E-book rating 2017, review of the best models

Electronic media confidently displace paper. They are convenient, they contain a large amount of information, they can be filled and emptied. The only inconvenience - charging - is bathed with more than convenience and access to unlimited Internet capabilities. Which e-book is better to buy? This will help you review the best models of e-books in 2017, compiled on the basis of popularity, rating and reviews on the site "Yandex. Market."

Table of Contents:

  • 10. PocketBook 840-2 InkPad 2
  • 6. PocketBook 631 Touch HD
  • 5. ONYX BOOX Bering 3
  • 4. ONYX BOOX C67ML.ONYX BOOX Prometheus
  • 3. PocketBook 625 Basic Touch 2
  • 2. PocketBook 614 Limited Edition
  • 1. PocketBook 615

10. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Average price: 7 700 rubles.

Opens the top 10 e-books Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Everyone is good at this e-book - a clear and understandable Russified interface, light weight, good readability both in the sun and in the dark, a convenient setting of the backlight.

However, there are disadvantages.

  • First, for the lack of advertising will have to pay( and you have to watch advertising, because the screen is blocked at the same time).
  • Secondly, Kindle does not support some formats, so you can not download files directly without converting.
  • Thirdly, it is impossible to exist separately from Amazon, and the navigation system there is quite specific.

9. ONYX BOOX Vasco Da Gama

Average price: 7 300 rubles.

The six-inch screen at Vasco Da Gama E-link, means, eyes long will not get tired. Even this small book has other advantages:

  • light weight;
  • convenient buttons;
  • supports different formats;The
  • has a backlight;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • access to Google Play;
  • is quite a capacious battery.

Minus: there is no "native" cover, but the usual standard does not work because of the specific position of the side buttons.

8. ONYX BOOX C67ML Darwin

Average price: 9 000 rubles.

From the previous model, Darwin has a large memory capacity, a more powerful processor and a cover included. And the rest is about the same:

  • touch screen, nice for the eyes;
  • Android OS;
  • reads all formats.

True, some Android functionality may seem a bit redundant, and the book does not always turn off when the cover is closed and it puts a battery.

7. PocketBook 840-2 InkPad 2

Average price: 18 000 rubles.

The screen resolution of this book is one of the largest on the market - eight inches;in it is damp( though in fine print) page A4 size entirely. At the same time the book itself is light enough, although the battery in it is very powerful - the reader has enough for a month and a half without recharging. The book also has a very convenient and intuitive interface and an excellent and thoughtful library system( with which other firms do not do very well).

Cons - the size of the book prevents you from shoving it into your pocket, you'll have to carry a bag with you. And the price is not the most budgetary.

6. PocketBook 631 Touch HD

Average price: 12 500 rubles.

Something, but the e-book company PocketBook can do. Model 631 Touch HD is no exception. It is simple, understandable and at the same time effective.


  • six-inch touch screen of the new generation of E-link Carta gorgeous resolution 1448х1072;
  • adjustable in a wide range of illumination;
  • good contrast;
  • Wi-Fi.

Disadvantage - the software is "raw", sometimes there are hangs, but not critical.

5. ONYX BOOX Bering 3

Average price: 7 000 rubles.

Standard six-inch screen inexpensive ONYX with a resolution of 1024x758, there is neither Wi-Fi, nor Bluetooth. However, a small price is more than compensated by the lack of technical innovations. An excellent option, who just needs a long-playing reading room, which you can safely take with you on vacation, without worrying about the compatibility of plugs and sockets. Yes, and PDF and DJVU, again, not everyone needs every day.

4. ONYX BOOX Prometheus

Average price: 24 000 rubles.

The most expensive model ranking the best electronic books in 2017.Overview of the merits of this book:

  • diagonal 9.7 inches( true, resolution 1200h825);
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth;
  • capacitive sensor;
  • company cover included.

The book software supports reading of all file formats, and the metal back wall gives a sense of quality and reliability. And the Android OS will allow you to put any applications on the book. It is positioned as a reading room for technical literature, but its task does not work very well - with a large diagonal not too high resolution, and the possibilities of working with PDF are not too big.

3. PocketBook 625 Basic Touch 2

Average price: 6 800 rubles.

The third place in the ranking of the best electronic books of 2017 is occupied by a simple model from PocketBook, which has everything you need and even more.

  • The screen is six-inch, touch, according to the latest E-Ink Carta technology, reads well.
  • 8 GB of memory allows you to keep a large amount of information in all conceivable and inconceivable formats, and a smart processor helps to avoid annoying hangs.
  • There is Wi-Fi.

No backlight only.

2. PocketBook 614 Limited Edition

Average price: 7 000 rubles.

The screen of the Limited Edition is six-inch, E-Ink Pearl, but here is a smaller resolution than the number three ratings - 800x600.There is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is popular due to:

  • low price;
  • powerful battery, which allows not to load the book for literally months;
  • high reliability and ability to read literally all formats.

A tempered glass will avoid troubles. An excellent option for a gift to a child.

1. PocketBook 615

Average price: 9 000 rubles.

And the best e-book of the rating is PocketBook 615 - in many respects due to the fact that this is one of the most inexpensive models with backlighting.


  • Six-inch contrast screen E-Ink Pearl with a resolution of 1024h758 is easy to read, does not glare in the sun, it looks comfortable in the dark thanks to the backlight.
  • Battery holds the charge for a very long time, and 8 GB of memory will accommodate a large number of books without using a memory card( which, by the way, is included).
  • And, of course, it literally reads all formats.

Overall a great combination of price / quality.