Top 10 Animals, insects, birds, signs and superstitions

An interesting article about the signs and superstitions that are associated with animals, birds, insects. In the article I considered the 10 most popular( applied to our country).
Superstition can be interpreted as a meaningless faith that does not work. Although most people do not agree with this, as superstitions and omens have come very tightly into our lives. Very many of them are related to animals, birds and insects. So, the most common.
1. If you crossed the road a black cat luck will not. The method of fighting to neutralize this sign is different for everyone( spit through your left shoulder, cross your fingers, wait until someone else passes).The roots of this superstition go back to the distant past, when it was believed that a black cat or cat is a servant of the devil. According to popular beliefs, witches turned into black cats. Although there are countries in which the black cat is neutral or believe that it brings good luck.
2. If you were given an animal, you must definitely pay a penny for it, otherwise it will die or run away. Most likely, this is due to the fact that in the old days sacrifice was compulsory. That is, before starting a business, it was necessary to pay off, give part of your wealth to the gods or people.
3. If you refuse the pregnant, then the moth( moth) is all in the house pereport. Now it is difficult to trace the emergence of this superstition, but many are going on about it. And pregnant women often use it to get what they want.
4. A dog howls to the trouble or the deceased. Most likely, this is due to the well-developed sense of smell in dogs. According to doctors before the death of a person in the body there are certain changes that cause a change in smell.
5. Everyone knows that before you go to a new home, you need to run a cat there. This will bring good luck and well-being in a new place. This sign is related to the brownie, our ancestors believed that he is in every house, and is his keeper. The house can be kind or evil, but does not like when new people are populated. Therefore, that he did not do evil to people, they let the cat.
6. If the house has black cockroaches - to wealth, red - to sadness or poverty. The explanation is quite simple, cockroaches live where there is food for them. They number more than 3 thousand species, but in homes you can often see black and "prusak."Black is larger in size, so they symbolize wealth.
7. Ants get into the house - be good. The reason for the superstition was that the ants live in colonies, that is, large families, and only where there is something to eat.
8. If a bird is knocking at the window( only not a crow) - there will be good news. Although it is believed that the bird that has entered the house is a harbinger of unhappiness. This sign goes back to the time when our ancestors associated the souls of the dead with the birds.
9. Sparrow is a damn bird and it must be driven from home. This belief is related to the story of Jesus Christ. During the crucifixion of the swallow, nails were carried away from the cross, and sparrows brought them back. Therefore, it is believed that the birds were cursed for this.
10. And finish, perhaps, with rats running from a sinking ship. A sign emerged when the ships were wooden, the rats lived in the holds and were the first to detect a leak, began to worry and flee.
To believe or not your personal business, the main thing is that it does not harm you and others.