Top benefits and differences of a geyser coffee machine

Popular in Europe, inexpensive geyser coffee machines can easily be bought in Russia. However, domestic buyers do not pay much attention to such models. And very vain. Despite the similar way of preparation of a drink, the geyser model gives the user more comfort.

How does the

work? The equipment design is a metal container with several partitions that separate the liquid and the coffee grounds. The principle of operation of the equipment is very simple. Water repeatedly passes through the ground coffee, saturated with its taste and aroma. As a result, you can enjoy a delicious, aromatic drink, brewed better than in the drip model.

What is the difference between

The first is the cost. Geyser coffee makers are inexpensive, however, this is not the only difference. So, in drip models, coffee is brewed without the pressure of steam or hot water. The liquid simply passes through the ground coffee, draining into a special container.

At the same time, forced water flow ensures the best quality of brewing drinks. By the way, geysernye allow you to brew not only coffee, but also tea. This makes them a versatile equipment for any kitchen. You can make a delicious herbal infusion or fragrant tea.

Another advantage of the geyser models is the absence of quickly worn out working units. Forget about the additional costs of frequent repairs, because the coffee machine will serve you for many years, without losing its functionality and performance.

There are two types of coffee makers of the geyser type:

  • electric. Work from the network.
  • stationary. Brewed drinks with external heating of the case. Used as a regular teapot.

Various materials are used for making coffee makers. Most often it is steel, ceramics, less often glass. It is desirable that the handle be made of materials with heat-insulating properties, so that when heated, the risk of burns is excluded.

How to choose the right coffee maker

Modern models can boast of various useful features. For example, they can maintain the desired temperature of the finished beverage. Of course, in this mode, the coffee machine does not last long, but it still allows the coffee to remain hot for longer.

Also on the market appeared a model equipped with software digital timers and indicator lights. Cooking drinks will be much easier and more convenient if you can see all the details on a comfortable screen.

Steel and ceramic models of geyser coffee machines provide the ability to adjust the strength of coffee, as well as automatically turn off after completion of work. This simplifies the work with the technique. When choosing equipment, carefully study the ratings of coffee makers, the quality of the material from which the body is made. For electric models, it is important to select the correct power based on the volume of the water tank. The larger the capacity, the more powerful the coffee maker must be in order to prepare the drinks quickly and efficiently.