Which navigator is better? -Pluses and minuses of modern navigators.

For a long time, the orientation on the terrain in tourist trips was carried out by travelers using a compass and a map. This until today is the most reliable way of navigation. The map and the compass, no doubt, are useful things, which, in the long run, make it possible to reach the intended goal. However, despite the experience of many tourists, there are always incidents with orientation, and the group does not get to exactly the place where it planned. Especially often the failure in orientation is noted in the forest areas, and the exit from the forest can occur completely in an unexpected place. Therefore, the best assistant for any tourist today is a device such as a GPS navigator.

Immediately it is necessary to say that many modern models of phones, smartphones, tablets possess the additional navigation function. The market also features multimedia systems that are built into cars. However, these systems have their own, narrow specificity, they are much more expensive than portable devices and smartphones-communicators, and portable equipment, in its turn, has more functions and is more reliable than smartphone navigation programs. Portable equipment a person can always carry with him, or set up in a car to freely navigate the territory of the country, in towns and villages. Unlike gadget-based programs, portable devices can have a number of additional useful functions: determining the direction of the lights, setting altitude, calculating atmospheric pressure, current speed, distance traveled, average speed, data with path information.

It should be noted that all navigators are produced in Asian countries. In the Russian market, these devices are represented by several dozen brands. The participation of these brands is different in production. Some simply put their logo and sell them, others participate in the creation of design, software, in the localization of additional functions. Therefore, in terms of the quality of the performance of its main function - communication with satellites - they are all identical.

The first thing you need to do when you come to the store is to turn on the navigator, try to find the area where you spend most of your time, find your dacha, house, friends' house, learn how these areas are drawn, withhow accurately they are displayed on the map available in the navigator. Cartography should cover very large areas of the country, however, not all. The level of cartography in our country is somewhat worse than in many European countries. However, almost every manufacturer makes good maps of the largest cities. But in regions there can be problems. Then you should take into account the possibility of hardware support for maps that will be uploaded by users. Therefore, the more different card formats it can support, the better the navigator.