Rating of confidence in consumer brands in 2016

From the end of October to November 6, the sociological online service "Center for the Study of Mass Electronic Consciousness"( "CIMES") conducted a survey of Vkontakte users about which consumer brands they trust most. The respondents listed mobile operators, financial organizations and insurers, who earned their most trust in their work.

Rating of trust to mobile telecom operators

This is how the ranking of mobile operators that enjoy the most confidence of users in 2016 looks. In the survey, in addition to residents of other countries, 45 thousand Russians participated.

The winner of the current top-8 is the same as last year, and it's very flattering for MTS.Outside the "VKontakt" reviews about this operator are very different, from dithyrambs to completely negative. They are praised for fast Internet, good quality of communication, cheap tariffs and ubiquitous distribution of towers and offices, but are scolded for imposing paid services, expensive roaming and not always competent and responsive staff.

The results of three other leaders of the mobile market: the operator Tele2 improved its positions, albeit in tenths of a percent( 17.7% compared to 17.3% in 2015), but the users' confidence in the operators "Megafon" and "Beeline"decreased, because of what "Megaphone" moved to the third position.

If you take the distribution of popularity of mobile operators by region, then the situation is as follows. In the Chelyabinsk region, Tele2 has won the greatest confidence, in the Sverdlovskaya region - "Motive", with a total result of just 1%.The activity of Tele2, which is persistently trying to make the "big three" "big four" is only beneficial to subscribers. But in Moscow, MTS did not manage to move from the podium, it has 28.2% of the vote. Next comes "Beeline"( 22.2%), on the third line - "Megafon"( 15.6%).Tele2 scored in the capital only 13.8% of the vote.

Rating of trust in banks

The places in the confidence rating for banks in 2016( based on a survey of 12,590 people living in Russia) were as follows.

"Sberbank" in the foreseeable future is unlikely to give competitors the first line. He also tops the reliability rating of Russian banks according to official data of the Central Bank. Trust in him every year only grows. There are several explanations for this:

  • is the longest work in the banking services market from all Russian credit organizations;
  • relatively low interest rates on mortgage and credit programs;
  • many branches even in remote areas of the country;
  • 24-hour ATMs;
  • availability of an accessible and understandable online service and bonus program;
  • convenient service with an electronic queue, minimizing queues.

In 2015, "Sberbank" was trusted by 57.5% of respondents, and in this year already 60.7%.And the residents of Chelyabinsk( 73% of votes) are the most located to Sberbank, and the least trust in the Novosibirsk region( 53%).

For that often scold "Sberbank" in customer feedback:

  • in case of problems requires a long time to solve them;
  • employees do not always warn about all the intricacies of the card service;
  • low interest rate on deposits, especially those that require only a thousand rubles for opening. With favorable bank deposits of 2016 can be found in our rating;
  • frequent disruptions in the operation of ATMs.

The second and third issues in the banking survey, as in the previous year, went to VTB( 7.3%) and Alfa Bank( 4.5%).

The most unpopular among the respondents was Unicredit, which is trusted by less than 1% of the polled users of VKontakte.

Rating of trust in insurance companies

Finally, the third point in the poll of "CIMES" was the insurance companies with the highest level of confidence. In this survey, 17,463 Russians participated.

Opinion of respondents for the year remained unchanged and the leaders and outsiders of the rating did not change. But the credibility of insurers declined. If in 2016, 41.5% of respondents reported that it is difficult to name a brand from the insurance sector, which they would trust, then last year this figure was 40%.

The leader of the list was Rosgosstrakh. This is the largest organization of the OSAGO insurance companies included in the rating of insurance companies, according to such criteria as assets, scales, insurance reserves and collected premiums. Its strengths:

  • presence in almost every Russian city;
  • operates on the market in 1992;
  • free shipping policy.

Negative feedback is associated with large queues and difficulties in the preparation of CTP( to do so quickly and without any problems it is necessary to conclude an additional contract about life insurance), small payments and long terms of cases.

The row below "Rosgosstrakh" is located VTB-insurance company, which is trusted by 6% of respondents. And in the top 3 leaders came the company RESO-guarantee with 5.8% of the vote.

Below all the trusting positions of Ingosstrakh( 4.1%) and AlfaStrakhovaniya( 4.7%).

And 6% of respondents trust insurers not represented in the list of "CIMES".