Rating of the best multivaracs of 2014

The life of a person is irreplaceably connected with the art of cooking. However, today, to enjoy the delights of cooking, it is not necessary to resort to the services of a professional chef or have a long cooking experience. Quite enough will be to buy a modern multivarque, which will allow you to prepare high-quality dishes quickly and qualitatively. This type of household appliances is quickly becoming popular. Today we will find out which multivark it is better to buy. We present to you the top rating of the best multivaracs of 2014 .

Table of Contents:

  • 10. Redmond RMC-M4502
  • 9. Redmond RMC-PM4506
  • 8. Redmond RMC-PM4506
  • 7. Oursson MP5015PSD
  • 6. Polaris PMC 0523AD
  • 5. Scarlett IS-MC412S01
  • 4. Redmond RMC-3. Redmond RMC-M4500
  • 2. Polaris PMC 0517AD
  • 1. Marta MT-1963

10. Redmond RMC-M4502

Advantages. The equipment of this multivark is quite extensive: a special container for cooking dishes for a couple, a five-liter bowl, a flat spoon, a measuring cup, a scoop, tongs, a deep-frying basket, a book with 120 recipes.

Among the advantages of the RMC-M4502 - compactness and nice appearance. The cookbook will be useful to those who use the multivark for the first time.

Disadvantages. Failures in programs, poor build quality, lack of pens, inaccurate delayed start and so on.

9. Redmond RMC-PM4506

Advantages. This multivark is good in many respects: the appearance attracts stylish design, besides it has an excellent functionality - combines both multivarku and pressure cooker in one device.

Undoubted advantages include price, excellent design, a cookbook and a long warranty. The main programs include additional useful functions: warming up the cooled dishes, auto-heating, delayed start and sterilization of dishes. It is easy to take care of a multivariate, and the rubberized legs do not allow it to slide.

Disadvantages. There is no power button, no handles at the bowl, the instructions are not exact, there are inconsistencies in the cookbook.

8. Redmond RMC-M60

Advantages. The undeniable advantage of this model is the presence of a viewing window, which allows you to observe the cooking without removing the cover. Also there are such useful functions: "multipump", auto warm-up, delayed start, there is a steam valve, a removable cover, a carrying handle. It is convenient to wash.

Disadvantages. The sight glass fogs up, there is no condensate collector. There is no deep-fried basket - you need to buy separately.

7. Oursson MP5015PSD

Advantages. The multivarker has a good design, excellent build quality, a bowl with high-quality coating and comfortable handles, a sealing ring and a removable cover that allows easy maintenance of the device. The lid material was changed by the manufacturer, it does not burst, in comparison with the previous model. The complete set of the multivark is rich, besides there are many useful functions and modes.

Disadvantages. The inconvenience of checking the readiness - you have to wait, the condensate flows directly onto the dish. The backlighting of the display is bad-figures in the dark are not visible.

6. Polaris PMC 0523AD

Advantages. Multi-mode and multifunctional multivark, it combines several kitchen appliances: a steamer, a bread maker and others. There is a function "Multiple Plus", which allows you to set the temperature and the right time with a sequential transition. Also present: auto-warm-up, delayed start and so on.

Disadvantages. The container is made of flimsy plastic, capable of deforming, There is no shutdown button, a quiet feed signal.

5. Scarlett IS-MC412S01

Advantages. A good combination of quality and price. A decent functional - steamer, bread maker, slow cooker, you can prepare yogurt. There is a program of "multipovar", auto-warm-up, delayed start. The bowl has a good coating.

Disadvantages. No 3D heating, condensate collector, no grip on the cup. There are no signals about the end, the instruction is not informative.

4. Redmond RMC-PM4507

Advantages. There is a pressure cooker mode, "warming up" and "auto warming", you can bake, fry and bake. The multivark has a simple mechanical control, there is a switch button, a removable cover. Acceptable price.

Disadvantages. The function of "auto-warm-up" can not be disabled in advance, it works without limitations, which can lead to dish damage. There is no deferred start.

3. Redmond RMC-M4500

Advantages of the .There is a delayed start function. When using the program "yogurt" automatic heating is not available. A good set of programs covering a wide range of cooking. Simple operation, excellent design, comfortable handle.

Disadvantages of the .In a multivark, a strong frying regimen, the dish can burn, if not look out. Not rubberized slippery legs, fixed cover. There is no program "Multipurpose".

2. Polaris PMC 0517AD

Advantages of the .Comparatively inexpensive multivark, which has great opportunities. Knowingly we gave her 2 place in our rating. Competitors in the same price category simply rest. Bright and informative display, excellent design, carrying handles, touch control. The bowl has an antibacterial ceramic coating. Delayed start, the "multipovar" mode, complete with a book of recipes.

Disadvantages of .The assembly is not very high quality: there are irregularities. Also, the materials are not of the highest quality. The power cord is short, the menu control is not very good.

1. Marta MT-1963

Our rating is headed by the best multivariate for 2014, the Marta MT-1963 .

Advantages of the .Among the merits that put this multivark in first place in the top of 2014 - compactness, good quality assembly, a simple menu. It saves energy. A large number of programs, there is auto-warm-up, postponement of start, sterilization. Also, it is distinguished by its low price and good coverage of the bowl.

Disadvantages of .Relatively long cooks, not rubberized legs, little informative display.