Rating of watch brands popular in Russia

A large online store of watches SvsTime.ru, provided at the request of our editorial office the data on popular brands among Russian buyers over the past year. Specialists managed to compile the rating of the five best-selling watch brands , popular with the domestic consumer.

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  • Top watch brands of Russia
    • 5. Casio
    • 4. Orient
    • 3. Seiko
    • 2. Fossil
    • 1. East

Top watch brands of Russia

5. Casio

Japanese brand creating the most reliable watches popular in Russia yetfrom the beginning of the eighties, takes the honorable fifth place. Japanese Casio watches can be found on the wrist almost from everyone, from schoolboy to businessman. Popularity is explained not only by stylish design, but also by the relatively low cost of watches and their high reliability and quality. Casio presents a wide range of models that show accessories suitable for any style of clothing - from simple to expensive.

By the way, under the image of "a stylish beggar at a cost of 10.000 dollars" is also easy to pick up a couple of models. For example, the latest development of the brand is Mudmaster. This watch can be played in mud, sand and other unpleasant substances. In doing so, they will perfectly show the time, pressure, direction and height on which you are, excepting, the depth of the social bottom, which you can get to, but the depth of the seabed is easy.

4. Orient

King of offices and business negotiations Orient takes the honorable fourth place. Do you want something very classic and very modern, something as stylish and strict as the last suit of James Bond? Buy accessories of this brand. Any. The main feature of Orient in his unisexuality. Women can freely wear male models and look like this in a trend. The brand is the delight of perfectionists and, according to the wicked, the bore. Minimal details, maximum mood, thanks to clean lines and consistent shape can not but attract attention.

By the way, accessories of this brand name are perfect for a gift for the New Year to men who have everything - fathers, bosses and beloved men.

3. Seiko

The versatility of Seiko has long been a byword. Do you remember those nasty alarm clocks that took the soul out of us in the morning with the hellish "Pip-pip-pip"?This is not the product of Satan. This is Seiko. The external watches of this brand are characterized by a laconic and at the same time memorable design in kazhual-style, taking into account all the latest trends.

This watch will appeal to both the retired and the beginning officer. Also Seiko accessories pleases consumers with high reliability, simplicity and low cost.

2. Fossil

The second place is by right the American brand Fossil. Accessories of this brand give the hottest trends and the most vivid emotions. Fossil creates a watch that combines a retro-mood, amazing freshness and dynamism. The accessory of this brand is perfectly combined with jeans, dresses, business suits and even a complete lack of clothing.

As the lovers of this brand say, it does not matter what you are or where you are, while you're on Fossil, you can do whatever you want, and at the same time continue to look cool. It remains only to envy this conviction and to acquire for themselves and their loved ones a couple of accessories from this brand.

1. East

Your great-grandfather wore a wrist watch and it was an accessory from the brand "East".And your grandfather. And your father. And you will wear the "East".Accessories of this brand are the most sold in Russia, according to the collected data. I would like to think that one day the "East" will enter the rating of watch brands of the world. Many people say that the whole thing is patriotic, but they are mistaken. Simply because it is not only Russian, but also stylish, and high-quality, and comfortable watches.

This is a watch in which you can go to the intelligence service, on a date, on your own wedding or divorce. And in any situation you will feel confident, because you will have the "East".