Top 10 most popular breeds of cats

According to the French University of Lyon, there are more than 400 million domestic cats in the world. Officially recorded more than 100 felines and about 700 breed varieties.

American portal dedicated to domestic pets, published Top 10 popular breeds of cats .Ten was selected based on the results of a survey of visitors to the site, therefore, reflects the preferences mainly of the American audience. Favorite among Russians - British shorthair cat - was not among the most popular breeds. In other respects, the preferences of American and Russian cat owners almost coincide.


  • 10. Sphinx.
  • 9. Russian blue.
  • 8. Mencks.
  • 7. American Shorthair.
  • 6. Himalayan.
  • 5. Bengal.
  • 4. Ragdoll.
  • 3. Maine Coon.
  • 2. Persian.
  • 1. Siamese.

10. The Sphinx.

This breed is distinguished by the almost complete absence of wool. The skin seems velvety and incredibly soft to the touch. Unearthly appearance and high intelligence make the sphinxes very popular pets. The most popular breed of hairless in Russia is the Don Sphynx. It is noteworthy that all "naked" cats excellently influence the owner's well-being. Their strong energy and warmth warm the host in direct and figurative senses.

9. Russian blue.

This breed has a classic cat's temperament - it is intelligent, independent and calm. Russian blue is always devoted to the host family and unpretentious in care. These cats have a very beautiful, quiet voice. The Russian blue cat is distinguished by good health, among cats long-livers there are many representatives of this breed.

8. Mencks.

This is most often an anuran and a very energetic cat.Мэнксы are playful, are adhered to the owner and his family. The tail of a cat may be completely absent or vice versa have a traditional length. Long-tailed Mencks are valued less, but they are necessary to participate in breeding. Special difficulties in taking care of the Mencks do not arise.

7. American Shorthair.

One of the most unpretentious and playful breeds. These cats are distinguished by excellent health, they are intelligent and sociable. American Shorthair feels great in the company of children and pets.

6. Himalayan.

This popular long-haired breed appeared as a result of crossing Persians with Siamese cats. An inquisitive cat with a stable temperament loves its owners very much, gets along with the children and will not refuse to luxuriate on their knees. Luxurious coat requires careful care.

5. Bengal.

This breed will suit fans of wild cats. An unusual natural color imitates a miniature leopard. The breed should not be confused with wild Bengal cats. The domestic variety was derived by crossing with representatives of the most common short-haired breeds. Bengal cat does not like caresses and sitting on his hands. She is playful and active, loves outdoor walks.

4. Ragdoll.

The breed has become extremely popular due to the purest blue eyes of these cats. These are incredibly patient animals that never offend even overly active young children. Ragdolls are benevolent, trusting and attached to the owner. By temperament these cats are charming phlegmatic.

3. Maine Coon.

Representatives of this breed amaze with their impressive dimensions. Males can weigh up to 9 kg. Although the breed is long-haired, cat's coat does not require special care. Maine Coon's wool is not as thin and delicate as a Persian, and less prone to the formation of coils. Despite their large size, the Maine Coons are very good-natured, although they are wary of strangers.

2. Persian.

This is the world's most popular long-haired breed. They have a charming appearance and calm character. True, wool requires painstaking care, but the result is worth it. Most Persians are rather playful, rarely voice and do not like being alone.

1. Siamese.

The most popular breed of cat has an attractive oriental appearance and a rather resonant voice. Siames love to "talk" even at night. Many owners admit that these cats perfectly convey their desires with intonation. A distinctive external feature of the Siamese is the blue eyes. Siamese cats are very sociable, active and easy to learn.