Rating of the best TVs of 2012

For most of us, the TV has long been a common household item, as well as other objects from the category of household appliances. It does not matter even what kind of TV you use: plasma or LCD, expensive or the easiest. More importantly, we are all used to using such a popular device both for obtaining the necessary information, and just for fun and relaxation. Perhaps you've never even had a head to think about which TV is the best. Therefore, this time we prepared for you the rating of the best TVs of 2012 .Today we will start with the best TV in the list of the most-most.

1 place Samsung UE55D8000

  • 2nd place Samsung UE40D6530
  • 3rd place Samsung UE40D6510
  • 4th place LG 42LK530
  • 5th place Samsung UE46D5000
  • 1 place Samsung UE55D8000

    The best TV of 2012 is the brainchild of the South Korean manufacturer Samsung - UE55D8000.The TV will give you the ability to view images at a frequency of 800 Hz. This popular LCD TV has the support of intelligent services Smart TV and Skype. Feel all the comforts of home 3D together with ergonomic glasses and support for a number of features to improve the quality. Ideal for watching the best films that are included in the rating of films in 2012.

    2 place Samsung UE40D6530

    Another device from a major electronics manufacturer from South Korea. The LCD panel will show the user the support of a three-dimensional image on a large screen with a diagonal of 40 inches. All this is complemented by the support of Smart TV, which includes a 3D converter. The three-dimensional sounding in this rather expensive device will make you feel in the thick of events unfolding on the screen. Only by acquiring such a device can you understand what a modern TV should be like. Samsung also tops the list of 3D TVs in 2013.

    3 place Samsung UE40D6510

    Closes the top three ratings of the best TVs one more TV from Samsung. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a good digital noise suppressor, as well as a number of innovative technologies for improving color reproduction and converting two-dimensional images into three-dimensional ones. Not without its surround sound function, expensive TV will allow you to feel almost at the cinema. The palette of transmitted colors is almost inferior to plasma models, which ensures the naturalness of the image.

    4 place LG 42LK530

    LED TV from LG.The model differs from other popular today by the presence of a system of reasonable energy saving, which allows you to constantly monitor the intensity with which the backlight works. Along with its use, expensive TV will not only save you, but also choose the most enjoyable for the eyesight mode of lighting. Users will love the TruMotion technology, providing a refresh rate of 100 Hz and an intelligent wizard for setting up an image called Picture Wizard.

    5 place Samsung UE46D5000

    In the fifth place again the product of the manufacturer Samsung. LED panel UE46D5000 will be an excellent solution for those who are looking for a stylish and at the same time practical TV.The image quality is guaranteed high due to the use of cutting-edge technologies. Together with them and a digital noise filter, the LED panel will demonstrate high definition and excellent color rendering. Here it is worth adding the first ever connection of TV to the Smart Hub service, through which the device will become the center of the entire digital world in your home.

    The basis for compiling the rating of the best TVs this year was feedback and voting by the buyers on the Yandex Market. Together with good plasma and LED TV movies in your home will turn into a virtual reality. It is worth mentioning that at present there are home TV panels costing from 1 to several million dollars, but before buying such models, you should read the rating of alarms 2012 to know how to protect an expensive toy.