Top model in Russian( rating of participants)

Reality show, created on the basis of an idea that has bypassed the whole world, quickly became popular in Russia."Top model in American", "Top model in Canadian", "Top model in Dutch" and many others, and here is " Top model in Russian ".The models amaze the imagination, but the competent jury chose the best of the best, and the rating of the best top models in Russian will help you get to know them better.


  • 17. Ekaterina Nikulina( height 172 cm)
  • 16. Elena Home( 172 cm)
  • 15. Alena Prokopova( 174 cm)
  • 14. Carmela-Amanda Amadio( 175 cm)
  • 13. Xenia Dmitrieva( 173 cm)
  • 12. Valeria Chertok( 175 cm)
  • 11. Ksenia Viktorova( 180 cm)
  • 10. Arina Perchik( 177 cm)
  • 9. Anastasia Zharinova( 173 cm)
  • 8. Elizabeth Ramuravelu( 179 cm)
  • 7, 5(174 cm)
  • 6. Eugenia Timakova( 174 cm)
  • 4. Maria Minogarova( 182 cm)
  • 3. Eugenia Frank( 180 cm)
  • 2. Irina Adadurova( 178 cm)
  • 1. Maria Lesovaya(178 cm)

17. Ekaterina Nikulina( height 172 cm)

The 26-year-old model from St. Petersburg was the first to be expelled by the judges, but she did not experience a serious disorder, as the model was already carrying the baby under the heart. At casting, the future participant, who wants to become a top model, came to the kokoshnik with a freshly baked loaf. He is fond of yoga, he prefers running shoes.

16. Elena Home( 172 cm)

This bright model is a student of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, she remembered to the audience that she immediately told me she was a lesbian - she lived with a girl for a year. On the body of the model 2 tattoos, most of all she likes high heels.

15. Alena Prokopova( 174 cm)

The 19-year-old girl herself earned a trip to Moscow, leaving her family in Kursk with work and study in the Kursk Mounting Technical School. She voluntarily left the project, remaining dissatisfied with how her appearance was changed. Now she works as a model.

14. Carmela-Amanda Amadio( 175 cm)

Her Italian parents who came to work in Russia died when the future model was 6 years old and raised by her older sister. Perhaps, it is this that has shaped the nature of the girl: she seems innocent by a lamb, she has an intransigent character inside, besides she is very purposeful, prefers to wear shoes with heels.

13. Xenia Dmitrieva( 173 cm)

A 24-year-old girl cares equally about the spirit and the body. After studying for an economist, the model works as a fitness instructor and choreographer. At the same time, she learned English herself and has a CPE certificate, which she successfully passed the Cambridge exam. He prefers shoes without heels and adores yogurt.

12. Valeria Chertok( 175 cm)

In her hometown future model of soap buses, in order to ensure her studies in Belgrade on the choreographic. And her dream came true, though for this she had to go to St. Petersburg. And she like to dream of teaching choreography, though not in a pompous fitness club, but in a women's prison. From shoes Lera prefers sneakers and high-heeled shoes.

11. Ksenia Viktorova( 180 cm)

The model works from 13 years to help her mother after the divorce. Now she studies at the Faculty of Economics of Kazan Federal University, considers herself crazy and adores shoes.

10. Arina Perchik( 177 cm)

At the casting Arina arrived at the wheel of Bentley, breaking out of a boring life with her 44-year-old husband. The girl was actually brought up by a grandmother and grandfather, whom her mother gave her after the father left the family. The model believes that it can not be spoiled by any clothes and all footwear prefers shoes.

9. Anastasia Zharinova( 173 cm)

The fate of the girl was not easy, but now she is happy in marriage, is a happy mother and finishes high school. Nastia always dreamed of a modeling career, but various agencies did not inspire confidence in the girl's spouse, but the show " Top model in Russian " changed everything. Before that, Nastia dreamed of "Top Model in American style," but she did not know English, so the analogue of the show that started in Russia became a gift of fate for the girl.

After the project, Nastia opened her own model school.

8. Elizabeth Ramuravelu( 179 cm)

The girl immediately stood out on the project with her skin color, because of which she was very worried. Elizabeth is a true polyglot - she knows 2 languages, besides Russian: German and English. The model is a student of the Russian State Social University, and earns her living by private lessons. Almost never wears shoes without a heel.

7, 5. Xenia and Olga Timofeev( 174 cm)

Twins models immediately fascinated the judges with their appearance, and ignored questions about what would happen if one of them left. But still Ksenia was first, but Olga did not last long after her sister left. They studied at first on animators, but because of financial difficulties they had to transfer to film technicians, however both girls continue to draw cartoons.

6. Eugenia Timakova( 174 cm)

Since childhood, Eugene was ugly, and cried in the pillow from the fact that she was not allowed to dance go-go on stage. She could have become clogged and complexed, but instead she decided to draw the attention of others to her appearance. Now the model is studying for a public relations specialist at the Samara State Technical University and go-go she dances professionally now.

4. Maria Minogarova( 182 cm)

This winding Russian model with unrestrained energy amazed with its fervor, but the judges always did not like her face in the photos. The girl fought hard for her place in the sun and almost reached the final. Before getting on the project, the girl studied at the Kuban State University, and since September of this year Maria has started working as a presenter at MUZ-TV.

3. Eugenia Frank( 180 cm)

A model professionally painting a picture - it's something! In addition, the girl is studying for a psychologist, and in her free time she also does not sit still: she swims, goes skiing, drives a car. . she always knows what to do with herself. In her 22 years, Eugene already knows very well what it's like to work: since her childhood she began to work hard to help her mother. Many predicted her victory, because she immediately stood out among the girls in a melodious voice and characteristic photos, but the girl took only 3 place.

2. Irina Adadurova( 178 cm)

What exactly Irina was different from the other participants of the project is the confidence in her own victory, but she also made great pictures, which more and more struck judges. Outside the project, Irina has learned a political scientist and works in a prestigious position. As a child, the girl began to be afraid of open spaces, which became a real problem for her, because even going to school was becoming unbearable, and then Irina's mother took the girl to a model agency that coped with the problem of the future model better than psychologists. After the project Irina is extremely demanded and removed for a lot of photographers.

1. Maria Lesova( 178 cm)

The girl was not going to become a model at all, she was extremely skeptical about the surrounding, she called herself "Vasya from the Urals", but the girl had nothing to lose and she decided to try it. And it turned out! The girl is studying for a psychologist and knows for sure that the force is not in the fists, but in the word, although she sometimes behaves like a "little girl", preferring sneakers to sneakers. The project and dedication of the girl made her a real Top model in Russian , already from September this year, Maria became the leading MUS-TV.

Author: Alena Kashtanova