Ranking of the best cast iron pans Grill: how to choose a gas stove, which is better than different from the usual

When you want to prepare a special meal, not beaten and useful way, raises the question of how to choose a pan-grill. Before buying it is necessary to understand the specifics of the products offered in the market from different manufacturers. If you make the right choice, crockery and long lasting and reliable.

Before choose a pan grill, it is necessary to examine the structural features.


  • 1 What distinguishes the pan-grill from the usual
  • 2 Features cast iron pans Grill
  • 3 What pan-grill better depending on the material
    • 3.1 Cast iron
    • 3.2 aluminum
    • 3.3 Non-stick coating
  • 4 What pan-grill better shape
    • 4.1 square
    • 4.2 round
  • 5 How to choose a good pan grilled under a certain type of plate
    • 5.1 Gas stove
    • 5.2 ceramic hob
    • 5.3 Induction cooker
  • 6 Ranking of the best manufacturers of frying grill iron
    • 6.1 KitchenAid
    • 6.2 swiss Diamond
    • 6.3 Biol
    • 6.4 Horwood
    • 6.5 Mayer & Boch
    • 6.6 Seaton
    • 6.7 Lodge
    • 6.8 Gipfel
  • 7 VIDEO: How to cook in a pan grill.

What distinguishes the pan-grill from the usual

Outwardly, both versions have much in common, but usually pan is flat-bottomed, with no irregularities. But the grill is made with a smooth inner surface. This idea was introduced to the juice produced by heating the food, did not flow down and are absorbed into the food, and evaporates without forming harmful carcinogens.

Ribbed, like the grille grilled perfectly seals the bottom of the product juice, achieves crisp, without drying food.

This method makes it possible to reduce the caloric content, at least by half, like people sitting on a diet, followed for the amount of fat in the body. For such dishes do not need a lot of oil, it can be slightly spread for insurance, it does not affect the physical form.

Features cast iron pans Grill

Cast iron product differs from the embodiment of the aluminum, as the material has different properties:

  • heat capacity - it keeps the temperature for a long time;
  • resistance to excessive heat, which allows the dish to cook faster, less to keep it on the stove;
  • It makes beautiful stripes on the meat, vegetables, making them appetizing appearance.

High side more likely to retain and distribute heat, creating the effect of a "like an oven."

However, always noted the severity of such pans, because if they choose them, with the knowledge of such a feature. Sometimes fragile hostesses correct and appropriate to buy a smaller diameter, or other grilled stuff.

All these pans have a nonstick coating that allows you to use a minimum of oil.

Note! If there is no clear understanding of what will be hot conditions, the type of plate, hot plates size, it is not necessary to choose more options. They rarely casual approach, but the small and medium diameters become optimal.

What pan-grill better depending on the material

When buying often a dilemma what to choose: cast iron or aluminum. This is a standard question, but the answer depends on the hostess's intentions. If you want to buy the product for cooking steaks professional level or chicken breast, you should look at the cast iron. But aluminum is usually necessary to reduce the total calories, and it is not far behind as roasting.

Deciding to make the house a miracle-assistant, will be faced with a considerable range.

Cast iron

If this material is made grill pan, which is better than roast thoroughly and bring to readiness quickly, you should keep in mind the time required for calcining the surface. In sum, the duration of the cooking time will increase, but the result is indistinguishable from that obtained on aluminum.

Neither fire nor oil will not spoil a good cast-iron frying pan grill.


If the firm is characterized conscientious attitude to manufacturing products, it will take care of durability, reliability of aluminum products. Sometimes it is necessary to use alloys or multiple layers for the strength, further consider the non-stick coating. A good pan of this stuff to choose a little harder than iron, but the range and offers high-quality samples.

Aluminum grill pan is lightweight.

Non-stick coating

This option should be carefully choose, as the raised surface requires a special coating composition to it soon not crumbled and cracked. It should also focus on the manufacturer, it is better, if it's not China, though some specimens showed positive in practice.

Teflon does not tolerate too high temperatures, above 200 degrees.

Because, with a frying pan grill better iron or aluminum - choose only the consumer, based on their needs and usage. Much depends on the products of their processing method, and personal preference of the owner.

What pan-grill better shape

When a customer comes to the supermarket or watching online catalog, you see that the range includes the ability to purchase, both round and square dishes for the grill. At first glance it is not clear what is the basis to find exactly what you need. In this case, it helps small reminder.

Choose the form of pans you need based on the objectives and composition of the family.


It is commonly used to accommodate four or six portions on one surface. Chunks of meat or sausage then equally easy and par fried, they may be prepared in the gas hob or oven. But they are often very large in size, means more weight.

The model is suitable for lovers of the culinary diversity and extended family.


This form is intended for electric cookers, and size - under the hotplate diameter. This option is less capacious, and the company more than three people usually have to roast the meat for two or more approaches.

Round - will heat more evenly, but at a not so many products.

How to choose a good pan grilled under a certain type of plate

In each house its own type of plate, and it is necessary to consider in the selection of the frying pan for the grill. After heating the area and shape are important, it directly affects the quality of products in the roasting pan.

Gas stove

Since the gas burner is directed fire, you need to understand what the diameter of the pans used. But the form of worry is not necessary - only access the heat source to all corners. Although it is usual for all buy option, sometimes pyatikonforochnoy rectangular plate can accommodate tableware.

Any model is acceptable for gas cookers, regardless of shape and material.

ceramic hob

Ceramic tiles, in fact, similar to the electric stove, as there is a circular heating area. We should choose a pan shape and diameter of the plate according to the parameters. But usually avoid iron, so as not to scratch the glass surface, because treatment is sometimes not quite smooth, plus the need to close contact for better heating.

Glass-ceramic plate hotter conventional, so they must be chosen with the pan bottom at least 3 mm thick.

Induction cooker

Feature induction type in need of specialized utensils, you must make sure that pans have a thick bottom and a special icon for a tile.

Utensils must have ferromagnetic properties - otherwise the heat will not occur at all.

Ranking of the best manufacturers of frying grill iron

A rating always simplifies the search problem, it is helpful to know what choice do other buyers. If we understand that people become generally easier to identify with what is really needed in a particular case.


The US company, which produces a lot of tools, kitchen appliances, including equipment and devices for cooking. The organization focuses on the functionality and style, because they need to maintain their image to the buyer.

Following the trend of the time, each manufacturer of dishes sure to put into the product range and a pan grill.

One of the common proposals - a pan-grill and panini press (KCI) in black, white and red. This product is related to the price range is above average.

swiss Diamond

The well-known Swiss firm, has won many international awards. Its principles are built on the refined technique of making dishes and other products. The manufacturer strives to make the pan-grilled reliable, developed non-stick coating with diamond particles in the composition. This provides a long durability and multilayered aluminum housing - ease ware and heat conductivity.

They may differ in color and diameter.


Ukrainian organization that produces many varieties of dishes and kitchen utensils. This producer is focused on the consumer in need of high-quality and relatively inexpensive items. Pans for grilling and other purposes has long been popular among the population, because it is available for the money, and buying is long. One of my favorite lines is called the firm Titanal, you can purchase a kit to complement the kitchen interior.

Most often, these pans are suitable for many types of plates.


The British company involved in the supply of dishes and utensils for the kitchen than a dozen years. The history of its origin rooted in the past century, because the experience and analysis of market changes in the organization of many. They provide customers the opportunity to use the products of well-known and trusted brands.

Horwood works not only with European countries, but also with the United States, Australia.

Mayer & Boch

This is the official online store, created recently, but had time to win the trust of many customers. It provides product and other brands: Loraine (all for a perfect meal), Zimber (small household appliances). Consumers are attracted reasonable prices, a wide range of products and the convenience of delivery.

The company focuses not only on the basic needs of customers, but also to mainstream commodity - popular colors, decor trends.


This research and production enterprise in the river, engaged in the development and creation of cast iron cookware, in a long list of more than 150 positions, and includes a grill pan. Its mission - to produce items having a matte black color, does not lose appearance and smoothness after exposure to acids released from the heating of food.

In this cast iron has additional coatings.


The American company, originating in the 19th century, still producing cast iron products. Secret technology enables them to create pans retain heat for a long time, due to the porous structure. This gives food for longer languish and gain flavor, palatability.

Often the models are equipped with a cover that does not happen each manufacturer.


Official online store, which sells a variety of dishes from the multilayer alloy. Cast iron pan grilled sold quickly, as products are unique design, reliability and functionality. Manufacturer confident that good cookware directly affects the taste of food cooked in it, because only sells high-quality goods.

Often the difference in the non-stick coating - it can be a three-layer or ceramic.

Thus, high-quality pan-grill in the kitchen can not be replaced, because with proper selection of the cooking process will be fun, and the food will be indescribable pleasure. But it needs to choose the right dishes, not to forget the material, shape and height of the bands at the bottom. To do this, try just once, then forget about buying a frying pan, grill for another few years.

VIDEO: How to cook in a pan grill.