Top 5 advantages of the smartphone Apple iPhone 5s

Smartphone Apple iPhone 5s is not accidentally called an iceberg in the ocean of Android. He deserves special attention for a number of innovations, first introduced by the company on this gadget model. Adherents of high-quality technology Apple know that this version was to lead the sixth line of smartphones from Apple, but due to commercial considerations, the smartphone became the flagship of the fifth model.


  • fingerprint scanner
  • processor
  • 64-bit architecture
  • size Size


fingerprint scanner The main innovations of the new device are a fingerprint scanner with which the user accesses the device and a new Apple A7 processor that significantly improves performancesmartphone operating system.


According to Apple itself, the new processor provides performance comparable to desktop systems and a 40-fold increase in performance compared to previous models. Also announced is a significant increase in graphics performance and support for Open GL technology, which improves the realism of images in gaming applications.

64-bit architecture

Another significant difference between the new model of the smartphone is the 64-bit architecture of the iOS operating system, which allows you to take advantage of all the advantages and reserves of the CPU, complemented by the special M7 chip, whose purpose is to collect information from sensors and sensors. The field of this collected and processed data is supplied for execution to the central and graphic processors, which greatly speeds up the execution of commands.


Despite a significant increase in performance, the dimensions of the new model remained the same as those of the previous device. Virtually indistinguishable and the appearance of the gadget, except for the silver button sensor fingerprint and a dual photodiode flash located on the back of the device.

Design by

Some changes got the design of the packaging of the gadget, becoming more vivid and beautiful. In addition, starting with this model, the company abandoned the usual sales policy of the iPhone on pre-orders, which made fans of the smartphone expect the appearance of the new model for months.

iPhone 5s has already been tested in the telecommunications networks of Russian providers, which showed stable operation of the device with 3G and LTE standard.