Top 5 useful tips for writing sales texts

Today, all the copywriters are "able" to write the selling text. Yes, and advice on the correct writing of such texts is full of the Internet."Guru Copywriting" come up with more and more brilliant strategies, how you can attract customers with words. However, the effectiveness indicators of such advice are very sad, especially for those who have already paid for the "miracle texts", in the hope of unprecedented traffic and the influx of new customers.

The result of cooperation with such masters of the pen is time, money and no result. The thing is that whatever tricks the "copywriting masters" invented without observing the five simple rules to create high-quality content is simply impossible.

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  • 1. Know your
  • 2. Show the
  • client problem 3. Point to the
  • error 4. Share your
  • history5. Say what to do
    • Conclusion

1. Know your customer

No special tricks and "selling words" will help the text to turn words into clients if it is not read by your target audience. The text should be specifically addressed to who should become your client. If you are an Internet business, then the text should have an appeal to entrepreneurs who do business on the Internet, for example: "Do you do Internet business? Find out now how to double the number of regular customers in a month! ".

2. Show customer problem

First of all, a client comes to you for the reason that he has a problem with which he can not cope on his own, or he wants to realize his desire, and for this he needs your help. From this it follows that your text should affect the client's feelings. For example: "How to hunt in winter cold, soak up the bright sun! We have good news for you! Hot tours to Cyprus for the hot weekend! ".

3. Point to the error

When does a person usually seek help in solving a problem? Correctly! When he can not solve the problem of spam! Show that you know why the problem does not go away, and what exactly the potential customer does is not right, and you will win the trust. The main thing is not to point out the mistake accurately and without aggression.

4. Share your story

The human essence is that we are used to not trusting empty words, we need proof. A history with real names raises more confidence even than official results of scientific research. So include in the text a story in which you tell how you worked on creating a service. Encourage the impression of other people who liked your product or service with a story.

5. Say what to do

Here it is, the final chord in a masterpiece called selling text! At this stage, the client is almost all yours, it only remains to add only two strokes that will help him to click on the "Buy" or "Order" button: justify the price and give a guarantee.
No secrets, as you can see, no! From the selling text you are separated only five simple steps.


In order for the selling text to work, you need to think like a client and solve the problems facing it. In addition, such content should be placed in the most appropriate place on the site page. If you are not comfortable with the current placement, contact the studio and you will be helped to change the layout of the pages, or offer interesting variants of redesign.