Rating of the most stolen cars in 2016( Top-10)

Russian automotive experts often ask strange questions. For example, in addition to the statistics of the best-selling cars on the Russian market, they were interested in another topic - how many cars of which brands are popular among representatives of the underworld, car thieves.

You can argue a lot, for some reason hijackers prefer to steal these cars. The reason is whether the simple statistical popularity of the machine, or the amount of money received for it, or the design errors that make it possible to easily deprive the car of the rightful owner, is unknown. To fruitlessly not to discuss this topic, we present to your attention the rating of the top-10 of the most stolen cars of St. Petersburg, Moscow and all of Russia in 2016.

10. Ford Focus

  • 9. Nissan X-Trail
  • 8. BMW X5
  • 7. Renault Duster
  • 6. Mazda CX-5
  • 5. Lada Granta
  • 4. GAZelle Next
  • 3. KIA Rio
  • 2.Toyota Land Cruiser 200
  • 1. Hyundai Solaris
  • 10. Ford Focus

    Opens the rating of beloved car hijackers city car Ford Focus, produced since 1999.Now the third generation of the car is replaced by the fourth, which is already under development. It seems that restyling will allow the car to remain popular both among motorists and among car lovers.

    9. Nissan X-Trail

    A small car with a serious character - a compact crossover that will allow you to travel off-road with comfort. In the cold, it starts instantly, which was one of the reasons for its popularity among Russians - and the hijackers.

    8. BMW X5

    BMW in Russia is not just a car. It is both an expensive toy, an embodiment of the owner's status, and a declaration that the owner of the car is a serious person, always ready for adventure. All this until the car was not stolen, of course.

    7. Renault Duster

    The compact crossover Renault Duster was so successful that it topped the most popular crossovers up to 1 000 000 rubles, and on its platform Renault decided to revive the once popular Nissan Terrano. Not least its glory, this model is due to a non-slip suspension and increased cross-country ability, for which it is especially appreciated by fishermen and amateurs to relax outside the city.

    6. Mazda CX-5

    Another crossover favorite among hijackers, the most popular of Mazda cars in Russia, pleases the heart with its stylish appearance and not quite standard for cars of this price category stuffing. Economical, fast, passable, with sufficient for the Russian expensive width of the ground clearance and a pleasant interior.

    5. Lada Granta

    Not surprisingly, one of the best selling cars in Russia( according to September 2016 LADA Granta is second only to KIA Rio) is also popular among hijackers. The popular car is popular with all segments of the population.

    4. GAZelle Next

    The first and only cargo small-tonnage car in the car hijacking rating enjoys people's love due to its low cost and simple and durable frame construction, which allows loading the car to its maximum and repairing literally on the knee.

    3. KIA Rio

    In September 2016, KIA Rio topped the rating of the best-selling cars in Russia. Over this month, more than 8,000 cars were sold. A small city car with a good for this price class stuffing and pleasantly comfortable interior for little money.

    2. Toyota Land Cruiser 200

    Stylish, beautiful high-cross-country vehicle, capable, it seems, to pass everywhere. This is the most expensive rating machine, not just an excellent car, but also a sign of the status of its owner. And one of the most stolen;apparently, some hijackers prefer not to be exchanged for small things, but to take a big prize at once.

    1. Hyundai Solaris

    Another car of the year in Russia, simultaneously appearing in the ranking of the best-selling and most stolen cars. If in September 2016 Solaris took the third place in popularity among the cars sold, then among the stolen received unconditional primacy.