8 types of top laser MFP: Review, pros, cons, features, specifications

Laser MFP is a multifunctional device that combines the functions of a scanner, copier, printer. Paint is applied by laser technology.

Products are distinguished from other types of high-quality printing, long service life. Modern MFPs constitute a set of a large number of functions, equipment, supplements.


  • Design and Function
  • Purpose and functions
  • How to select the MFP
  • Characteristics
  • Best Color Laser MFP
  • Best Laser black-and-white MFP
  • Best Laser MFP A3
  • Best MFP with Wi-Fi
  • Best MFP with two-sided printing
  • Best MFP with fax
  • Best MFP with refill cartridges
  • Best MFP for printing

Design and Function

Design and Function

The design consists of three units: scanning unit, the image transfer unit, the paper feed unit. The portable unit contains the cartridge and the roller which transports charge.

The image is reproduced on paper, which is inserted in the hole. the paper feed unit independently engages a sheet. The mechanism is the top or bottom of the tray. With the roller paper is tightened inside.

Brake unit restricts the number of sheets, allocating one copy. Through the cartridge, the image scanning unit is formed.

The cartridge includes a photo cylinders structure, pre-charge roller, the magnetic roller, pinning laser printed.

The principle of operation is based on the photovoltaic xerography. The laser beam marks the areas of the photosensitive drum, the allocated space sticks powdered paint, then transferred to the paper.

Purpose and functions


  • Copy - creating an exact copy of the image or text on a sheet of paper powder coloring element (black or color option).
  • The printer is designed to display the paper text or graphic image that is stored in the device is sent to the MFP.
  • The scanner reproduces the input, analyzing the image or text, then creates a digital copy of the object, which puts a computer or other device.

MFP functions

MFP functions

Black-and-white printing

Most monochrome laser products. The main features of the option is considered to be high quality, stable footprint, low cost of material consumption. Color mode is rarely used because the quality is lower than other types of MFIs.

The image on the optical disk

It carried out a signature drive (CD-R / RW, DVD-R / RW). On the trailing side of a special disk image or inscription is applied.

duplex copying

Creating a two-sided prints at the same time on a single sheet.

This makes copying easier as there is no need to flip the sheets, and there is no confusion sheets.

Duplex scanning

The function assumes duplex automatic processing of the loaded sheets that the user does not have to manually turn. The process workflow is accelerated if the paper feeder is automatic.


  • Wireless operating at a distance of 10 cm, i.e. the devices are close to each other. It requires no additional configuration is enough to bring the phone, the tablet and send the document.
MFP functions

Often pre-installed on a special application of the company IFI.

  • Cable connection of various electronic devices.
  • Universal wireless communication with any device similar function.
  • Connect MFPs on the local computer network. All network users send documents from your PC.
  • Wi-Fi. Popular easy to connect the device to the MFP.

How to select the MFP

important parameters

important parameters

Embedded fax

The device receives messages and displays a copy of the document over the telephone network. These devices are suitable for offices as well as the need to purchase separate fax disappears.

Built-in phone

Components apparatus includes stationary type calls.

Direct printing

Ability to print photos and documents directly from the media (cameraTablet, stick, phone) without a computer.

important parameters


Adaptation to arrange their own monitor, which displays the official information on residues of paint, paper, mode of operation, the program posts. Sometimes an image is displayed next sheet.

auto originals

The option is to feed the sheets to scan, without human intervention.

important parameters


The sound level, which is issued when using the device. It is recommended to make multiple copies in order to listen to how the MFP.

Built-in ink supply system

The paint flows continuously to the head of a special capacity. This option saves ink consumption, which is important in color. products often make printing.

secondary options

secondary options


The equipment is equipped with a built-in memory that stores up to hundreds of gigabytes. For example, this print job queue, scanned documents, faxes, copies, and more. This option is inherent in the model of professional-level high-power, high cost.

The volume of the paper tray

For home use will be enough to 50 sheets of finished copies, 100 sheets of paper in the lot.

Slideshow module

The ability to process transparent materials products (film, slide, resin film).

secondary options

Card Reader

Built-in slot memory cards of various configurations.

Best MFP

Range laser MFP allows you to determine the best model for the necessary production criteria. The rankings will help you choose the MFP home or public use.


  • Functionality (printer, scanner, copier, fax, telephone).
  • Supports Wi-Fi, LAN, local connection.
  • The maximum recommended number of copies (5,000 per month).
  • Print speed of at least 40 pages per minute.
  • The device supports a variety of operating systems (Windows, WinXP, Linux, MacOS).
  • Laser cartridge should be designed for refilling, otherwise after a few cycles of use will have to buy a new one.
  • Parts availability, service centers. Laser MFP is expensive, so should be available spare parts, toner cartridges.
  • Support A5, A4, A3. If there is a need to work with different sizes of sheets, it is convenient to make a device that supports the necessary formats.

Plus the best laser MFP

Plus the best laser MFP
  • High speed printing, scanning.
  • Refill cartridges or refilling.
  • Durability, and reliability.
  • Unpretentiousness paper quality.
  • Favorable cost of ownership.
  • Laser-resistant prints, the image is not smeared, is not erased.

Cons laser products

Cons laser products
  • The cost of expensive, especially the model with color printing.
  • Consumables expensive.
  • Bulky dimensions.
  • Any MFP produces dusty air pollutants.
  • Not suitable for color photos.

Best Color Laser MFP

Best Color Laser MFP

The machine prints, colorful prints copy (text, image). Colors are formed by three dyes ─ red, green, blue.

Products are characterized by an average level of color reproduction, but some professional units cope at a decent level, which is reflected in the price.


  • The speed of 20 - 75 sheets per minute.
  • Formats sheet - A3, A4.
  • Source cartridge 4000 - 5000 sheets.
  • Double-sided printing, scanning.
  • Paper feeder.
Best Color Laser MFP


  • High resolution professional models of 9600 × 600 dpi.
  • Convenient operation.
  • It supports multitasking.
  • Low noise level.
  • Color mode, copy images.
  • Most productivity of up to 12,500 per cartridge refilling.


  • Expensive consumables.
  • Quality average.

Konica Mino ltaBizhub C754 - the fastest

Konica Mino ltaBizhub C754

The device carries a print 75 pages per minute and scans to 180 sheets. Package includes the controller, duplex, 4 paper tray, a hard disk.

Innovation is considered an option of increasing the text on the screen, move pages from the product memory to the print queue. Supported formats docx, pptx, xlsx, pdf, direct printing of e-mail, fax.

Panasonic KX-MC6020 - the most communicative

Panasonic KX-MC6020

In addition to standard multi-purpose, comprises transmitting, receiving faxes, equipped with a handset for conversations by the fixed network.

Memory device 306 includes cells for telephone numbers that are displayed in the display name and number.

Other features: delayed start, automatic document feeder, suitable for print on envelopes, cards, transparencies, labels, glossy, matte paper.

HP Color Laser JetPro MFPM 177 fw - the most convenient

HP Color Laser JetPro MFPM 177 fw

Unlike models - flatbed scanner type, which ensures ease of handling individual sheets, an open book. The desired material is placed on a flat surface, bottom moves a photosensor.

Is controlled by a touch panel, and the print run is performed from anywhere in the room. But somewhat limited print volume of 250 to 950 sheets per month.

Best Laser black-and-white MFP

MFP Laser black and white

Devices equipped with a cartridge of black ink, which is designed to print up to 2,000 pages. Printouts are done in black and white. Monochrome products are superior in quality color.

They are characterized by an increased speed of operation, suitable for bulk assignments. Design easier, so reliability and durability.


  • Kopirovaniya─ speed of 20 sheets per minute.
  • First print 14 seconds.
  • Built-in memory of 128 MB.
  • Data transfer USB, LAN.
  • A4 paper size.
MFP Laser black and white


  • Compatible with electronic devices.
  • High quality copies.
  • Long service life.
  • Automatic document feeders.
  • Minimal maintenance.


  • The lack of color printing.

HP LaserJetPro M1536 DNF - the most popular model

HP LaserJetPro M1536 DNF

Model differs quality printing, copying speed and printing (25 sheets per minute), a resolution of 1200x1200 dpi.

Externally, the device is stylish and compact. Functionality covers all kinds of necessary options. Suitable for use in small offices as well as the service life 8000 pages per month.

SamsungXpress M2070W - the most compact

SamsungXpress M2070W

The small dimensions of the product 40 cm x 36 cm accommodate Legkov anywhere. The size was reduced by eliminating the automatic paper feed slot.

The advantages of the device is considered to be a unique print management, the job is sent from anywhere through the cloud service Google, indoors cherezWi-Fi or NFC.

Another advantage of the model - simple firmware for reuse cartridges.

Sharp MX-M904 - the most productiveSharp MX-M904

The resources of this unit are designed for long, continuous operation in production. Paper capacity (13,500 sheets), 90 pages per minute, the treatment options make it indispensable.

touch-screen facilities provides access to simple, intuitive control. Product features professional level.

Best Laser MFP A3

MFP Laser A3

Device intended for paper A3, A4 representing two sheet. These dimensions are used for engineering fields (manufacture of drawings), producing calendars, letters, bills, posters.

The enterprise is often necessary to create a bulletin board with the schedule, informing, congratulations. The format accommodates more text attracts attention. MFP helps to place everything you need on a sheet of A3.


  • Yield 1,000 pages per month.
  • The speed of the 18─ 35 pages per minute.
  • Accommodation - floor, table.
  • ─ Resolution 9600 × 9600 dpi.
  • First page for 8 seconds.
  • USB transmission network.
  • Scanner Type - flatbed.
MFP Laser A3


  • Duplex printing.
  • High performance.
  • Mobility work.
  • saving mode.
  • Low cost per copy.


  • Not all models are compatible with other devices.
  • A small built-in memory.

SharpAR-5618G - the most affordable


Affordable cost of the unit makes it popular with a number of other MFIs with the A3 format. The construction of a strong, compact holds excellent performance characteristics. Prints executed in monochrome and color.

For easy operation equipped with LCD monitor. Paper tray roomy 350 sheets. The disadvantage is considered not to refill cartridges.

Samsung CLX-9352NA - the brightest colors

Samsung CLX-9352NA

The product is characterized by a unique technology ReCP, which ensures high quality color printing. During the quest, the MFP automatically performs the image focus and the text, eliminating white gaps.

Due to the polymerized toner particles of paint finely applied uniformly. Printouts look bright, clear, with intense colors and wax content of the document will make a glossy and durable.

XeroxWorkCentre 5020 - the office

XeroxWorkCentre 5020

Device is ideal for businesses where there is a need to constantly print from multiple computers, as it supports a local area network.

Simple operation, convenient refilling cartridge automatic printing on two sides, low cost consumables isolated active device.

Best MFP with Wi-Fi

MFP with Wi-Fi

Such devices offer high-speed data transmission and automatic printing of material required. For this purpose simply switched connection between two products (MFPs and computer, smartphone, laptop).

Benefits MFP with Wi-Fi technology to work is that it is not stretched local area network to another device. If the appliance is used by employees, for example, in the office, it speeds up the workflow.


  • Print resolution - 1200x1200.
  • Duplex prints.
  • Speed ​​─ ─36 20 pages per minute.
  • Cartridge yield 1000 ─ 1500listov.
  • Loading capacity of the lot 250 pages.
MFP with Wi-Fi


  • Suitable for all types of securities.
  • A clear LCD screen.
  • A large assortment.
  • Additional options.
  • Operational printing.
  • Wireless connection.


  • Expensive professional device.

Panasonic DP-MB536 - the most productive

Panasonic DP-MB536

The main feature of the model is the resource of starter toner cartridge, which reaches 5,000 pages, the highest rate. The device includes a fax function, telephone, network communication.

In addition to Wi-Fi, Panasonic supports advanced applications, AirPrint and GoogleCloud.

Brother DCP-7057WR - most budget

Brother DCP-7057WR

The invention relates to low-cost MFP with Wi-Fi. However, for use at home or in small offices with a view to full application of the printer, copier, scanner and save place.

Easy to change consumables, color printing, warming up to 30 seconds from sleep mode.

Canon i-SENSYSMF232W - most optimized

Canon i-SENSYSMF232W

The device is positioned as an advanced multifunctional system.

Advantages of the model - optimized interface remote user, high productivity, function of the Board to increase the efficiency, control remotely thanks to modern programs.

Best MFP with two-sided printing

MFP with two-sided printing

Models carry out simultaneous deposition, printing on both sides of one sheet. Duplex occurs automatically without user assistance, which saves time, making the process faster, better, easier.

Advantages of this option is to save paper by printing two-sided documents, forms a clear position on the page that does not always work in manual single-sided printing.


  • Tray capacity to 6350 sheets.
  • Print speeds up to 110 pages per minute.
  • Paper Size A3, A4.
  • The maximum amount of 2 thousand works. pages per month.
  • Monochrome, color mode.
MFP with two-sided printing


  • Low cost of printing.
  • Reliability and durability.
  • The convenient touch control.
  • The work with any type of media.
  • Maintaining operating systems.
  • Improved security.


  • Expensive cost of devices.
  • Take up much space.

HP LaserJetEnterprise 700 M775DN - the most professional

HP LaserJetEnterprise 700 M775DN

The device prints a sufficient number of monochrome and color pages at a professional level. Pre-view and modify the copy job.

Information stored in the internal memory, protect your password. Photo printing clear, bright colors. Printing and scanning unilateral and bilateral.

Provided massive touch LCD screen, which is easy to manage.

Xerox D110 - the most productive

Xerox D110

Powerful unit for a large amount of work in the production or for the printing field, which are carried out simultaneously. Using the device is easy to create a book, pamphlet, drawn cover, letters of different size and weight.

For the paper feed tray 5 equipped, which are selected for a specific task. Included available means of communication (USB, LAN). All data is automatically saved.

Canon image RUNNER Advance C5535 - the most energy efficient

Canon image RUNNER Advance C5535

Increased rates of various parameters make the work of quality, high-performance. Speed ​​copying, scanning up to 80 pages on one side 160 for duplex copies.

Labor productivity using the MFP increases, accelerated workflow process.

Best MFP with fax

MFP with fax

Faxes are widely used for businesses. When combining it with the MFP saves space and sent documents sent and stored in the memory.

Buying a multifunction device will save money, so the advantage is undeniable.

Fax refers to a popular means of communication in many companies, because the information is sent by fax, draws attention beep once there is the prepared text, he does not get lost in a series of letters and e-mailing mail.

MFP with fax


  • Print speeds up to 90 pages per minute.
  • The first copy through 2.9 seconds.
  • ─ Resolution 600 × 600.
  • Product weight up to 214 kg.
MFP with fax


  • Playback speed prints.
  • Increased safety.
  • Inexpensive cost per sheet.
  • Color LCD monitor.
  • High performance.


  • A lot of weight and size.
  • Road maintenance.

RicohAficio MP 9002SP - the most versatile

RicohAficio MP 9002SP

The device is a high speed printing, rapid heating, duplex, image quality will satisfy the needs of any company. The massive device at a low cost guarantee flawless performance among similar models.

Special additions stand cover feeder, finisher with stapling, booklet maker cutting edge, hole punch. The stored information is protected from unauthorized people, restrictions of access rights and passwords.

Sharp MX-M754N - the most technologically

Sharp MX-M754N

The device supports two types of LED and laser technology, which allows to combine the features of print.

The device is ultra-fast (75 pages per minute, the first copy appears in 3.5 seconds, the number of copies of 9999) is a leader in engineering premium level.

Large touchpad with clear management provides rapid response to the given commands. The cost of this item is impressive versatility.

Pantum M6550NW - the cheapest

Pantum M6550NW

It includes receiving, transmitting and printing faxes. The average level of productivity, speed and quality makes it suitable for home use or small office.

The device prints in monochrome 2000 villages per month at a rate of 22 pages per minute. Compact, neat, stylish device takes up little space on the desktop.

Best MFP with refill cartridges

MFP with refill cartridges

Each device comprises a cartridge in which toner (black toner) is stored. A small number of models made with the option of refilling the toner.

These devices provide the convenience in the subsequent replacement of the cartridge after use and installed the resource element.

Refillable cartridges equipped with an embedded chip which automatically reset, so refill available. refueling process is accelerated and simplified. Cartridges small volume, and in the case are special holes.

MFP with refill cartridges


  • Replication of 100 sheets.
  • Print resolution of 600 dpi.
  • Cartridge yield 1500 - 2000 sheets.
  • Warm-up Time 14 seconds.
  • Accommodation table.
MFP with refill cartridges


  • Convenient fast filling.
  • Save on buying ink cartridges.
  • Low cost of operation.
  • Protected by the first seal.
  • Lack of skipping pages.
  • Built-in memory.
  • Work on any paper.


  • It is difficult to find a similar model.

XeroxPhaser MFP 6128 MFP / N - the most productive

6128 MFP MFP XeroxPhaser

Device is highly productive, resource load per month up to 40,000 copies of a printing speed of 12 - 14 pages per minute. The unit quickly cope with the tasks of any complexity.

Suitable for office activities optimization, saves time on paperwork.

HPColorLaserJetPro 400 MFPM475dw ─ the most manageable

HPColorLaserJetPro 400 MFPM475dw

The software includes innovative HPePrint technology (direct printing), the Ethernet module supports iPad, iPhone and iPod. For comfortable and quick operation is AirPrint function.

Savings due to double-sided printing. The pages are printed clearly, uniform color.

Samsung SCX-4729FW - most home

Samsung SCX-4729FW

The device is equipped with all the necessary functions: seamless wi-fi, tray papers indicating balance, compatibility with Windows, WinXP, quiet operation. Wireless communication allows you to install the product anywhere in the house.

Best MFP for printing

MFP for printing

Modern devices perform photo printing from any point, even in the absence of appropriate software, the image is sent via email to print on the MFP.

Even from outside the access device, you can send and print pictures.


  • Print, copy - up to 18 pages per minute.
  • Scanner type Tablet.
  • A4 paper, A3.
  • 4 Number of colors ─ 8.
  • Cartridge yield 2200 pages.
MFP for printing


  • High quality professional units.
  • control instructions.
  • High performance.
  • Usability.
  • Universal product.


  • The quality of most MFIs unsatisfactory.
  • The cost of color cartridges are very expensive.

Samsung SL-C480 - the most affordable

Samsung SL-C480

The unit supports all Soup (smart phones, computers, tablet) via USB or WLAN. The level of the average product, the indicators refer to a sufficient level for home use.

Resource color printing 1,000 copies of 4 per minute. A nice feature is considered quiet operation and reasonable price.

RicohAficio MP C6502SP ─ the most productive

RicohAficio MP C6502SP

Purpose laser MFP ─ the use of facilities in large volumes. Pictures, brochures, multi-page reports, the posters are printed with high resolution of 4800 dpi and speed.

Professional level guaranteed VCSEL laser technology (beam 40). The toner is fixed at a lower temperature, which reduces warm-up time and power consumption.

Canon PIXMA PRO-100S - the most professional

Canon PIXMA PRO-100S

The model supports the printing of popular formats. The system is equipped with 8 colors, which guarantee soft shades, gradients, smooth transition. New thermoelectric head performs the task immediately.

The device supports the cloud, the network services. The total cost of high shots.