Rating of countries on the level of use of pirated content

Most recently, on June 21, the State Duma approved in the third reading the so-called draft law on combating piracy on the Internet, which caused a wave of the most controversial opinions. The law can enter into force on August 1.

Throughout the world, governments are trying, one way or another, to limit the illegal distribution of content on the global network. However, success has not yet reached almost anywhere. We offer to study the top ten countries rating on the level of use of pirated content , annually submitted by the International Alliance of Intellectual Property( IIPA).


  • 10. Brazil
  • 9. Belarus
  • 8. Russia
  • 7. Indonesia
  • 6. India
  • 5. Costa Rica
  • 4. China
  • 3. Chile
  • 2. Argentina
  • 1. Ukraine

10. Brazil

The authoritiesBrazil chose their own way - here the existence of torrent trackers is quite legal. True, the government plans to introduce a small one-time fee( just under $ 2) for the possibility of using file-sharing networks.

9. Belarus

Two drafts on protection of copyrights in the Internet are being developed in Belarus at once. According to the National Center for Intellectual Property, both anti-piracy laws are still rather crude and do not imply any serious penalties for the illegal distribution of content.

8. Russia

For Russians, free downloading from the Internet is the main way to get acquainted with the latest movies and music. According to the Levada Center research, 19% of Russians regularly download movies, 27% - music, 26% - books. Against the anti-piracy law, 33% of respondents out of 1600 respondents express their opinion.

7. Indonesia

With a low level of copyright protection the country's Pirate Party is called upon to fight. Despite the ambiguous name, the purpose of this organization is precisely the fight against piracy in the global network. So far, however, little progress has been achieved, which is evidenced by Indonesia's membership in the current rating.

6. India

In 2012, the Indian Supreme Court decided to block 104 Internet sites for the illegal distribution of music. True, this did not affect the development of piracy. Owners of file sharing quite successfully and with an enviable regularity "move", changing domains and names.

5. Costa Rica

In this small country is a fairly high level of development of information technology for Central America. And at the same time - the highest level of use of pirated content in the region.

4. China

Inhabitants of the Celestial Empire do not hesitate to download illegal software on the network - about 70% of programs on Chinese computers are pirated copies. The annual losses from copyright infringement are estimated by experts at a minimum of 9 billion US dollars.

3. Chile

All kinds of network technologies are experiencing a period of rapid development in Chile. Simultaneously with undeveloped legislation in the field of copyright protection, this circumstance creates favorable conditions for hundreds of large pirate sites.

2. Argentina

Despite the fact that in the country there are periodic demonstrative trials of "pirates", many Argentine sites offer absolutely free of charge any novelties from the world of cinema, music and software. It is noteworthy that, as in Indonesia, the country has a Pirate Party of Argentina, designed to protect the intellectual property right at the highest level.

1. Ukraine

Ukraine - the absolute leader in the level of use of pirated content .According to experts, even in the government of the country up to 80% of the software used is illegal. Such a disregard for copyright and protection of intellectual property may lead to the imposition of economic sanctions against Ukraine. The country has already been excluded by the United States from the "Generalized System of Preferences" - a program whereby Ukrainian goods are duty-free imported annually to the tune of more than $ 70 million.