processors is 12 gigaflops. It is assumed that by 2012, Pleiades will be able to reach a speed of 10 petaflops.

    5. Blue Gene / L, IBM

    This is one of the oldest computers in this list: it was commissioned in 2007. By that time, Blue Gene / L was considered the fastest computer in the world, but now it takesonly 5 th place in performance. Its peak power exceeds 0.59 petaflops, and the power of any of its processors is 2.8 gigaflops. This supercomputer is located at the Livermore National Laboratory. E. Lawrence in California.

    6. Kraken, Cray

    In 2008, the Kraken supercomputer was launched at the National Institute of Computational Science at the University of Tennessee, with peak performance exceeding 0.6 petaflops. The speed of any Kraken processor is 9.2 gigaflops. It is believed that this computer will reach its full capacity by 2012.

    7. Blue Gene / P, IBM

    This native Blue Gene / L was also commissioned in 2007. Although it is inferior in performance to its own colleague. The peak power of Blue Gene / P is about 0.56 petaflops, and the speed of any processor is 3.4 gigaflops. Now Blue Gene / P is located in the Argonne National Laboratory close to Chicago.

    8. Ranger, Sun

    This supercomputer, launched in 2008, takes 8th place in the world in terms of speed. Its peak power slightly does not reach 0.58 petaflops, while the performance of any of its more than 15,000 processors is 9.2 gigaflops. Like most supercomputers, Ranger is located in the US, at the Texas Computing Center.

    9. Dawn, IBM

    Dawn - II of the ten most powerful supercomputers, which is located in the Livermore National Laboratory. E. Lawrence in California. Now its peak performance is 0.5 petaflops. And the power of any of the Dawn processors is 3.4 gigaflops.

    10. JUROPA, Bull

    The second largest computer in Europe, in addition to the I is located in Germany. The peak performance of JUROPA launched in 2009 exceeds 0.3 petaflops, and the speed of any of its processors is 11.72 gigaflops. This computer is located in the Yulihsky Research Center.