Best dates for the wedding in 2017

The wedding day is one of the most significant dates in the life of any person. Confirmation of love vows, the promise of loyalty to each other at the same time mean the beginning of trials in a joint life. Many believe that the appointment of a wedding day on a "good" date can put a solid foundation for family happiness. And, accordingly, the "bad" date can greatly complicate its achievement.

The day when it's better to play the wedding in 2017, you can determine using a variety of methods. As for the year, the future is extremely favorable for weddings, the main thing is to pay special attention to observance of traditions and respectfully treat the parents of the newlyweds. Then the Red Rooster will be supportive of those who marry.


  • 5. Beautiful date for the wedding in 2017
  • 4. Church calendar of weddings
  • 3. Folk wisdom
  • 2. What moves the sun and the luminaries
  • 1. Numerical harmony with their own hands

5. Beautiful date for the wedding in 2017

It's nice when the marriage certificate is a beautiful figure - and it's not about a simple external compatibility with each other, like 07/07/2017 .It is generally believed that the dates are especially favorable for the wedding, where the second figure is one more than the previous one, like 03.04.2017 or 08.09.2017 .

4. Church calendar of weddings

The church calendar rather indicates the dates when you should not get married - on fasting days, on the days of the commemoration of the departed, on Easter and the Trinity. However, in 2017, there are two especially favorable for the wedding day, when newlyweds can try to enlist the support of a couple of saints - Peter and Fevronia of Murom. They became a symbol of family happiness for the Russian church. Their days are on July 8 and Sunday just before September 19 .It is also customary to play weddings for so-called. The Red Hill is the week starting from the first Sunday after Easter. By the way, the date of the wedding and the date of registration in the registry office do not necessarily have to match.

3. Folk wisdom

From time immemorial, superstitions have been passed down from generation to generation, when it costs and when it is not worth marrying and getting married. They say that if you marry in May, you will have to suffer all your life, and April is threatened with constant quarrels and conflicts. If you marry in November, then the family will live in prosperity, but without special tender feelings( although taking into account the crisis, this circumstance does not look so frightening).July will not let you get bored, but it can be both good and painful efforts. And favorable months for the wedding in 2017 are considered to be February, June, August, September and December .

2. What moves the sun and the luminaries

According to astrology, the position of the heavenly bodies has a most direct effect on the fate and well-being of a person, and depending on the phase of the moon it depends whether or not every business started is good or not - especially important as a wedding. According to forecasts, the best dates for the wedding in 2017 are as follows:

  • Winter: in December - 1, 22 and 24;in January - 1, 8 and 29 the number;in February - on the 5th and 10th.
  • Spring: in March - 3, 10 and 31 the number;in April - 2, 10 and 28 number;in May - 1, 7 and 8 number.
  • Summer: in June - 4, 9 and 30 the number;in July - on the 7th, 28th and 30th;in August - 2, 25 and 27 number.
  • Autumn: in September - 3, 4 and 22 the number;in October - 1, 2 and 29 number;in November - 3, 20 and 24 number.

And categorically is not recommended to appoint a wedding day for the days of the lunar eclipse , falling out on February 11 and August 7.

1. Numerical harmony with your own hands

In order to calculate the best day for the wedding in the coming 2017, you need to add all the digits of the planned date, and then, through complex calculations, determine how the resulting number will affect the digital harmony of the bride or groom. And if there is no possibility or desire to consult a specialist-numerologist, a favorable month can be calculated on their own. To do this, add to the number of the month of birth 4, 5, 7, 10 or 11. For example, the bride was born in January, which means that the favorable months for her will be May, June, August, November or December. Especially lucky, if the months of the bride and groom coincide - then this marriage will definitely be made in heaven.