The most read books of 2016, a list of interesting books

Reading is one of the most useful and enjoyable activities. The book is not a shame to present to family and friends and colleagues for the New Year and other holidays. The book will tell about life and take it to a fantastically interesting world and will not cause any dependence or headache the next morning. There is still a little bit - to choose which book is worth reading. The rating of the most read books of 2016 will help you in this. The list is based on the results of a study conducted by Amazon - one of the largest book suppliers in the world.

The main criterion for getting into the top 20 was the user feedback left on the Amazon forum.


  • 20. The Hobbit, John R.R.Tolkien
  • 19. "The Secret of My Husband", Liana Moriarty
  • 18. "Elligent", Veronica Mouth
  • 17. "Boys in a Boat", Daniel James Brown
  • 16. "Book Thief", Markus Zuzak
  • 15. "Platans"John Grisham
  • 14. "The Train of the Orphans", Christina Baker Kline
  • 13. "Inferno", Dan Brown
  • 12. "The Fire Cross", Diane Galbdon
  • 11. "Divergent", Veronica Mouth
  • 10. "All the Light Invisible to Us", Anthony Dorr
  • 9. "Goldfinch", Donna Tart
  • 8. "Nightingale", Christine Hannah
  • 7. "Unshaken", Lauren Hillenbrand
  • 6. "The Martian", Andy Weir
  • 5. "The Blame for the Stars, John Green
  • 4. "Disappeared," Gillian Flynn
  • 3. "Girl on the Train," Paul Hawkins
  • 2. "Hunger Games," Susan Collins
  • 1. "Fifty Shades of Gray," Erica L. James

20. "The Hobbit", John R.R.Tolkien

A great story about the little, brave hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Fantasy is very easy to read and will certainly prompt you to read Tolkien's other books. For those who do not have time to read, The Guardian made a rating of the best adaptations of books in 2016, where the Hobbit entered the 9th place.

19. "The Secret of My Husband", Liana Moriarty

"Emotional and skillfully created novel with an emphasis on the complexity of relationships, secrets, forgiveness, trust and love," as one of the reviewers of Amazon put it.

18. "Elligent", Veronica Roth

What should be interesting books for teenagers? Such that you can immediately imagine yourself in the place of the main character or heroine. In this regard, "Divergent" is an ideal reading for girls, because it is so easy for them to imagine themselves a 16-year-old clever and beautiful, on whom the fate of the world depends.

17. "Boys in a Boat", Daniel James Brown

This story about the crew of oarsmen who won gold in the 1936 Olympics gives an empirical look at athletes in a difficult time of social, economic and political storms.

16. "Book Thief", Markus Zuzak

In the center of events - nine-year-old Liesel Meininger, who lives in Germany in 1939.Her adoptive parents teach Lizelle to read, and books become the main outlet in the child's difficult life. The very narrative of Lysel is from the person of Death, who( in the novel he is masculine) often comments on the events in the book.

15. "Platans", John Grisham

After the death of millionaire Seth Hubbard, lawyer Jake Brygens receives a letter with the will of the deceased. He enters into a tense litigation, during which details of the city's dark history are revealed.

14. "Train of orphans", Christina Baker Kline

It is one of the most interesting books based on real events."Orphan trains" in the 19th and early 20th centuries transported homeless children and orphans from the New York slums to the west of the country, where they were given foster parents. In one of these trains the main heroine rides.

13. Inferno, Dan Brown

The Inferno storyline is intertwined with Dante's Divine Comedy, although it is happening in Florence in the 21st century.

12. The Fire Cross, Diana Galbdon

A good book is not for the faint-hearted, as the author touches upon themes of a violent and sexual nature. Included in the series of love-fiction novels "The Stranger".

11. "Divergent", Veronica Roth

Romance, adventure, bold heroine, mysterious and despotic world where all people are divided into 5 fractions depending on the dominant quality. Here are the ingredients for the success of one of the most read books in the world.

10. "All the light that is invisible to us," Anthony Dorr

If you are interested in stories related to World War II, then "All the light invisible to us" is necessarily included in the best books that are worth reading. The plot is connected with a blind French girl and a German boy who are trying to arrange their life in time of war.

9. "Goldfinch", Donna Tart

This book is a laureate of many awards, including Pulitzerovskaya( for 2014).The protagonist Theo Decker must, by the order of the dying old man, endure a rare picture of "Goldfinch" and a ring from the museum.

8. "Nightingale", Christine Hannah

The eighth position is occupied by a book combining family relations, military drama and the desperate courage of a girl who ventured to go to the French Resistance.

7. "Unshaken", Lauren Hillenbrand

The story of the survival of the crew of an airplane crashing into the Pacific Ocean. For 47 days, three crew members roamed on life rafts, without provisions.

6. "The Martian", Andy Weir

The sixth number is a science fiction story, from which you will learn how to grow potatoes on Mars, what to do for long cold Martian evenings and whether the astronaut Mark Watney will return for his companions.

5. "The stars are to blame," John Green

Teenagers Hazel and Augustus, dying from severe illness, are not going to give up. They are not afraid of death, but of losing each other.

4. "Disappeared," Gillian Flynn

The plot of this detective thriller to the last page will not give you an answer to the question: is Nick Dunn guilty in the disappearance of his wife Amy, or all this genius played by the insidious woman play.

3. "Girl on the train," Paul Hawkins

Every day is not too happy Rachel Watson goes to London and sees from the train window happy husbands Jess and Jason. But once an ideal wife, Jess kisses another man, and the next day mysteriously disappears. And Rachel is associated with the disappearance.

2. "Hunger Games", Susan Collins

"In this trilogy, the most exciting books", "impossible to come off" - that's just a tiny part of the readers' feedback."Hunger Games" are designed primarily for a teenage audience, for older people the plot may seem too full of emotions of the main character.

1. "Fifty shades of gray", Eric L. James

The first place is the book story of Anastacia and Christian, which the readers liked much more than the film, based on the work of the work. T.L.Barton, the reviewer of Amazon, wrote that the characters of the popular book "are so realistic that they seem to become your friends or family, and not the fictitious people that you read about."