Popularity rating of evil

The celebration of "Halloween", which is celebrated on the night of November 1, is an ancient tradition of the Celts. Most of the rituals associated with this holiday, brought to America by immigrants from Ireland. In Celtic mythology, 1 November.- New G. is the day when different evil spirits go from the world of the dead into the world of the living. Then there was a tradition to dress up in costumes of terrible creatures and walk the streets, scouring evil spirits.

  • 10th place: Goblins
  • 9th place: Demons
  • 8th place: Gargoyles
  • 7th place: Zombies
  • 6th place: Changeling
  • 5th place: Jack-lantern
  • 4th place: Bats
  • 3rd place: Witches
  • 2nd place:Ghosts
  • 1st place: Vampires

10th place: Goblins


Goblins - the lowest creatures of English mythology resemble people, but less stature, ugly and spiteful. In English folklore often act as evil jokers like the later Scandinavian trolls. Goblins are very aggressive and fast. The head resembles a horse. The eyes of the goblin are yellowish with a vertical pupil. In addition, they have long ears and wedge-shaped beards. Such creatures have teeth and claws, like those of animals.

9th place: Demons


In popular beliefs, demons are seen only as a harmful force, being, in fact, fallen angels. Being invisible and inaccessible to observation, these spirits do not know themselves in action, but afterwards, when the inexplicable, airborne evil corrupts field and tree plants in their very color. .. With the same mysterious contagion, the breathing of demons produces various diseases of the spirit whenhelp of intellectual and shameful and terrible desires.

8th place: Gargoyles


Gargoyles, in the Greek faith and mythology the embodiment of a generalized idea of ​​an indefinite formless divine power, blessed or evil, which determines the destiny of man. Having made an unexpected impact without any reason, it disappears without a trace. Gargoyles are also called the lower demonic winged deities, mediators m / y god and people. In Christian beliefs, gargoyles are associated only with evil power. In the mythologies of other peoples, gargoyles call the lower gods of supernatural characters, evil spirits.

7th place: Zombie


One of the masses of the definition of "zombies" is the belief of Voodoo - a revived dead man, unable to think, feel and make independent decisions, existing only to follow the orders of his own creator - the magician. In addition, under the term "zombies" it is possible to understand several more similar definitions. In today's view, a zombie is a man or beast, for some reason devoid of reason, trying to eradicate or reverse the rest of the world's population, a controlled biological robot made of a corpse, flesh without a soul.

6th place: Changeling


Like witches, they were hunted in the Middle Ages, hanging on them all unexplained murders. According to ancient beliefs, the werewolf as a rule turns into a creature resembling a wolf: with a big mouth and incredible strength. It is commonly believed that a person can keep an animal in it throughout the entire lunar phase in order to have the maximum of strength and anger in full moon to avenge its offenders. Not all the shifters show their skills on a full moon, some can become werewolves at every time of the day - mostly witches and magicians.

5 place: Jack-flashlight


Standing out of all monsters and monsters, this pumpkin with holes cut in it and inserted inside the candle is the most famous symbol of Halloween. The practice of carving and burning of pumpkins is a Celtic tradition, brought to America by Irish immigrants. Glowing, frightening faces made of pumpkins had to scare off evil spirits roaming the streets on the eve of Oct. 31, the Celtic new g.

4th place: Bats


These night hunters, living in caves, catch up on all the fun of their own squeaks and so-so nice appearance. It is common knowledge that a small number of bats from the vampire family feed on blood and even attack people to bite the skin of a sleeping victim and have dinner.

3rd place: Witches


Witches are usually represented in long dark raincoats, in a hat with a sharp top and, of course, with a broom. In the past, people believed that witches possessed magical forces associated with the natural world. Like all pagans, the Christian church demonized them as heretics. Witch hunt reached its peak in medieval Europe and America of the 17th century. Witches are easy to see in the festive crowd, witch costumes often top the lists of the most common costumes of Halloween.

2nd place: Ghosts


Check 2 holes in the sheet and you will get the most simple Halloween costume. A ghost is the spirit of a deceased person who, for various reasons, can not leave the material world. It is generally believed that ghosts usually live in close proximity to the place where this person died. Different surveys show that about 50% of the population believes in ghosts.

1 place: Vampires


Belief in the bloodsuckers is still: according to ancient mythologies, a vampire could become either an evil magician or a child born with defects or died before baptism. Ghoul is undead with no blood in his body, but he needs to drink blood to maintain his own existence. It is generally believed that most of the ghouls drink human blood or animal blood. On Halloween, a ghoul outfit is considered to be a long cloak with a red collar, a blue face and protruding front fangs.