Rating of radar detectors 2016: 5 best models by reviews

By habit, more than 50% of car enthusiasts call radar detectors radar. Today, "pure" anti-radar systems, actively suppressing any radiation for which they are set up, are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

If you decide to buy a legal radar detector, then we present you the most popular anti-radars. The rating for 2016 is based on feedback. Here are the top 5 models that earned the most praise for Yandex. Market.

Progress does not stand still, that's why we updated the rating of the best models of radar guns of 2017 on reviews of motorists.


  • 5. Street Storm STR-9900EX GL
  • 4. Prestige 562
  • 3. Sho-Me STR-535
  • 2. Prestige RD-200
  • 1. Prestige RD-301

5. Street Storm STR-9900EX GL

It is worth, on average, 11,890 rubles.

A very powerful and sophisticated radar detector opens our rating. However, because of the high price, not everyone can afford it. Which is better: cheaper, but without special frills or more expensive, but with a large set of options - we suggest to solve the readers. And for now, we'll talk about the capabilities of this model.

  • Supports Ultra-Ka, Ultra-X, Ultra-K, POP, F-POP and Instant-On.
  • There is a pleasant voice notification, and finds cameras at distant approaches.
  • Filters through the digital signal processor DSP.
  • Has modes of City( 3 levels) and Route.
  • Detects radar type "Arrow" and Robot. All other models from this list "catch" only "Arrow".
  • Equipped with GPS, GLONASS.
  • There is a base of fixed radars with the possibility of updating.

Cons: rarely, but there are false positives.

4. Prestige 562

Average price - 5 790 rubles.

The first, but not the last radar detector of Prestige in the rating of the best models of 2016.Which is better for reviews and for the price you see in the first paragraph of this top-5.

Advantages of this model:

  • Modes City / Track.
  • Work in the ranges of K, Ka, X, Ultra-K, Ultra-X.
  • GPS.
  • Upgradable base of fixed radars.
  • Voice notification.
  • USB connection.

Cons: does not name the type of detected radar, small font on the display.

3. Sho-Me STR-535

The average price is 4 190 rubles.

Advantages of the only Sho-Me representative in the range of the 2016 radar detectors:

  • Modes City( 2 levels) and Route with the option of disabling individual
  • bands Support: K, Ka, Ku, Ultra-K, Ultra-X, X andInstant-On.
  • After a couple of loud squeaks, the volume automatically goes down so as not to annoy the owner.
  • Shows the distance to the radar.

Disadvantages: there is no GPS, many false positives in the city.

2. Prestige RD-200

Average price - 4 670 rub.

The best radar detector on reviews, costing up to 5000 rubles with an updated base of cameras. Advantages:

  • availability of GPS,
  • modes "City" and "Route" and support for the ranges K, Ka, Ultra-K, X and Ultra-X.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Satellites finds instantly, but that the motorist does not miss the camera, notifies her of finding her voice.
  • Comes with a mat, a trifle, but nice.

Disadvantages: occasionally freezes, there are false positives on an empty route.

1. Prestige RD-301

Sold on average for - 5 180 rubles.

The next model from Prestige topped the rating of radar detectors in 2016 according to buyers' reviews. What is it good?

  • Presence of GPS and updated base of stationary radars, pleasant sound of the alert, not glaring in the sun the screen.
  • There are modes City / Track, support ranges K, Ka, X, Ultra-K, Ultra-X and the function of setting the maximum speed. The latter will be appreciated by car owners, who are annoyed by the squeak of anti-radar already at 40 km / h.
  • No extra bells and whistles and buttons, everything is extremely functional, convenient and easy to use. The minus is a short wire.