Rating of the best e-books of 2012

The number of fans of e-books is growing day by day, despite the huge number of models of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices suitable for reading. Unlike the display of a computer or smartphone, readers based on the technology of electronic ink( E-Ink) can create a complete illusion of "reading from the sheet."

In our today Rating of the best e-books of 2012 includes 10 devices of different price categories.

Among the presented reliable and high-quality devices, it is easy to choose what will best suit the needs of each particular reader.

By the way, we released an updated rating of e-books in 2017.


  • 10. PocketBook 360 Plus.
  • 9. ONYX BOOX i62ML Aurora.
  • 8. Amazon Kindle Touch 3G.
  • 7. PocketBook 613 Basic New.
  • 6. Nook The Simple Touch Reader.
  • 5. Pocketbook Touch.
  • 4. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.
  • 3. Pocketbook Pro 912.
  • 2. Amazon Kindle 5.
  • 1. Sony PRS-T2.

10. PocketBook 360 Plus.

The price of this compact E Ink-reader is about 4 thousand rubles. The book supports most popular formats, has an anti-glare screen. In the market there is also a new version with the prefix "Plus New", differences in the power of the processor, which is a couple of hundred megahertz faster than its predecessor.

9. ONYX BOOX i62ML Aurora.

Reader with backlight has a touch screen E-Ink Pearl, a wi-fi module and supports many formats. One of the first readers in the domestic market with highlights is not cheap - about 9 thousand rubles.

8. Amazon Kindle Touch 3G.

The price of the reader is about 7 thousand rubles. The device has wi-fi and 3G modules, 6-inch touch screen E-Ink Pearl, supports most popular formats. It also offers a "younger" model that does not have 3G and costs a half thousand less.

7. PocketBook 613 Basic New.

For about 4500 rubles, the owner receives a reader with a 6-inch non-touch screen, pre-installed dictionaries and support for multiple formats.

6. Nook The Simple Touch Reader.

6-inch touch screen reader experts consider one of the best for today. Technology E-Ink Pearl, anti-glare effect and high contrast can create a complete illusion of paper sheet. If you do not use the wi-fi module, then the battery will last for 2 months of battery life. The cost of the reader is about 4 thousand rubles, the backlit model costs 1500 rubles more.

5. Pocketbook Touch.

This 6-inch touch screen reader is equipped with E-Ink Pearl technology. The price of the book is just above 6,000 rubles. The model has built-in dictionaries, wi-fi module and supports most known formats.

4. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

The price of the reader is about 7 thousand rubles. The book has a 6-inch touch screen E-Ink and a wi-fi module. The prefix "Paperwhite" in the name of the device is not accidental - the clarity of reproduction, contrast and comfort of reading is really high.

3. Pocketbook Pro 912.

The most "fancy" reader from Pocketbook costs about 9 thousand rubles. For this money, the buyer receives a 9.7-inch touch E-Ink screen, support for most formats, and 44 vocabulary ABBYY Lingvo. The book can even read books aloud, though, the diction is rather peculiar.

2. Amazon Kindle 5.

The updated model of 2012, unfortunately, is not officially supplied to Russia. This circumstance does not allow the reader to become the best electronic book of 2012.Otherwise, all the characteristics at altitude: E-Ink Pearl screen, clear interface, no glitches and hangs, very affordable price around 110 US dollars.

1. Sony PRS-T2.

The best e-book of 2012 is a model that replaced the leader of the 2011 rating Sony PRS-T1.The cost of the reader from Sony is about 6 thousand rubles. Among the advantages of the device - the weight of only 164 g, Android OS, 6-inch touch screen, support for Wi-Fi and 7 recognizable formats.