Top-5 best manufacturers of mountain skiing

In the ski world there is a universal truth;when buying skis and accessories to them, you need to choose the best ski brands or you will be terribly disappointed.

Discontent from buying a defective product from "nonimea" is the smallest problem that can lie in wait for a skier. There is also an increased risk of injury due to equipment malfunction.

But which brands, producing products for winter sports, are the best in their industry? This question will be answered by our top-5 best manufacturers of mountain skis.


  • 5. Fischer
  • 4. K2
  • 3. Blizzard
  • 2. Rossignol
  • 1. Volkl

5. Fischer

Austrian company that produces sports products for cross country skiing and hockey. In 2006, Fischer was recognized as the most successful ski manufacturer at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

One of the most successful products of the brand are professional skies for RC4 Worldcup SC slalom. They were developed in cooperation with the famous skiers, such as Hans Knauss. Their advantages:

  • lightweight construction,
  • titanium edges;
  • high torsional rigidity, due to which the skier can dynamically lay arcs.

Such skis are suitable for descent from the snow-covered peak, and for riding on an ice crust.

4. K2

The innovative path of this American company began with the introduction of fiberglass technology in the 60's. Nowadays K2 produces mountain skis, which can work in a "multitasking mode", because in most models an electronic system of vibration suppression is used. During the manufacture of skis, the system is tuned to different frequencies, resulting in skis with different characteristics for different speeds and different snow conditions. This technology is called Smart Ski. And in order to better connect the edges with snow, the company uses an interfaced torsion system that does not affect the elasticity and flexibility of the skis.

3. Blizzard

Another Austrian manufacturer of skis with a long and respectable history. It was founded in 1945 by soldier Tony Arnsteiner, who began to make skis in the carpentry workshop of his family. Now Blizzard belongs to the concern Technica Group and produces a wide range of skis, both for beginner skiers and ski school aces. Models from Blizzard were chosen by such famous sportsmen as Franz Klammer, Petra Kronberger and Renata Goichl.

One of the best products of Blizzard is off-piste skis for Bonafide. Thanks to the universal geometry and Flip Core technology, the skis can also be used on hard, prepared slopes.

2. Rossignol

Reliable and well-proven ski brand, whose history is more than 100 years. Engineers Rossignol have developed hitherto unprecedented technology Tip Technology Air, which reduces the weight of the skis by 20% without loss of strength.

One of the best products - skis Rossignol Soul 7, designed for any skier with skills above the base. They are strong, light, with a beautiful design and are perfect for off-piste skiers who prefer medium-hardness and moderate radius models.

1. Volkl

First among the peers in the ranking of the best manufacturers of mountain skis. This German company was founded in 1923 and, apart from producing skis, produces goods for tennis.

The engineers of the company decided that due to the high temperature, the inner layers of skis could suffer. Therefore, Volkl products are created at low temperatures, and the process is stretched for a long time( even longer than required by standards).

Many praises were given to the Volkl Mantra skis. They are known as reliable and durable skis that will cope with any tests. The side cutout of the ski allows them to fit into the most difficult slalom turns. And best of all Volkl Mantra show themselves on off-piste skating.