Rating of countries for availability of real estate

Own housing is the cherished dream of millions of people around the world. Alas, not in every country this dream can quickly become a reality. Simple calculations make it possible to compile the rating of countries on the availability of real estate for its own citizens.

By dividing the average cost of a small apartment by the average annual income of a family, you can determine how many years it will take to purchase a property. On this indicator and the countries of our today's five are ranged.


  • 5. Belgium.
  • 4. Sweden.
  • 3. Chile.
  • 2. Dominican Republic.
  • 1. United States of America

5. Belgium.

Closes the top five countries with the most affordable real estate. The average Belgian family earns about 28 thousand Euro per year, with this income you can save for an apartment for 4.3 years. The average cost of residential property is slightly more than 120 thousand Euro. True, with relatively affordable housing, the Belgians have to shell out a decent amount of many other vital benefits. For example, Belgium is among the top ten countries with the most expensive gasoline.

4. Sweden.

Differs similar to Belgium indicators of both the average income and the cost of housing. Accumulate the apartment Swedes can for 4.2 years of hard work. It turns out that Sweden is the European leader in the availability of residential property for citizens. It is interesting that about 200-300 Euro per month for a Swedish family goes to pay for utilities, which is below the average European rate. In this Scandinavian country one of the best indicators of the standard of living of the population is that Sweden is second only to Norway.

3. Chile.

Demonstrates a slightly different order of figures in comparison with Europe. Affordable housing here costs about 46 thousand Euros, i.ะต.2.5 times cheaper than in Sweden and Belgium. But the income of an average family is also low - 11307 Euro per year. It turns out that the Chilean family will be able to buy real estate, having worked for just over 4 years. By the way, Chile shows high rates of growth of incomes of the population. Among the fast-growing countries in Chile is recorded the highest level of income per capita.

2. Dominican Republic.

Differs low cost of square meters - about 33 thousand euros for an affordable apartment. With an average income of 9576 euros per family, citizens of the republic will be able to save up for an apartment for 3.5 years. By the way, Dominicana was mentioned in our rating of the most accessible countries for migration. A villa on the coast in the Dominican Republic will be much cheaper than an apartment in Moscow. Therefore, many of our fellow citizens turned their interests on Dominican real estate, buying villas and apartments in the property, let not for permanent residence, but for rest on the luxurious coast of the Caribbean Sea.

1. United States

- the leader of rating on the availability of real estate .The average American family can save up for an apartment in just 3 years. Such a period is formed at an average cost of residential property of about 95 thousand euros and an annual income of 35 384 Euro. And let the Americans constantly predict defaults, rising inflation and popular unrest, the standard of living in this country remains one of the highest in the world. The states hold the third place in the rating of the states by the standard of living of the population and the seventh - in terms of GDP per capita.

Apparently, among the leaders of the rating were not only the most economically developed powers. The top twenty also included Germany, Honduras, South Africa, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Austria, Turkey, Bahrain, Switzerland, Ecuador, Canada, Finland, Australia, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Russia was among the clear outsiders ranking. The average Russian family needs to save money for an apartment for 26 years! While for the top twenty countries with the most affordable real estate for their own citizens, this period does not exceed 6.5 years.