Top 5 services for viewing currency quotes online

Services that show currency rates in real time, help to "keep abreast of" changes in the value of the world's major monetary units. This information is relevant not only for people who often travel abroad, but also for those who are engaged in economics and finance, as well as for participants in the popular Forex market.

We present to you top-5 services for viewing currency quotations in online mode .


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The search giant has collected a lot of useful services on its website,one of which is the daily updated exchange rate. In "Yandex. News" in the section "Economics" and the subsection "Quotations" you can see the value of major world currencies, the dynamics of the exchange rate of a certain currency for a week, month, quarter, year. A simple and intuitive service for those who want to quickly find out how much today's currency has become more expensive or cheaper and why the ruble is falling against the dollar and the euro.


The main page contains detailed information on the dollar and euro exchange rate for yesterday and today, the Central Bank's key rate, inflation and inflation target until 2017, the bi-currency basket, international reserves of Russia, and manyother financial data. The database on exchange rates( it will open if you click on the subtitle "Currency Rates") allows you to track the dynamics of "ups and downs" of various monetary units for a user-specified period and changes in its rate until July 1992.


Non-standard service for viewing the value of the dollar and euro in 2015.He searches for a profitable course( in banks and exchangers) on the map, the user only needs to specify his city and the desired currency. The most profitable course will be highlighted in green. When clicking on the icon of the desired bank or exchange point, the address information and the current exchange rate are displayed. On the site you can download the application "exchange rate on the map" for a mobile device based on Android, see the graph of the dynamics of the dollar and the euro, and convert currencies.


The site shows quotes and exchange rates in real time. For each currency, the demand, supply, data at the close of the previous trading day, the percentage of the fall or increase in value and the absolute value are shown. There is also a currency converter that allows you to calculate the current conversion price for any of the 160 currencies, and find out how much the dollar-ruble, dollar-euro, euro-ruble pairs were worth yesterday, 7 days, or a year ago.


This convenient and intuitive online service for viewing currency quotes has two advantages. First, here you can see not only exchange rates, but also the most profitable offers for buying and selling the desired currency in Russian banks. Secondly, on the page with quotations there is a currency converter, which allows you to "transfer from one of the cashier" to transfer one currency to another.