Top 10 most "harmful" breeds of dogs

There are dogs that are intelligent, there are breeds that are considered stupid. Well, there are similar breeds that are considered smart, but terribly disobedient. It is problematic to train these dogs, and cynologists appreciate such breeds. I propose to get acquainted with a list of ten breeds that are considered to be the most disobedient and independent( which, in principle, is good).I'm sure you will be surprised to see some well-known breeds.

10. Basset Hound

To find out this breed is easy - a long body, sad eyes, huge ears, low growth. Bassent Hounds are excellent hunters, they have the opportunity to dig holes with their own powerful paws, and their sharp scent can catch smells that are inaccessible to members of other breeds. These dogs are devoted to their masters, quite intelligent. Although the owners often complain that the Basset Hounds have their own understanding of how to go through the training, they also interpret the teams in their own way. They are quite stubborn, and if the basset does not want to sit down on the team, you have the opportunity to repeat "sitting" until evening, nothing will turn out.

9. Beagle

This is an ancient breed, the history of its origin dates back to ancient times. For all this time, the beagle breed has never become more obedient than it was at first. They are not stupid, easy enough, independent enough, and besides, like the bassets, they always have their own understanding. The virtue of the breed is devotion to the owner, however, it takes a lot of attention to your dog to do this, they are very sensitive.

By the way, bigies are great for playing the game for the company with children - the breed is not mild and has a soft, though stubborn character.

8. Mastiffs

Despite the external good-naturedness, the mastiffs are rather stubborn enough - in this they have the opportunity to give odds to many breeds. How many mastiff, so many opinions - so it is possible to paraphrase a well-known saying. They are excellent guards, best wishes are problematic, but here is to train the mastiff so that he will execute all the commands, is problematic enough. If you plan to train and bring up the mastiff, then you must have a significant experience in handling dogs of different breeds. Mastiff will not create anything if he hears irritation in your voice - the commanders should be served gently, without irritation, even if it's a hundred thousandth "lying."Try, so that your training sessions are short and tireless for the dog. In addition, it is also the most expensive breed of dogs in the world.

7. Pekingese

Nda, some owners of dogs of this breed are surprised how such a small amount can fit so much stubbornness. Stubbornness? Yes it is poorly said. Pekingese, regardless of the size, can win in competitions for the obstinacy of each mastiff. These dogs are independent enough, yet they also have a dominant temperament, that is, they do what they dream, and are terribly angry if someone tries to tell them what to create. They are very devoted to their own masters, and at the same time are extremely stubborn.

6. Bloodhound

This is a surprise breed. Few people know about its existence, and some of those dog handlers who took up the training of such dogs, most often dropped their hands easily - so they are naughty. Bloodhounds are excellent pathfinders, thousands, tens of thousands of odors are available to their nose, from which they have the ability to allocate any "thread", confidently following it. They even have the ability to keep track of smells that are already over 2 to 3 days old. Does your dog manage to take such a trail? Most likely not. In general, everything would be nice if Bloodhounds would not be so stubborn. Only a fairly calm person can train them, more likely even a phlegmatic. All others easily have the opportunity to get a nervous breakdown, but nothing like that can teach a bloodhound.

5. Russian Greyhounds

If you need a dog with the character of a cat, the Russian greyhound is an excellent solution. Dogs of this breed are quite free-loving, and do not tolerate if they are forced to create something. These dogs many times pay more attention to themselves than their own owners. They are also quite clean, which also equals greyhounds with felines. If you are willing to spend half a day training your own pet, then we wish you good luck! By the way, like all the above breeds, Russian greyhounds are still loyal to the owners.

4. Chow Chow

Quite an original breed of dogs with an interesting appearance. Again I repeat that the mentality of dogs of this breed is selfish enough, they are on their own, just like cats. Chow-chow often require attention to themselves, both hosts and guests. They always dream of being at the center of everything that happens. Despite the fact that the representatives of this breed are so great in size, their ego is very, very serious. Training dogs of this breed is problematic.

3. Bulldogs

Despite bulky appearance, bulldogs are the most "polite" breed - it is problematic to find a dog that behaved so well. However, here does a bulldog that impressed him alone. Yes, a bulldog can guard, he performs his duties well. Can also fight in case of need. However, here it is not easy to train a bulldog, it is possible to spend a lot of time and energy, but you can not get anything in the end. Bulldogs behave according to their own mood, and it changes often.

2. Basenji

Quite a rare breed, which is not quite popular. All this is so, that the Basenji dogs are more like cats, they are independent enough. By the way, their barking is quite similar to human laughter or crying - another reason why basenji are so popular among dog breeders.

Dogs of this breed have the opportunity to look after themselves for hours, licking their hair and pricking themselves. They have the opportunity to look out the window for hours, watching what happens on the street. Independent and freedom-loving breed.

1. Afghan hound

This is probably the oldest of all known breeds. These dogs were at the court of the Roman emperors, probably even accompanied by the hunting of Egyptian pharaohs. Afghan hounds are sensitive enough to the mood of the owner, they are also quite naughty. Not easily disobedient, but disobedient enough. You have the opportunity to call the Afghan hound many times, until she turns your interest to you and still returns.