Top-7 rules for creating an effective commercial

Promotion of video content is now one of the most pressing problems. Quality commercials are the key to business development.

How to make sure that the commercials work for you? You just need to follow 7 simple rules for creating an effective commercial .

Video will attract the attention of customers if:


  • 1. Only useful information
  • 2. HD and FullHD video quality
  • 3. Visual demonstration of
  • work 4. Infographics
  • 5. Facts only
  • 6. One product - one commercial
  • 7. Use all the promotion channels of

1. Only useful information

Video presentation or video contains the most interesting and useful information and exactly about that product, the site with which the prospective client is looking. Going to your page, he already showed his interest in the product. Accordingly, firms that create commercials should place a minimum of "water" in them - a maximum of useful facts. Do not distract customers with unnecessary information!

2. HD and FullHD video quality

The video has a high quality picture and is loaded without problems. Delays in viewing repel customers from further viewing, and indeed, from the product itself.

3. Visual demonstration of the work of

Advertising rollers should show the product in action, and not just its "wrapper".Particularly effective is the product in 3D animation. This way of visualization is great for the construction or technical industry. Three-dimensional visualization can visually demonstrate the process of building an object. Any product can and should be shown as clearly as possible, more attractive, from all sides.

The INFOMULT studio faced the task of demonstrating the work of the new generation telemetry equipment invented by Axel. We studied all the subtleties of directional drilling, as well as the work of telemetric systems, and sketched it in a presentation.

For greater clarity, the INFOMULT team used live footage in the commercial, thereby showing potential customers what it is about. The presentation is made in the style of Flat - modern, stylish and nothing superfluous. Axel Telemetry Company presented a video at a foreign specialized exhibition.

4. Infographics

Commercials for the Internet should be accompanied by a description, indicating competitive advantages. After all, today in any industry, high competition, so you need to find exactly the "chips" that will distinguish your product from other similar. It is especially effective if the main points are presented in the form of simple and vivid infographics. Professionals working on the creation of your commercial, know how to visually and easily available in the form of schemes and icons to convey important facts to customers.

Stylish and bright infographics was created by the INFOMULT studio for VIVO.This video, due to its design and execution with elements of the popular style liquid motion, has scored over a thousand views on Youtube.


facts only. It is desirable that the information you want to convey to potential buyers is objective and reliable. Bring interesting statistics, compare, provide facts about your industry as a whole. You can emphasize the benefits that your client will receive by cooperating with you.

The most successful example of infographics is presented in a video for the company Vrooki. This is courier delivery service, which declares itself as the fastest and most effective among competitors.

In order to convey to the viewer the advantages of courier service, the INFOMULT video studio had to carefully consider the script and the ways of visualization. The overall style of the video fits perfectly into the company's website.

6. One product - one commercial for

For each of its products, it's better to make individual commercials, rather than to dump everything into one long video, thereby confusing the audience. Overloading video with a large amount of information, you run the risk that advertising will not be as effective as it could be.

7. Use all the promotion channels

Place advertisements not only on your site, but also in social networks and channels like YouTube. This will help attract new visitors to your video content. Track the number of views and analyze the effectiveness of advertising.

To present the promotion of any business without commercials is simply impossible. Professional and experienced people have turned it into art. Video studio INFOMULT makes commercials not only interesting, but also turns them into a universal marketing tool. Such presentations can be used at exhibitions, at negotiations, as well as on websites, while optimizing and decorating the space of the start page.