Top 3 best accommodation options in the capital

When planning a visit to the capital, first of all, decide where you will live. From what type of accommodation you choose, your travel itinerary and travel budget will directly depend. We propose to consider the three best housing options for any budget and taste.

1. Premium hotel

The first option is suitable for wasteful travelers who are willing to give a lot of money for a luxury five-star hotel premium. If you belong to this category, then your choice will be the hotel radisson royal. Staying in such a luxurious place, you are claiming a special status - here to the guests are treated with increased attention. Obviously, Moscow stay will be pleasant for you, you will feel regally and at ease, and having visited a restaurant on the roof, you will feel that the whole capital is at your feet. The hotel is located in the building of one of the seven famous Stalin skyscrapers, thanks to which inside there is a very special atmosphere. Excellent location, exquisite interiors and breathtaking views from windows - that's what the guests of the capital love for this place.

2. Economy class hotel

If your goal is to find an economical option for accommodation, an acceptable quality-price ratio, then you will have a simba hostel on the arbat. The advantages of hostels is that they do not necessarily have to pay for a single or double room, you can stay for a berth in a multi-bedded room. Typically, these rooms are equipped with solid bunk beds, and for personal items there are special lockers. On the floor there is not only a toilet and showers, but even kitchens and rooms for leisure. Quite often hostels become a place where international friendly relations are established. Choosing a hostel, you get a chance to settle in the very center for a price close to a symbolic price.

3. CouchSurfing

The third option is a rescue for those who plan not to spend a penny on living. No, we do not offer to spend the night at train stations and in parks, we mean couchsurfing. This method consists in finding on the Internet a person who is ready to host a traveler during his visit. Such people, as it turned out, a lot. An important nuance is that the hospitable host, most likely, counts on friendly communication - be prepared to talk about your hometown and about the perfect travel. Agreeing with the couchsurfer, you are deprived of the opportunity to choose a district for living, but you can ask to show you Moscow and its most curious places.