The most common "bed" male errors

The vast majority of men even can not imagine that, perhaps, in bed they are not so ideal. Often they do not want to know this - how, it's such a painful blow to the gentle male vanity! And the woman, afraid to upset her beloved, brings all her complaints to girl's meetings with her friends. This can be avoided by being honest with yourself, just thinking and remembering if it's not natural for you to admit the most common male errors in the bed to .


  • 1. Lack of foreplay
  • 2. Strongly hurry
  • 3. Disclose your desires
  • immediately 4. Leave woman right after sex
  • 5. Think only about your own satisfaction with

1. Lack of foreplay

Of course, it also happens that a kind ofThe prelude is also a strong excitement, which for a long time does not find a way out: for example, you are at a party with friends and do not have the opportunity to retire, and on arrival you just pounce on each other, avoiding the prelude. But this is not always the case, and on other days the prelude is extremely important for a woman, makes her feel that she is loved, and only enhances her sexual appetite. Prelude - the same part of sex, and with it you can extend the sex game.

2. Strongly hurry

Often during the process a man is forgotten and rushes headlong to the finish. However, women more appreciate the confidence and lack of haste. Slow pace warms her desire even more, in addition, allows you to focus on the sensations and thus get more pleasure not only herself, but also to deliver it to you.

3. Disclose your desires

immediately If with your chosen one you are not so long together, then to expand the circle of your sexual chips better gradually. A woman, especially entering into a new relationship after a break, is difficult to get used to a new man, she needs to systematically, without haste, prepare, "accustom" to herself. If everything happens too quickly, the woman will lose interest. About any innovation in your sex life should be mentioned as if by the way, as if this is not your idea. The main thing is not to overtax, a woman can lose patience, but not too much to rush things and not to exert pressure on her - this will only scare her away.

4. Leaving a woman right after sex

Having finished this unconditionally pleasant process, do not rush to put on panties and get out of bed. The girl gets the impression that she was just used and not so loved. And she just wants a satisfied kitty to curl up beside you, with her head on her shoulder, lie down, feeling your warmth, talk. Therefore, it would be good to have a time reserve of 15-20 minutes for this. This will allow a woman to feel loved. It is also very bad if you prefer to turn right back to the wall right after sex and snore.

5. Think only about your own satisfaction

Getting a man a good orgasm does not guarantee the pleasure of his partner. Do not be a sexual egoist and forget that the pleasure of sex must be mutual. The more pleasant the woman is in bed, the more she will strive to please her lover.

Remember that the main ingredient of unforgettable sex is love. Generously give love and pleasure to your chosen one, and she will certainly make you the happiest man in the world!