Rating of the most mysterious places in the Urals

Sverdlovsk Research Group "Stalker" and the project "Our Ural" have compiled the top-list of the most mysterious places of the Ural region .The rating was made up of 2 terms: on the basis of the votes received by us for 3 months, and on the frequency of mentioning such places in the media. Of course, not the most anomalous places, but the most sensational ones, promoted in the media, got to the short list. The "leaders" triple was very evident from the very beginning. But the question, who will take places from the fourth to the 7th, intrigued to the last. .. So, the results were as follows:

1. Arkaim

Ancient Aryan fortified settlement in the steppes in the south of the Chelyabinsk region. Arkaim has a ring structure and is clearly oriented to the stars. It is not known where and why the people who lived here went. Arkaim attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims every year: psychics, ufologists, esotericists, contactees and other extraordinary people. They believe Arkaim is the spiritual center of the Russian Federation. And all in one voice assure about the unusual and strength of local energy.

2. Djatlov Pass

A group of nine experienced tourists died in mysterious circumstances on the slope of Mount Holat Sahyl( in the very north of the Sverdlovsk Region) in the winter of 1959.Investigating the detective gave a conclusion that "the cause of death of tourists was an elemental force, which they could not overcome."However, what kind of "force" has made the tourists to cut the tent and in light things to run down the slope to the true death from the frost? !The mystery of their deaths up to this day worries the minds of scientists. Until now, there is not a single hypothesis, which 100 percent would explain all the ambiguities of this tragedy.

3. M-sky triangle to

It became widely known all over the world since 1989. This is the 1st in Russia anomalous zone, which stirred up all the people in those days. In those years, there was often encountered the widest spectrum of anomalous phenomena: from UFOs and plasmoids to snow man. Until now, many people from all over the country are striving for this non-standard place. However, most of all admits that in our days anomalous phenomena here, if they did not descend into the "no", they became isolated.

4. Nevyanskaya inclined tower i

It is located in the "mountain nest" of the Demidov breeders - Nevyansk. Similarly to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, our tower is also sloping. However, in addition, the tower is surrounded by numerous historical secrets. Neither the exact date of construction nor the name of the architect is known. It is not clear also the purpose of the so-called "sound room".If you stand in one of its corners, you can clearly hear the slightest whisper on the other side of the room. It is well known that there was a network of secret underground tunnels around the tower. Widely known myth that in the dungeon under the tower of the 1st Demidov secretly melted silver( the fact of the secret silver smelting is documented).Subsequently, this room was allegedly flooded with the workers, in order to "cover up the tracks."

5. Places bazhovskih tales

Not bad described in the stories of the Soviet writer Paul Bazhov. They are located in the vicinity of Polevskoy and Sysert. These places are very popular among tourists: first of all it is Azov-mountain, Dumna Gora, Markov-stone and so on. According to the legends, a cave with treasures is hidden in the Azov-misfortune. Sometimes nights at the Azov-misfortune see mysterious lights - "candles."There are legends about visions nearby mountains of the spirit of the girl - Azovka. It is possible to get lost in well-known places, and in the vicinity of Zyuzelka, blue fogs appear sometimes. ..

6. Taganay National park and mountain range in the Chelyabinsk region near the town of Zlatoust. In previous centuries, these places were chosen by the Old Believers. Here they lived in their hermitages, immediately and conducted their rituals. From time to time, they see UFOs, energy balls, ball lightning, and light columns of an unknown nature. They even speak of a snowman and a certain Kialim's grandmother. Most of the phenomena are explained by the features of electromagnetic radiations from numerous tectonic faults.

7. Ural dolmens This is perhaps the youngest Ural mystery of the above. The problem of dolmens in the Urals began to be discussed only a few years ago. Commonly known dolmens to the north of Yekaterinburg and Upper Pyshma, and in the Southern Urals. Until now it is not clear at what time they were erected by our ancestors and for what purposes.