Top 5 Best Budget Cameras

It's no secret that a high-quality camera is a guarantee of successful and simply stunning photos. The correct choice of the necessary apparatus sometimes becomes a real torture: the ratio of quality, price, functions - all this extremely worries the consumer. And in order to help the buyer determine what is still better to buy, we will provide this rating, which is compiled from reviews of consumers and collected from the entire Runet.


  • So, the first place should be given incomparable and stylish Nikon Coolpix L120.
  • The second place was deservedly occupied by Nikon D3100 Kit.
  • Closes the top three Canon EOS 600D Kit.
  • The fourth place is the Canon EOS 1100D Kit.
  • The fifth place - again at Nikon.

So, first place should be given incomparable and stylish Nikon Coolpix L120.

With it, any photosession is not terrible, and the pictures turn into a real work of art, which will be hard to find analogs. This camera is useful as professionals who certainly know a lot about the art of a beautiful portrait or landscape, and those who proudly call their level "beginner".A small weight, a democratic price, ease of use and a pleasant appearance - all this can not but attract attention.

The second place was deservedly occupied by Nikon D3100 Kit.

Excellent mirror viewfinder, excellent shooting speed( 3 frames per second), a number of distinctive features "in the load" to the consumer( and RAW support, and manual balance setting, and much more), leaves the remaining digital cameras with lines below. It is impossible not to say and about the impressive and solid appearance of this camera. Power and style give confidence, and the ability and quality of the images actually make it possible to place the Nikon D3100 Kit on the second place in the rating.

Closes the top three Canon EOS 600D Kit.

He is somewhat inferior to his rivals, but, nevertheless, he deservedly occupies the third leader position. Mirror( like the candidate in the second place), the viewfinder will allow the user to capture the most incredible shots, high photosensitivity will bring the zest of each photo will retain natural impressions, and an additional set of options will be pleased to please.

Fourth place Canon EOS 1100D Kit.

The specular viewfinder is in no way inferior to that of all other Canon cameras. True, of course, the fourth place went to the apparatus for a somewhat lower "ability."For example, the resolution of the Martian is no longer 18.7 megapixels( like the Canon EOS 600D Kit), but only 12.6 megapixels, and the maximum video resolution will be smaller. But in general, we can say that this device - just a godsend for a beginner. Ease of use, affordable price, light weight at first will become exactly what needs for the beginning photographer .And the impressive appearance of the camera will add confidence in yourself and your own creations.

Fifth place - again at Nikon.

This is the Nikon D5100 Kit. The camera, as they say, what you need. Everything in it is there, and everything in it is so perfect that it's time to bring the quality of cameras to the rating. True, a set of options and opportunities, according to consumers, allows you to place it only in fifth place. With this, you can not agree, because the functional of this device is not at all lower than the previous unit.