The highest paid female gamers in the world

Although eSports can still be called a "men's club"( 70% of players and viewers are men), there is room for women. And it's good for business: the more girls participate in high-profile gaming competitions, the more around them hype, corporate sponsors and marketers, and the cash prize can significantly increase. Also, gamershire attracts a lot of male players who are "interested in getting this woman," says Paul Brewer, marketing manager at World Cyber ​​Games.

Introducing the to the top ten highest paid female gamers in the world , according to the popular game resource Esportsearnings.


  • 10. Jamie Pereida, Missy
  • 9. Rumay Wang, Hafu
  • 8. Stephanie Harvey, Missharvey
  • 7. Alice Liu, Ali
  • 6. Christina Chi, Potter
  • 5. Vanessa Artega, Vanessa
  • 4. Sarah Harrison, Sarah Lou
  • 3. Marjorie Bartell, Kasumi Chan
  • 2. Sasha Hostin, Scarlett
  • 1. Catherine Gunn, Mystik

10. Jamie Pereida, Missy

A California resident in 2005 took part in the tournament Ms. QuakeCon Quake III and won $ 15,000, taking first place.

9. Rumay Wang, Hafu

The champion of the competition in the legendary online game World of Warcraft. In just 4 tournaments she earned 14,000 dollars. This Rumay seemed small and she decided to explore other areas of eSports. For one battle in the Bloodline Champions, the girl received $ 2,000, and her total earnings were $ 16,366.Currently she switched to Hearthstone.

8. Stephanie Harvey, Missharvey

Canadian geymersha since 2006 participates in tournaments on Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For the first victory she was given 800 dollars, and for the last, in 2015, 2,765 dollars. In just 11 tournaments, 29-year-old Stephanie received 16,775 dollars.

7. Alice Liu, Ali

Her first tournament on the game Counter Strike took place in 2006, then Alice's win was 800 dollars. Two years later she again took part in the competitions and earned 4,000 dollars. The girl played in nine tournaments with cash prizes, and showed herself as a skilled and experienced player. Its capital is 17,600 dollars.

6. Christina Chi, Potter

Her element is Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Christina participated in 11 tournaments and is a member of SK.Ladies. The total amount of her winnings was $ 18,365.

5. Vanessa Artega, Vanessa

In 2008, she was awarded a cash prize of $ 15,000 for participating in the championship for Dead or Alive 4. Another tournament for this game brought her $ 5,000 for the victory. Vanessa's total income was $ 20,000.

4. Sarah Harrison, Sarah Lou

The only Englishwoman in the rating of female gamers with the largest fees. In 2008, she entered the final of the Dead Or Alive 4 competition, thanks to her long training and a strong team. Sarah took home an impressive amount of 50,000 dollars.

3. Marjorie Bartell, Kasumi Chan

In 2007, the Marjorie team won the championship for Dead Or Alive 4 and the girl left the game hall for $ 50,000 richer than was. This was not her first victory: in 2006, Marjorie was already in the top three in the same game and earned 5,000 dollars. Her total revenue from games was $ 55,000.

2. Sasha Hostin, Scarlett

This girl from Canada took part in most world competitions for StarCraft II.Her playing career began in April 2011.Then Sasha took her first steps in the competitive arena, participating in the women's league( NESL Iron Lady) and twice in a row won the tournament. In 2012, Sasha won the title of champion of North America, and in 2013 she was one of the four strongest players in the WCS America tournament. Included in the top 3 of the richest female gamers, thanks to cash prizes totaling 114,676 dollars.

1. Catherine Gunn, Mystik

The highest paid geymersha in the world .Her skill fully manifested during the competition for the game Dead Or Alive 4. In just 3 years, Catherine defeated all competitors in Dead or Alive 4 and Halo: Reach. Twice in 2007-2008, she took prizes in competitions, receiving $ 22,000.In 2010, she received the title of champion in the cyber competition for Halo: Reach, earning fame and $ 100,000.The total income of Kathryn for such a short and bright career was 122 000 dollars.