"Kings of the state order - 2017" - the largest state orders, the rating Forbes

If last year the state orders market somehow tried to imitate competition, then it was decided not to observe even the appearance of decency. Multibillion orders are distributed directly to little-known companies. But if the Federal Antimonopoly Service is asleep, the Russian Forbes is guarding the cash flows in the country. We present to your attention the rating of the largest state orders of 2017 , compiled by Forbes analysts on the basis of the resource zakupki.gov.ru and databases "Contour. Procurement "and" Outline. Focus".


  • 10. Protek
  • 9. Balttransservis
  • 8. The first cargo company
  • 7. Stroygazmontazh
  • 6. Moscow metrostroy, Transmashholding and Transoil
  • 5. Gennady Timchenko
  • 4. Neftetransservis
  • 3. Stroytransneftegaz
  • 2. VAD
  • 1.NIPI NG "Peaton"

10. Protek

The sum of state orders: 55.6 billion rubles.

Opens the top 10 "kings of the state order" company, which has no relation to roads, to oil, or to transportation of oil on roads. This is the pharmaceutical company Protek, owned by V. Yakunin( Rigla pharmacy network is also his).Last year, the company took almost a fifth of the market for drug sales, and customers served as public health institutions.

9. Balttransservis

The sum of state orders: 57.4 billion rubles.

Two years ago, Ruben Vartanian and his friends bought 40% of Baltransservis, the carrier company. And Rosneft has not left friends with attention and for another five years they will be engaged in cargo transportation for an impressive amount of 143 billion rubles. Of course, without a contest.

8. The first cargo company

The sum of state orders: 89.4 billion rubles.

The "First Freight Company" is one of the largest carrier companies in Russia, part of the international group UCL Holding. Last year, Rosneft issued several orders to it for a total of 87.7 billion rubles for logistics services.

7. Stroygazmontazh

The sum of state orders: 96.9 billion rubles.

The past year was not easy for Arkady Rothenberg, the owner of Stroygazmontazh. If in last year's list of "kings of the state order" he proudly towered over other participants in the rating with a beautiful sum of 555.55 billion rubles, then he had to manage a modest 96.9 billion. But Gazprom still does not leave it and continues to throw bits like a contract for the construction of another gas pipeline of 39.8 billion rubles.

6. Moscow metrostroy, Transmashholding and Transoil

The sum of state orders: 117 billion rubles.

The Moscow government and Kazmetrostroy have not paid attention to the companies belonging to I. Makhmudov and A. Bokarev - they now provide the capital with trams and build the station of the third ring of the metro.

5. Gennady Timchenko

The sum of state orders: 137.7 billion rubles

The fifth place in the ranking of connoisseurs of the state pie is not the company, but the man. Gennady Timchenko has stakes in three companies - Stroytransneftegaz, Transoyle and Stroytransgaz. And although in 2016 Stroytransgaz had to tighten up the belt, since its share in state orders was less than usual, but Transoil successfully compensated for the shortage. Rosneft issued contracts for a total of 68.8 billion rubles to 80% of Timchenko's companies."A competition?" - you ask. What kind of competition?

4. Neftetransservis

The sum of state orders: 147.1 billion rubles.

Neftetransservice has long been involved in transportation and is one of the largest carrier companies on the market."Why trust the transportation to someone else, if by the side of Neftetransservis?"- apparently, they thought at Rosneft and issued several contracts for the transportation of oil cargoes without a tender. The largest of them - in the amount of 119.4 billion rubles.

3. Stroytransneftegaz

The sum of state orders: 153.3 billion rubles.

The exact number of owners of Stroytransneftegaz remains secretly covered in gloom( only about half of those already mentioned in the rating of Timchenko and his relatives are known), but they gain stable profitable gains from Gazprom. That's in the expired in 2016 they were enriched by 153.3 billion rubles, of course, without a tender.

2. WAD

The amount of state orders: 163.2 billion rubles.

Accession of the Crimea for some - not only an object of national pride or a dream of resting on warm sea at reduced prices, but also an excellent opportunity to fill your pockets. So last year ZAO WAD and its owners, Abramov and Perevalov, managed without a competition to get from the government of Crimea a luxury contract for the construction of a route connecting the peninsula with the Russian mainland, for a modest sum of 128 billion rubles.

1. NIPI NG "Peaton"

The sum of state orders: 176 billion rubles.

The first place in the selection of the most profitable state orders for private companies goes to three friends - Mnushkin, Polyakov and Zaitsev. Their companies, NPI NG Peton, managed to get two large contracts at once - for the construction of a natural gas processing plant and for a condensate stabilization plant at the Yamal deposit. This is a great success for the company, whose annual revenue previously amounted to only 2 billion rubles.