Top 10 books that everyone should read

Books have an incredible power of persuasion and influence on a person. They force never to give up, to believe in love, to hope for the best, to learn to understand other people, to help remember childhood, and make the world a little better.

Despite the fact that each person has his own preferences, there are top-10 books that everyone should read. These are works that had a great influence on the development of culture. Believe me, your attitude to the world will not be the same after you've become acquainted with these amazing books.

Note in advance that the works are in the ranking randomly. All of them are worthy to take the leading place in the list, and each of the listed books has loyal readers. Therefore, the distribution of seats in the top 10 literary works that are worth reading will be purely conventional.


Gabriel Garcia Marquez "One Hundred Years of Solitude"

A great novel by a Colombian writer, created in the genre of mystical realism. The main theme of this work is loneliness.20 chapters of the book tell the story of seven generations of the Buendia family and the village of Macondo.


Saint Exupery "The Little Prince"

A unique book that everyone should read, and it does not matter at all whether it is an adult or a child. Its main message - all people were once children, but only a few remember it. In order not to forget what childhood is, friendship and responsibility for someone who trusted you, you must at least occasionally reread this book. The illustrations to it are created by the author himself and are an important part of the work.


N.V.Gogol "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka"

It seems incredible that this work, written with subtle humor, was created by the author of Dead Souls. Eight stories, allegedly collected by the "Pansko Pansko," tell the reader about the amazing events that occurred in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Even in the time of Gogol, his first literary experience was enthusiastically accepted by Pushkin and other well-known writers. Nowadays the book is among the best works and must be read by anyone who appreciates and loves Russian classical literature.


Mikhail Bulgakov "Master and Margarita"

The writer created brilliant works, but the crown of his creation was the novel "Master and Margarita".This is a book with a difficult fate, literally suffered by the writer and finished by him shortly before his death. Bulgakov began work on it three times. The first version of the manuscript was destroyed by him in 1930.The novel is a mixture of genres: it contains satire, mysticism, a parable, a fantasy, a drama. The author did not see his book published - the genius creation of the master was published only in 1966.

Master and Margarita is a deeply philosophical book that raises complex moral and religious questions. It has one feature - it is necessary to grow up to this book. The novel may not like at all at the first reading, but if you return to it later, you can not tear yourself away from it.

Interlacing the stories of many people and interfering in the fate of the heroes of mystical forces are worthy of entering the top 10 books that everyone should read.


Ray Bradbury "451 degrees Fahrenheit"

Guy Montag, hereditary fireman, continues the business of his family. But if his ancestors were extinguished at home and saved people, he burns books. The consumption society in which the protagonist lives does not need books, because they can make people think about life. They turned into the main threat to the successful existence of the state. But one day on another call, Guy could not restrain himself and hid one book. Getting to know her turned his world around. Disillusioned with the old ideals, he becomes an outcast trying to save books that are worth reading.


Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland"

Often, books written exclusively for children become tabletop works of adults. Carroll, a mathematician and a very serious man, wrote a fairy tale about a girl who, due to her curiosity, got into a rabbit hole and was in an amazing country where you can grow and fall at any moment, where animals talk, playing cards come to life and Cheshire cat is smiling. This is the best book created in the genre of the absurd, and is simply stuffed with riddles, allusions and jokes. Reading it, you feel like the main character, who with every step in the wonderful country reveals something new and amazing.


J. Austin "Pride and Prejudice"

There was a place in the top 10 books worth reading, and a female novel. This is the story of a complex relationship between Mr. Darcy, a wealthy gentleman, and a girl from a family with a modest income, Elizabeth Bennett. Their first meeting was a failure - a young man told a friend that the girl was not interested in him at all. The pride of Elizabeth, who accidentally heard this conversation, was hurt, and she was deeply disaffected by Darcy. But the case takes them again and again, and Elizabeth gradually changes attitudes towards him. This book is about a strong, independent woman who herself makes important decisions and boldly expresses her opinion.


Joanne Rowling "Harry Potter"

The best books can not be imagined without a series of novels about a boy who learns that his deceased parents were magicians, and he is invited to study at the best school for young wizards. The story of Harry Potter was incredibly popular, and its author, no one before this unknown Joan Rowling became one of the best writers of our time.


JRR Tolkien trilogy "The Lord of the Rings"

The most famous book you need to read to everyone. It has everything - magic, great heroes, loyal friendship, dignity and honor, self-sacrifice. The novel-epic of Tolkien had a huge impact on culture. Even greater interest in him was awakened after the release of the film adaptation of books created by Peter Jackson.

The trilogy tells about Middle-earth, whose peoples lived peacefully after the victory of the combined forces of elves, dwarves and people over the Dark Lord of Mordor. But he did not finally leave this world, but lurked in the darkness on the outskirts of his possessions. The ring, forged by Sauron and possessing great power, after centuries of oblivion returned to the world, carrying with it the threat of a new terrible war between the free nations of Middle-earth and the hordes of Sauron. The fate of the whole world is in the hands of the nine keepers of the terrible artifact.


Jerome Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye"

The book, which became a symbol of the rebellion of the youth of the twentieth century, beginning with the beats and ending with the hippies. This is the story of the life of a 17-year-old boy, told by himself. He does not accept the reality surrounding him, the way of life of society, his morals and rules, but he does not want to change anything.

In fact, ratings are a rather conventional thing. If you like a book that is not in the list proposed for reading, it does not mean that it is bad. Any work that finds a response in the reader's soul is already worthy of a place in the list of books with which everyone should read.