Rating of gas columns for reliability and quality 2016

Winter is close, and the lack of hot water in the house can become quite an annoying problem. In order not to shiver under the jets of a cold shower and not to wash dishes in icy water, it is advisable to purchase a gas water heater in advance. And to choose the best in quality and reliability will help our rating of gas columns( flowing water heaters) 2016.It was created taking into account feedback from specialists and users of Yandex. Market.


  • 10. Bosch WR 13-2P
  • 9. Vaillant AtmoMAG exclusiv 14-0 RXI
  • 8. Neva Lux 5611
  • 7. Neva 4513
  • 6. Bosch WR 10-2P
  • 5. Electrolux GWH 265 ERN Nano Plus
  • 4. Neva 4510
  • 3. Neva 4511
  • 2. Neva Lux 6014
  • 1. Electrolux GWH 285 ERN NanoPro

10. Bosch WR 13-2P

  • The average price is 12,918 rubles.
  • Capacity - 13 liters per minute.

Quiet, easy-to-handle column with uniform water heating. Performance is enough for both washing dishes and taking a bath. It will work even when the water pressure is low.

Disadvantages: sooner or later the heat exchanger will flow, and it will have to be changed, or, at best, sealed.

9. Vaillant AtmoMAG exclusiv 14-0 RXI

  • Average price - 29 300 rub.
  • Capacity - 14 liters per minute.

Narrow gas column with a beautiful design and stable, without jumps, maintaining the temperature. Users praise it for its reliability and ease of use.

Cons: high price and if it fails, it will be very difficult to find parts.

8. Neva Lux 5611

  • The average price is 10,800 rubles.
  • Capacity - 11 liters per minute.

Easy-to-use column, without special "bells and whistles" and with a good "price-performance" ratio.

Of the shortcomings: noise, often the heat exchanger breaks down.

7. Neva 4513

  • Average price - 11 800 rub.
  • Capacity - 13 liters per minute.

Another gas column from the Russian manufacturer. Excellent choice for a family of 4-5 people. Easy to repair and spare parts are inexpensive. Works even with a slight pressure of water.

Cons: Very noisy when working.

6. Bosch WR 10-2P

  • The average price is 12 489 rubles.
  • Capacity - 10 liters per minute.

This model with a reliable heat exchanger is offered in versions P23 - for natural gas and P31 - for liquefied gas. It works quietly, but the power is enough for simultaneous operation of two cranes.

Disadvantages: there may be problems with the water node. They are solved by replacing the node.

5. Electrolux GWH 265 ERN Nano Plus

  • Average price - 7 490 rub.
  • Capacity - 10 liters per minute.

If you need a medium-sized gas column at a low price, then this model is likely to work. Its advantages: beautiful appearance, work at low water pressure, the presence of a battery indicator, instantaneous ignition.

Disadvantages: the Chinese assembly, which many do not trust.

4. Neva 4510

  • The average price is 9 244 rubles.
  • Capacity - 10 liters per minute.

Already the third "St. Petersburg" model, ranked in the top 10 best gas columns on user reviews. Even a child can cope with it. It rustles weakly, heats up quickly. What else is required for such money?

Cons: The temperature sensor does not immediately respond to changes in the intensity of the fire.

3. Neva 4511

  • The average price is 10 398 rubles.
  • Capacity - 11 liters per minute.

Compact, low noise column with a display for monitoring water temperature and automatic ignition. Good for small kitchens.

Disadvantages: The batteries last for three to four months, even if you use the column for two hours a day.

2. Neva Lux 6014

  • The average price is 14 600 rubles.
  • Capacity - 14 liters per minute.

Powerful, fully automatic microprocessor-controlled column that regulates the temperature depending on the strength of the water pressure. A weak noise in her work is unlikely to disturb the sensitive sleep of loved ones.

Disadvantage: It immediately heats the water when switched on.

1. Electrolux GWH 285 ERN NanoPro

  • Average price - 11 688 rub.
  • Performance - 11 liters per minute.

The best running water heater according to reviews. The weak pressure of water for his work is not an obstacle. The attractive design of the column will allow it to fit into a variety of interiors. And its compactness makes this model the choice of the "first line" for a small kitchen. This gas column topped the rating of reliability and quality.

Cons: Chinese build quality, some users complain that the heat exchanger is flowing.