The most beautiful girls of the world 2015( Men's Health)

Every September, Men's Health magazine publishes the world's most beautiful girls, which, according to the compilers, includes all the most "talented, successful and beautiful women", from actresses and TV hosts to models and social networking stars.

Here they are, the world's most beautiful girls of the year 2015 .


  • 10. Chrissie Teygen
  • 9. Emily Ratakowski
  • 8. Adriana Lima
  • 7. Taylor Swift
  • 6. Naya River
  • 5. Jessica Alba
  • 4. Erin Heatherton
  • 3. Zoe Saldana
  • 2. Kendis Swainpole

    1Charlotte McKinney

    10. Chrissie Teigen

    The cover star of the Sports Illustrated edition earlier this year posted a video on its page in the Instagram, where she hugs herself with her husband, the famous musician John Legend. By the way, after the wedding she launched her own blog about cooking called So Delushious. Now Chrissy is working on a cookbook, despite the fact that the work in the kitchen leaves a lot of bruises on her beautiful legs.

    9. Emily Ratakovski

    Emily got fame, having acted half-naked in the clip of Blurred Lines, and in 2014 she became the star of the 50th jubilee edition of the magazine Sports Illustrated. She uses her beauty to make her way onto the stage: she participated in several films in secondary roles and recently played a major role in the musical drama "128 heart beats per minute".However, so far, film critics are not particularly enthusiastic about her play.

    8. Adriana Lima

    Stunningly long legs and Brazilian temperament never go out of fashion. Adriana has not left the list of the sexiest women in the world for seven years. According to the Forbes rating, it is one of the highest paid models, yielding in this capacity only to Gisele Bundchen.

    7. Taylor Swift

    A girl with a guitar singing at the Pennsylvania fairs and festivals has now turned into one of the most famous music performers in the world. Now she is 25, she takes a worthy place among the models of Victoria's Secret and looks extremely sexy in the music video Bad Blood with Kendrick Lamar.

    6. Naya Rivera

    Last year, Naya experienced several landmark events. She left the television series "Choir", where she played a support girl and a lesbian, debuted on the big screen as a villain in the thriller "House", broke off the engagement with the benchmark of Big Sean and married Ryan Dorsey."Hispanics are great wives," she said in an interview with the Cosmopolitan magazine. "We love to work and love to cook."Ryan was lucky!

    5. Jessica Alba

    In the top ten most sexy women of the planet got a 34-year-old actress, whose stunning forms did not affect the birth of two children. This summer she played in "Especially Dangerous" with Samuel Jackson. And her company The Honest Company, specializing in the production of household consumption goods made without the use of toxic agents, is estimated by experts at more than a million dollars. This year the first public offer of the company is planned.

    4. Erin Heatherton

    Social networks will never cease to admire the angels Victoria's Secret. Recognized American beauty and professional model Erin was one of them. And she is on the long list of girls who met with Leonardo DiCaprio.

    3. Zoe Saldana

    Directors like to colorize Zoe in different colors: she played that blue woman from Avatar, then green in the Guardians of the Galaxy( along with Chris Pratt as Starry Lord).And this sexy babe was born in provincial Passaic, New York, 37 years ago.

    2. Kendis Swainpole

    Kendis was honored to wear a 10 million dollar lingerie for the Victoria's Secret show. Since then, she regularly plays a major role in male fantasies around the world.

    1. Charlotte McKinney

    Top 10 most beautiful girls of the year 20-year-old blonde from Florida, whose forms are breathtaking, like a roller coaster. In 2014, desperate to start a modeling career in the usual way, she became a star Instagram, and then attracted the attention of all American men, starring in an unforgettable TV commercial All Natural Burger.