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As soon as the summer vacation season begins, the seas, the beach and the harsh winter with its appropriate entertainments - skates, skis, snowboards, of course, I want to capture all the wonderful moments. For this purpose camera-soap boxes with a good matrix are designed, which differ in their compact size and relatively low price. They appeared on the market for a long time, having passed a lot of changes, so as a result of a film device with a few buttons to turn into a modern gadget. Consider how to choose the right technique and not regret buying by browsing the saved files.

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Differences of

soap cameras Such cameras are very convenient because they do not require many settings, almost all of them are automatic. However, in some cases they are more suitable than the most expensive and heaped up mirror models. We'll figure out what to pay attention to when choosing this technique.

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Compact dimensions - it is thanks to this advantage that the soapboxes actually compete with SLR photographic equipment. Yes, of course, with a larger physical size of the matrix, the image will be of better quality, less noise, higher real sensitivity. But this will lead to an increase in overall dimensions, so a compromise is necessary.

And the soap box is designed to take memorable and unexpected events, so it should not take up much space and can be always at hand.

Important! The camera-soap box is not designed for shooting art photography, high-quality studio portrait or sports reportage. Its purpose is everyday subjects, birthdays, summer gatherings, etc.

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Soap cameras are the best models, equipped with a larger matrix. Such devices will have better image quality. Specialists recommend choosing options whose matrix has a size of 7.2x5.3 mm. Thanks to this, the photos will be of quality, which is quite acceptable for a domestic story.

Important! To take a model in which the resolution exceeds 10-12 megapixels does not make sense. If you increase the resolution of a small matrix, there will be a decrease in light, which falls on the pixel. As a result, noises will increase, digital noise reduction methods will be applied, the picture will be soapy, the clarity will decrease.

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How do we usually take pictures with the family? A small room in which many people are located. And at the same time it is necessary that everyone should be in the frame. How to choose a good soap box camera in this case?

Specialists recommend models, the lens in which - a wide-angle, with a zoom of not more than 30 mm. The zoom range must be selected with the largest possible value. This refers to the optical zoom.

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Each photo camera has a built-in flashlight. All of them are different in power. Some inexpensive models are so thin that they reach only three meters. Further automation makes attempts to increase the sensitivity of the matrix, which leads to an increase in noise and deterioration of the image to a terrible quality.

It is recommended to choose models with a leading flash number of at least four to seven meters.

Important! So you can make high-quality pictures without using an external flash, especially since not all compact cameras have connectors for connecting it.

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Electronic and software

The best soap camera cameras are equipped with a software mode, which automatically adjusts shooting parameters. In this case, user participation is not required - it only needs to press the button.

In some models there are a lot of additional modes for taking pictures, landscape and much more. You can also manually adjust the exposure or choose the shutter speed and aperture priority. But in most cases all this will not be needed, since the usual automatic mode is most often used. Do not overpay for any intelligent modes or exotic settings.

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The best soap cartridges with a good matrix:

  • Samsung EX2F;
  • Panasonic LX7;
  • Canon PowerShot S110;
  • Olympus XZ-2;
  • Nikon Coolpix P7700;
  • Fujifilm XF1.

Yes, of course, the difference between a professional camera and a soap box is great. But expensive mirror equipment will be useless, as it lies at home, and you went for a walk with the baby. In addition, professional models have a lot of accessories that take up a lot of space, and the models themselves are quite cumbersome. That's why most professionals in the bag always have a compact camera.