Top 10 best beaches in Odessa

There are absolutely different beaches on the Odessa coast. Therefore, many holidaymakers, especially those who come to Odessa for the first time, do not know which beach to choose: with pebbles, sand or concrete slabs, closer to home or further, which is better, public, private or wild, expensive, cheap or free?

Aggregator LUNAua prepared TOP-10 of the best beaches in Odessa , so that potential vacationers could find their accommodation in a more convenient way:


  • Arcadia
  • Otrada
  • Langeron
  • Dolphin
  • Luzanovka
  • Seagull
  • Spa
  • Gold Coast
  • Chkalovsky
  • Black Sea


One of the most equipped beaches of Odessa. But at the same time it is a pretty tight resort area. Although there is a lot of entertainment for both children and adults. A gentle descent leads to the sea. The beach is mostly sandy. In the evening "Arcadia" is full of nightlife, as there are many clubs on the territory.


Favorite Odessa beach of youth, which is distinguished by a large number of attractions. Here for a fee you can use a shower, an umbrella, a chaise longue, a toilet. This is the only place in the city where there is a cable car.


This beach was opened by one of the first in Odessa. He was named for the honor of the Count, whose dacha was located here in the 19th century. The beach area is clean and well-maintained. Here is the dolphinarium, where every day, except Monday, there are performances.


This is the most convenient beach for holidaymakers with children, because in the sea a safe area is enclosed by buoys. On the shore there are free swings, locker rooms and showers. You can pay for a scooter or a banana.


Private beach complex, the territory of which is equipped with everything necessary for recreation.


The name refers to the shape of the beach, which resembles this bird. Odessa prefer this beach, because it is easy to get to. Here is a good park area, developed infrastructure, gentle descent to the water. There is an equipped resting place for the disabled.


Beach lovers are mostly resting here, so families with children should choose a different beach. Along the coast lined with restaurants, cafes, mini-trays.

Gold Coast

Recently on this beach a mini-quay with a length of 200 m was opened. There are many restaurants and cafes, but there are no showers.


The name of the beach is borrowed from the nearest sanatorium. There is no special beach infrastructure, but the rest of the territory is absolutely free. Therefore, "Chkalovsky" is often called a student beach because of the large number of young people who prefer a budget vacation.

Black Sea

Almost the most remote beach from the city center, therefore not the most popular. It is located not in the water area of ​​the Odessa Gulf, but on the shore of the high sea. An excellent choice for lovers of privacy.