Rating of refrigerators for quality and reliability 2017

Refrigerator is an important device in the house. Before buying it, it's worth spending a little time studying different brands and models to find the one that best suits your needs. To facilitate the choice, we studied the popularity and reviews of various refrigerators at Yandex. Market and present the refrigerators rating for the quality and reliability of the 2017.

10. DON R 297

  • 9. Korting KSI 17875 CNF
  • 8. LG GA-B489 TGRF
  • 7. LG-B489 YAQZ
  • 6. Sharp SJ-FP97VBK
  • 5. Liebherr SBS 7212
  • 4. LG GA-B489 SEQZ
  • 3. Liebherr CUag 3311
  • 2. Biryusa R108CA
  • 1. BEKO DS 333020
  • 10. DON R 297

    The average price is 16,790 rubles.

    Dimensions( width, depth, height) 57.4x61x200 cm.

    This spacious 365-liter refrigerator has many shelves, allowing you to use free space as needed. The defrosting system of the refrigerator is drip, but the freezer must be manually thawed. When working very much does not make noise and will not disturb a sensitive sleep of domestic. Spends energy sparingly, 359 kWh per year.

    Cons: no sound notification about opening and closing the door, no display for temperature monitoring.

    9. Korting KSI 17875 CNF

    Average price - 46 960 rub.

    Dimensions - 54 × 54.5 × 177.5 cm.

    The only built-in model in the rating of refrigerators of 2017 for the price and quality. Its energy consumption is only 293 kWh / year. You do not have to manually defrost the freezer, thanks to the No Frost system, and the defrosting of the refrigerator is carried out by the drip system. The developers have provided protection from children and the possibility of hanging the doors of the refrigerator. There is a system of superfreezing and instant cooling.

    Disadvantages: total volume is less than the previous model - 260 liters.

    8. LG GA-B489 TGRF

    The price, on the average - 65 170 rbl.

    Perhaps, is the best refrigerator for the design of .And the technical characteristics also did not disappoint:

    • electricity consumption per year -256 kWh;
    • moist freshness zone for greenery and fruit;
    • No Frost-defrosting of refrigerating and freezing chambers;
    • mode "Vacation", which allows you to not disconnect the device when you need to leave a few days or weeks;
    • display;
    • super-frosting mode;
    • noise level - not more than 40 dB.

    The total volume of this model is 335 liters.

    Cons: is a brand name.

    7. LG GA-B489 YAQZ

    The average cost is 42 650 rubles.

    Dimensions - 59.5 × 68.5 × 200 cm

    The quality 360-liter refrigerator consumes only 237 kWh / year. It has a freshness zone for fish and meat, there is a "Holiday" mode, a display and a super-frosting mode. The defrosting of the refrigerating and freezing departments is carried out according to the No Frost system. Has reversible( outweighed) doors, which allows it to adapt to various kitchen designs. Additional plus: runs very quietly .

    The minus: electronic unit is located outside on the roof of the refrigerator, so its real height is 190-195 cm.

    6. Sharp SJ-FP97VBK

    The average cost is 103,800 rubles.

    Dimensions - 89.2 × 77.1 × 183 cm.

    The most capacious and quietest refrigerator ( 37 dB) in the rating of the best refrigerators of 2017.At the same time it has a huge volume of 605 liters, so it is perfect for a large family.


    • freshness zone for fish and meat;
    • defrosting system No Frost;
    • super-frosting mode;
    • LCD display for temperature control;
    • mode "Vacation";
    • protection from children;
    • ice generator.

    Disadvantages: high price and "gluttony" - 560 kWh / year, as a payment for volume.

    5. Liebherr SBS 7212

    It is offered, on average, for 95 700 rubles.

    Dimensions - 120x63x185.2 cm.

    Another super-large refrigerator( 651 liters) in the rating of refrigerators of 2017.From other models differs lateral arrangement of the freezer .The defrost system is drip, the freezer compartment has a sound indication of the open door and a light and sound indication of the temperature rise. Energy consumption is moderate - 461 kWh per year. Of the additional features, we note the presence of superfrost and super-cooling.

    Disadvantages: there is no ice generator, no freshness zone, lighting only in the refrigerator compartment. Well, the price is by no means budgetary.

    4. LG GA-B489 SEQZ

    You can purchase an average of 49,690 rubles.

    Dimensions - 59.5 × 66.8 × 200 cm.

    Reliable and beautiful 335-liter refrigerator with freezer compartment with plenty of shelves, energy consumption 257 kWh / year, wet freshness zone, screen, LED-backlight, childproof and No Frost-defrosting of refrigerating and freezing chambers.

    Disadvantages: slightly flexes the folding shelf.

    3. Liebherr CUag 3311

    You can buy an average of 27,100 rubles.

    Dimensions - 55 × 62.9 × 181.2 cm.

    The third number in the top refrigerators for quality and reliability in 2017 is an elegant model in bright colors.


    • drip defrost system( in the freezer - manual);
    • power consumption - 210 kWh / year;
    • comfortable handle with a pusher for opening the refrigerator;
    • the possibility of hanging the door.

    Cons: small volume - 294 liters.

    2. Biryusa R108CA

    The cost, on the average - 8,965 rubles.

    Dimensions - 48 × 60.5 × 86.5 cm

    The smallest refrigerator in the rating of the most reliable refrigerators. Its total volume is 115 liters and for a small apartment with 1 person( or two, on a diet), such an acquisition is the best option. During the year the device "eats" only 161 kWh. The freezer chamber is manually defrosted, the refrigeration chamber by the drop system. There is a possibility of hanging doors.

    1. BEKO DS 333020

    The average price is 13 420 rubles.

    Dimensions - 60x60x175 cm.

    The best refrigerator according to the reviews of buyers in 2017.There are several reasons for this.

    1. First, the refrigerator is ideal for the price-quality ratio. Its volume is 310 liters, which is just perfect for such a cost.
    2. Secondly, it consumes up to 266 kWh per year.
    3. Third, antibacterial coating is present.
    4. Fourth, the possibility of hanging the door.
    5. Fifth, the refrigerator is made in Russia, so if you are eager to support the domestic manufacturer, then, as they say, and the cards in hand.

    The freezer must be manually defrosted, however the refrigerator compartment has a drip defrosting system.

    There are also disadvantages: flimsy door handles, at the top shelf on the door there is no top cover and there is no inner metal shelf for bottles that is on the photo of this model in the catalog.