The most unusual ideas of interior partitions from plexiglas

If you want the interior of your house or apartment to match the most fashionable trends, was spacious and free, but at the same time competently zoned, pay attention to the partitions made of plexiglas.

Organic glass, nowadays often referred to as plexiglass, is a transparent thermoplastic plastic that is highly environmentally friendly, easy to clean, allows for the creation of glazing in large enough areas, and has high decorative properties.

It is because of all these, as well as some other advantages of acrylic( also called this material) in particular, and the designs made of it, in general, so popular today are intra-room partitions of plexiglass.

If until recently, in the stylistic plan, the most highly valued typical items, today the greatest aesthetic value have unique products. In particular, this applies to such interior items as partitions made of plexiglass. Given this, below is a short list of really extraordinary ideas for such designs. The first idea: bamboo.

Several years ago it was very fashionable to create minimalist interiors in the Japanese style with straight lines and regular shapes, minimum accessories and a preference for the predominant use of natural products. One of the most relevant materials for such interiors was accepted, and now it is considered to be bamboo. Well in this family of plants everything - they look more than impressive and 100% natural, but here to look after the partition, whether it is made of natural bamboo, will be very problematic. Another thing - a partition of plexiglas, which mimics this material. The same aesthetic qualities, the same spectacular appearance and absolute ecological safety, but no problems with cleaning. The second idea: lace.

Boudoir atmosphere in the bedroom - this is another interior hit of recent years. However, creating such an interior, it is important not to overdo it with an abundance of burgundy, red and pink flowers. A competent stylist can achieve the desired effect and without the dominance of the colors of the red scale in the room. How? For example, to create the right mood, a plexiglass with an openwork pattern that will stand next to the light source will easily help, creating an exquisite pattern of light and shadow throughout the room.