Rating of winter stud tires 2016-2017 R16 SUV( + Test)

R16 tires - one of the most popular sizes in the Russian market, because this size is calculated drives of many small and medium crossovers and SUVs.

Previously, the current ratings of the best winter tires R14 and R15 were compiled.


  • Test of studded winter tires for crossover
  • Rating of winter tires 2016-2017 for crossovers
    • 10. Matador MP 50 Sibir Ice SUV
    • 9. Dunlop Grandtrek Ice02
    • 8. Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Arctic
    • 7. Continental Conti4x4IceContact
    • 6.Gislaved NordFrost 100
    • 5. Gislaved NordFrost 100 SUV
    • 4. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV
    • 3. Continental ContiIceContact
    • 2. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV
    • 1. Nokian Nordman 5 SUV

Test studded winter tires for SUV

Editorial Board "driving"chose the most popular 215 / 65R16 SUV tires and tested them on the Renault-Daster crossover. Tests( acceleration-braking, passableness on deep snow, etc.) were carried out on the range of AVTOVAZ, in severe weather conditions, when frosts stood at 30 degrees.

The winter tires rating 2016-2017 for the crossovers

( several parameters were taken into account when compiling it: the popularity of models, the ratio of negative and positive reviews and the cost per tire).

10. Matador MP 50 Sibir Ice SUV

The average price is 4 601 rubles.

The main advantage of this SUV R16 is the price. At the same time, the tires differ in good handling, the tires are sufficiently hardy, the studs have a strong fixation, it is well suited for driving and around the city and behaves satisfactorily in difficult conditions. Cons: very soft rubber and thin sidewall.

9. Dunlop Grandtrek Ice02

Average price - 4 440 rub.

Good for both asphalt, and for snow and ice - confident braking, a confident start. Spikes sit securely. Excellent option for snowy roads and icy roads. At the same noise on the asphalt does not go beyond the usual for studded tires.

8. Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Arctic

Average price - 5 280 rub.

According to the results of the winter tire test R16 of the magazine "Behind the wheel", this model received an honorable second place. She has an excellent grip on the ice and is just amazingly pat on the deep snow. However, there are disadvantages. The main and the main one is a weak sidewall, so it will be necessary to drive very carefully - after all, such a tire is easy to damage on potholes. And the movement of the car on these tires is accompanied by a strong buzz.

7. Continental Conti4x4IceContact

Average price - 7,965 rubles.

The strengths of this model are excellent performance on ice and snow and super-reliable fixation of spikes. However, the car on such rubber does not like dry asphalt and deep drifts.

6. Gislaved NordFrost 100

Average price - 7 740 rubles.

One of the best winter tires for crossovers intended for urban driving. They feature low noise, excellent grip on dry and wet asphalt. For suburban trips, they will do worse - the quality of riding in the snow( both loose and compacted) and the ice is not very high.

5. Gislaved NordFrost 100 SUV

Average price - 6 579 rub.

Designed for city driving( excellent braking on asphalt, both dry and wet), are characterized by good handling and a clear course under almost all conditions. However, the characteristics on the ice and in the snow are quite modest.

4. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV

Average price - 6 933 rub.

According to the results of winter tires tests SUV magazine "Behind the wheel" is the best winter studded tire on the Russian market in 2016-2017.Excellent grip on ice and snow and high permeability are irreplaceable when driving in winter. Alas, excellent qualities in difficult conditions turn out average at city driving;at Hakkapeliitta 8 on dry asphalt enough average braking properties. The second negative - a high price.

3. Continental ContiIceContact

Average price - 8 570 rub.

The third place in the winter tire rating for the crossover 2016-2017 is taken by Continental ContiIceContact. She is the most expensive of all the top 10.When choosing, it should be taken into account that there are three versions of the model - HD, BD and BD2.And they have different characteristics.

  • BD2 is designed for sports driving in difficult conditions( it has the most spikes, the spikes themselves are longer, so it's noisier).
  • BD has already been discontinued.
  • HD is more like a city bus with rare trips outside the city, when the weather conditions are good. It has fewer thorns, it is less noisy than the previous species, and behaves well on asphalt and roads with icing. But in the snow, especially friable, it's worse.

2. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV

Average price - 9 603 rub.

Finns know a lot about winter driving. Therefore, the second in the rating of winter stud tires suv 2016-2017 is awarded model Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV.This is an excellent rubber for difficult weather conditions. It perfectly keeps the road practically on any surface, from asphalt road, to snow and ice. The progress of the machine is smooth, soft, the tires are tenacious and quite quiet.

1. Nokian Nordman 5 SUV

Average price - 6 510 rub.

And the first place in the rating of winter tires for SUVs gets Nordman 5 SUV from Nokian. Although the characteristics of behavior on ice, snow and asphalt in these tires are quite average( with the exception of the lateral coupling properties, which are slightly better), the car on these tires differs excellent course stability on the asphalt. Excellent choice for city driving and trips outside the city.